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Making a Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

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Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

Perhaps you have seen one of these at a craft show, but it was too costly. You can make your own Christmas tree wall hanging, using your old costume jewelry or pieces from yard sales and thrifty stores. This is a guide about making a costume jewelry Christmas tree.


Solutions: Making a Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

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Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

VIntage jewelry tree made by aunt.

I make costume jewelry Christmas trees as gifts for family. This one on black background was given to me 30 years ago and made by my 86 year old aunt. It is one of the most loved things in my home.


Old family pieces are nice or just collect them at yard sales. They are getting harder to find.

  • jewelry tool set ($8.00)
  • pair of tweezers ($3.00)
  • good strong craft glue ($3.00)
  • one felt or black cotton velvet scrap
  • one shadow box frame ($10.00)
  • several glass beads several sizes ($10.00)
  • odd pieces of jewelry


  1. Choose the size based on the amount of jewelry you have. I have made some small enough to fit in a 3x3 inch box lid for the tree. Others are 5x7 inches and 16x20 inches. That is up to you.
  2. Find a nice piece of cardboard for the back, then glue the fabric to the board with spray glue. Let that dry good.
  3. Start with the top of the tree down about 1 1/2 inches for a header space. Then poke straight pins in measuring same space on each side as you come down the tree. Be sure you have a space at the bottom as well, about 1 1/2 inches.
  4. I line up several large pieces down the center and lay all of the large pieces out before I glue any. I step back and look at it sometimes for several hours. Then glue them once you like the look.
  5. Then go around the edge with small pieces and fill in with small stones or what ever you have. No two are the same. I have made over 30 and hate to part with any of them. Most have been for gifts to relatives using family items they sent me.
  6. Dust the item with a piece of tap rolled around your finger.
  7. Then add the frame.
  8. Do not use super glue, it off gasses really badly once the glass is in place and will turn gold black.

You can also use buttons and let the kids make them.

Jewelry Christmas tree on red background.

By suetate [1]

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Question: Costume Jewelry Christmas Wall Hanging

Is this a Christmas tree kit? I got it at a sale a long time ago. No one seems to know what I have, but I just came across your site! Maybe you have the answer. Thanks!

By Suzanne from Lafontaine, IN


Most Recent Answer

By Debby Tangblade [2]04/14/2011

I bought costume jewelery in bulk off Ebay and designed and made my own Christmas trees. I have 3 of them. This was popular back in the 30's and 40's. I don't know if there are kits but I think a persons own imagination, a velvet backed picture frame or shadow box, and some junk jewelery makes it good to go. You can even drill holes in the backing and add some Christmas lights through the back, I use battery operated ones.

Question: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree Kit

Can I buy a Christmas jewelry tree kit?

By Kim from Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Karen Jensen [5]12/21/2009

Last one

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree Kit

Question: Making a Tree Out of Jewelry

How do I make a Christmas tree out of jewelry?

By Carol from Bay City, WI

Most Recent Answer

By Lois08/01/2010

Momma J,
Where is your picture. Would love to see it.

Question: Jewelry Christmas Tree Instructions

My friend loaned me a magazine with instructions to make a Christmas jewelry tree and pictures. I lent it to a friend who has mislaid it and can't find it. I don't know the name, but it was a few years old. Can you help with the name of the issue? I would like to purchase it if I can.

By Susann S.

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]02/05/2015

I searched again for more pictures and found a Pinterest page with many completed trees for ideas: ... s-trees-made-out-of-costume-jewelry/

Question: Making a Jewelry Christmas Tree

I have collected the costume jewelry, frame. I am ready to organize the jewelry on the black material. How do I make a tree shape? How do I sew on the jewelry? I have many signed pieces and do not want to cut them or glue them onto the fabric. Thanks for your help.

By Lee B.

Question: Making a Jewelry Christmas Tree

Years ago, my grandmother had a lot of junk jewelry around. Using a desired pattern (Christmas tree for example), she painted the frames, covered them with felt, added wood to the back of the frame (so it stood out from the wall), drilled holes through the pattern, and added tiny Christmas lights from the back. The lights were also the reason for it not to hang flush against the wall. Finally she put some type of hanger on back of frame. They look beautiful during the day and even more lovely at night when the lights are turned on.

Does anyone have this pattern or directions for making these? Also do you have other crafts that can be made out of junk jewelry?

By Rita N

Question: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

I am looking for instructions for a Christmas tree made out of old jewelry.

By Donna from Gibsonville, NC


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Archive: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

My mom has some great vintage costume jewelry from my grandmothers. She wants to make velvet covered Styrofoam Christmas trees with jewels and beads adorning them for gifts for her daughters and granddaughters next Christmas. How do you make these? Any help is appreciated.

Julie from Monticello, IL

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

I just saw something like this on TV the other day. They didn't say what type of glue to use, but they covered their tree with fabric before putting on the jewelry. I'm sure they used straight pins to attach the fabric to the styrofoam base. If this is the case, you could use almost any type of glue, but I think tacky glue would work best.

