Homemade Christmas Tree Flocking


I have looked for spray flocking ( heavier than the normal snow spray used for Christmas trees, etc.) No one seems to carry it--when I checked on line, cheapest price was 39.95!

Has anyone come up with a crafty idea on making this stuff at home? If so, will you share it? Thanks for your help.

Monica from Northeast, PA



By Lori (Guest Post) 12/08/2007

Here is a technique I use. It's beautiful and stays on the tree well.Use Ivory Snow flakes.Slowly add water and beat with a mixer until thick. You may have to add more flakes or water until you get desired consistency. Use a stiff, dry paintbrush and dab onto branches. Dry.

My big complaint I have is the smell. The tree and house will smell like soap. Maybe a couple of drops of evergreen essential oil will solve this. Haven't tried that yet.

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By Julie 49 565 12/09/2007

a while back i needed to know ways of making my own fake snow paste inorder to paint on my windows I decorate and paint for craft shows.I got many suggestions and they worked well.But yesterday my sister made grapevine wreaths for the craft show and she had heard of this method to make it look like thick snow.And it looked so real.I will be using her method from now on. And you dab it on with paint brush also and let dry. She did this.
Foam shaving cream that was scented mixed with elmers glue (not watered down) she beat it until stiff peaked applied with paint brush let air dry. It really looked good. I guess if you use unscented shaving cream you could add any type flavoring for scent like vanilla etc. She used a bit more shaving cream than glue not equal parts.

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By terri (Guest Post) 12/10/2007

My mother used to use Ivory Snow flakes for tree flocking (on a real tree) and it looked terrific. Does anyone know if this will work well on windows? I tried the spray stuff last year and the chemical smell was so bad I couldn't stand it.

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By wendy (Guest Post) 12/10/2007

When I was a kid my mother would mix hot water with Ivory Snow Flakes, beat with mixer and quickly put on tree while warm. However over the years their formula has changes so much I don't use it.. We did not make snow for years and the kids are begging me to make snow for the tree again. This year I took Ivory snow bar soap graded it added hot water beat with a mixer to the consistency you like then rub on branches and trunk of tree with your hands. Looks real! The trick is to get it on the tree while it is still hot. I wanted to use the regular Ivory bar soap, when I got home and opened up the soap I had aloe Ivory, so I tries it. It seems to have done the job. Good Luck and enjoy.

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By Stephen (Guest Post) 11/11/2008

Will this work on artificial trees? Is it permenant? Will it come off easily? Do you flock before or after decorating? I would thinking flocking before decorating or putting on lights it would fall off as you were trying to apply ornaments or lights to the tree.
I really want this snow look, but I'm afraid of the mess. Someone please advise.

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By Robyn Maluvius D. 11/27/2013

I used White paint (the same as the kids use in school) and Elmers. Mixed them together. (more paint than elmers) applied with a paintbrush. I used a blow dryer to see how it would look. Fabulous!

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By lloyd2855 2 12/02/2013

You use Ivory Snow detergent that comes in the box. I use about 8 boxes maybe 9 on a 9 to 10 ft. tree. I mix 1 box at a time. Pour 1 box in large bowl, add water, not too much, just enough to where you can scoop some out with your hand.

Hold one branch of the tree and spread on with your hand. It's a lot of work but makes a pretty tree. I have done this for about 8 years and love it. The only thing is that it leaves a soapy smell. I have been looking for something else. Hope this helps

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By lloyd2855 12/02/2013

I just flocked my Christmas tree, something I do every year. But this year I did it different. I use 3 Elmers glue, large shaving cream, 2 tb corn starch. Mixed with mixer, spread on branches with hand. So easy and look wonderful. Best of all the house don't smell like soap. Have fun flocking. P.S. It might take several batches. still cheaper than Ivory soap and no mess.

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Question: Homemade Flocking for Christmas Tree

Can anyone give me ideas on making homemade flocking for our Christmas tree? I was in a car accident and can't take my three grandbabies to the snow for them to have a white Christmas. They are too small to understand, and thought I could at least make snow for our tree. Please tell me how to make the flocking and where to purchase the items that i would need. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

By Debbie

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By Sweezykay [6] 12/07/2011

Hi Debbie,
Go to this website for instructions to make snow flocking for Christmas trees. I've seen it done before and it looks beautiful! Merry Christmas!

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