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Christmas Pin Craft Ideas

Angel Christmas pin craft.

Fun projects for gifts or personal decoration are pins with a Christmas theme. This guide contains Christmas pin craft ideas.


Solutions: Christmas Pin Craft Ideas

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Angel Lapel Pin

Angel pin in gold, silver, and pearl.This pin is a recycle pattern with a Christmas theme. It is a tiny angel lapel pin using gold safety pins, pearls, and beads. It is appropriate for casual wear or for dressy occasions to Christmas parties.


  • gold or silver safety pins
  • pearls and gold or silver beads
  • beads
  • beading wire - 32 gauge
  • pin back
  • hot glue gun and glue


  1. Start by threading 5 pearls (2 1/2 mm) onto each safety pin. Use the photos as a guide as you work.
  2. Cut one piece of beading wire 6 or 7 inches long and string the head ends of the pins on this wire adding a 5mm pearl between each safety pin.
  3. Then take the wire on each side, and thread it back through to the center pin.
  4. Snug the pins up on the wire; then twist the wire at the back and clip.
  5. Cut another piece of wire about 12 inches long and thread all 6 of the backs of the safety pins onto the wire.
  6. Center them on the wire, and then add the 7mm pearl (bodice) by threading the ends of the wire through the bead from opposite sides.
  7. Next, thread 7 gold or silver beads onto each end of the wire and thread the wire back through the 7mm pearl. Pull up until the wings form.
  8. Continue with the same wire and thread both ends up through the 8mm pearl (head).
  9. Thread 6 gold or silver beads for the halo on one end of the wire; then thread them on the other wire in the opposite direction.
  10. Snug everything down until it is fairly tight with the head resting on the bodice and the halo standing on edge on the top of the head.
  11. Run the ends of the wire down through the 8mm bead, then twist them together, and clip them.
  12. Turn pin over and hot glue the pin back in position. See last picture for placement.

The instructions are also in a PDF file for which you may need Acrobat Reader to view. Download Acrobat Reader



Rigatoni Reindeer Ornament or Pin

Rigitoni Reindeer This is a good craft for the kiddies. They will need a little help with the hot glue gun, or you could substitute thick Tacky Glue. They can make it to hang on the tree or as a lapel pin.

Approximate Time


  • 1 piece rigatoni*, uncooked
  • 1-12 inch brown chenille stem
  • 1 small red bead for the nose
  • a pair of tiny wiggly eyes. Fig 1 Fig 2
  • 10 or 12 inches of red 1/4 inch ribbon
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • brown acrylic paint and a small paint brush
*Rigatoni is a pasta found where you buy spaghetti.


  1. Paint rigatoni with brown acrylic paint.
  2. Let dry thoroughly.
  3. Cut the brown chenille stem into 3-4 inch pieces.
  4. Bend one into a V and each of the others into an oval shape.
  5. Glue them to the rigatoni using Fig. 2 above as a guide.
  6. Cut the red ribbon in half and glue one piece in place for a hanger, and tie the other piece in a bow and glue top front of pasta.
  7. Glue on 2 tiny wiggly eyes and the red bead for the nose.
  8. Or you could leave the hanger ribbon off and glue a pin back to the backside and wear it on your lapel.

The instructions are also in a PDF file for which you may need Acrobat Reader to view. Download Acrobat Reader

Click Here to download the Rigatoni Reindeer Instructions in PDF format.

By Harlean from Hot Springs, Arkansas

By Harlean Greathouse

Quickie Jingle Bell Lapel Pin

Jingle Bell Lapel PinAn easy and quick craft for the kids. Jingle Bells on a shiny pin. Let them make them for friends and family as gifts.


  • large safety pin, 3 inches
  • 1/8-inch ribbon, red and green
  • 4 small jingle bells
  • hot glue


Cut pieces of ribbon about 8 inches long, 4 green and 3 red. Fold in half and lay over pin on opposite side from opening. Pass the ends through the loop and pull tight. Alternate the red and green as shown. Thread one end of each green ribbon through a jingle bell. Tack the ends together using hot glue. Also tack each knot at the top with hot glue.

By Harlean from Hot Springs, Arkansas


By Harlean Greathouse

Felt Mouse Pin

Felt mouse pin.Here's a cute little mouse your kids can make to wear, or to use as a gift for someone special, like grandma. Draw and cut a gumdrop shape from cardboard. The sample measures about 3 x 3 inches, is narrower at the top than the bottom and has rounded bottom corners.


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Safety Pin Angel

This is a safety pin doll my wife used to make and sell at craft shows. It is constructed with gold safety pins and acrylic beads.

By Carl from Brodheadsville, PA

Editor's Note: Carl sent this in via email to share with our members and he has no instructions. He just wanted to share his late wife's creativity.

Safety Pin Angel