Their tree was to be given with a piece of jewelry attached, as a gift. It wasn't decorated too much, so the recipient could use it to hold her jewelry between wearings. She could attach her pins, earrings, etc. Decorative pins were put on to hold necklaces and earrings. It was meant to keep clutter off of a dresser. (12/17/2005)

By susanmajp

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

E-6000 glue will hold all of your projects. A low heat glue gun may work as well. (12/17/2005)

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

I made a beautiful tree using styrofoam cones. I first painted a clay pot and inserted the cone into the pot. I use E-6000 glue sparingly! It does deteriorate the styrofoam a bit. I mixed up all kinds of colors and Grandma's old clip on earrings. For the top I used a jeweled ornament from a pendant. Trim the pot with wired ribbon. I also made one just using gold buttons.

I'll try and post a picture (01/21/2006)

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

I responded to another post before I read yours. I use 1/2" to 3/8" velvet ribbon (which is hard to find. I buy online). Then place gold, silver, etc. braid on top of ribbon. The ribbon circles the ball to form 4 quadrants. Select a piece of jewelry, place it on 1 or more quadrants depending on whether jewelry is earrings or pins, then fill in with sequins, matching, contrasting or whatever you desire. (02/10/2006)

By Billie

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

I used to work in a craft store and saw a beautiful jeweled Christmas tree many years ago. It was mounted on black velvet covered board with lights that came through from the back. The artist also framed it in a very fancy gold leaf frame (about 8x10). It was one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. I'm going to make one this year.

I'm going to use something like pegboard if I can find it. I will mount black velvet on and use white chalk to sketch the tree outline. Then I can drill holes where I want the lights to come through. These days tree lights are getting smaller and smaller so this will look pretty nice with tiny lights I think. Then glue on the jewelry. White glue dries clear so that is what I will probably use. I have been buying some bulk jewelry on ebay and it is a hot item. I may have to buy more. Then I'll have the whole thing framed.

Good luck with your tree. (08/13/2006)

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

Years ago I macramed Christmas Trees with bells on the tips of each bough. Then I covered it with costume jewelry (pins, broaches, tie tacks) and "strung" it with gold chains and strings of pearls. You can add lights in between the macrame knots. We topped it with a beautiful rhinestone pin of my Mom's. Each of my children received one over the years. It hung from the ring where the macrame started on the inside of their entry doors about 36" long top to base and about 30" wide at the largest bough on the bottom. A family favorite for sure. Don't have the exact pattern any longer - sure hope you can find it on the internet.

Happy Holidays (12/04/2006)

By Lynn

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

I would use E6000 or similar type of epoxy style glue. You can adhere most anything to anything with that stuff! (04/13/2008)

By Marlene

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

Like the lady who posted 8/13/06, I saw an amazing framed picture on black velvet of a tree outlined in beads and chain. It had Christmas lights through from the back so you could plug it in at night. The tree was built up with broken windscreen glass (not sharp) and all sorts of old jewelery including 18k darts, watches, etc attached. A fab way to display meaningful trinkets rather than keeping them in a box or drawer. I thought it could be a memory tree. I'm looking for craft classes and believe it is called a Christmas Jewelery Tree. (07/24/2008)

By Pamela

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

My Dad made some beautiful Christmas Tree wall hangings using old jewelry that he got when a major retailer went out of business years ago. There were a lot of similar pieces, but each one he made (he made 5) was unique. He used chains and beads as garlands, and earrings and pins as ornaments. He cut out a piece of heavy cardboard to fit the frames he made (they are over 16"x20"). This he covered in imitation velvet. Then he started at the top and worked his way down, keeping the Christmas tree shape in mind. He didn't glue anything down, he pinned it in some fashion. I'm gluing mine in place this year. But I am also working on one myself with finds I've gotten in Thrift stores and tag sales. Hope this helps. (11/06/2008)

By Flo

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

I have one of these that my great-Aunt made in the 1950's. It is my favorite Christmas decoration. She used a styrofoam tree form that was flat on the sides. She covered it in green felt and trimmed the side seams in gold rick rack. She attached all of the jewelry with short straight pins that she threaded with small beads and pearls or sequins, so they looked like ornaments too. Most of the jewelry that she used was broken, like pieces of necklaces and bracelets. She sort of draped those so that they looked like garland. She used lots of earrings and pins. She topped it off with a hat pin with a large pearl on top and sprinkled the bottom of the tree with glitter. I have seen the flat-mounted costume jewelry trees as well, and they are cool too. My sister and I tried to replicate the jewelry tree the year after our grandmother died using buttons from her button box, but they weren't as cute as the jewelry tree. (11/21/2008)

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

Did you ever make your tree? My girlfriend inherited hers last year from her great aunt and I made mine this year from her design. (12/22/2008)

By Pat

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

I made one of these Jewelry trees this year. I have to say it has turned out to be my favorite craft project so far. I dug through my jewelry box and bought "repair" jewelry from ebay to fill it. I used 1/4" plywood, drilled holes for lights, stapled black velvet to the plywood, put the lights through the back and glued on the jewelry.

Everyone that has seen it, loves it. Here is a picture (12/31/2008)

By Susan

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

RE: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

I made a costume jewelry tree just this year to duplicate one my grandmother made probably in the 1960's. I tried to make it as close to hers as possible and I think it turned out pretty good. (01/10/2009)

By Angela G.