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Christmas Parade Float Ideas

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Trucks decorated for a Christmas parade

Float construction requires a lot of planning to successfully display your theme. This guide is about Christmas parade float ideas.



Here are questions related to Christmas Parade Float Ideas.

Question: "Christmas In The City" Parade Float Ideas

I am a police sergeant in West Virginia and run a youth group of about 30 high school kids who want to go into law enforcement. We are going to march in the Christmas parade this year and for the first time they are allowing floats. We have decided to try to build the float, however I don't have the first clue as to what I'm doing. My first thought is to try to get some ideas of what to have on the float. The actual theme is "Christmas In The City", but I would like to incorporate the police department into the theme as well.

By Kendra


Most Recent Answer

By Lee [6]10/16/2010

Sounds like fun! There is the old according tissue flowers, or cut squares of tissue paper in red end green put on the end of a pencil and glue it to cardboard tie it to a trailer put your city emblem in the middle. Would so love to see it Please post a picture.

Question: Motorcycle Club Christmas Float Ideas: Theme "Storybook Christmas"

I desperately need help in decorating a float. My club is a motorcycle club and last year we made a sled and painted it orange and black, we had a seat in there for Mr. and Mrs. Santa to sit in, then we had children sitting around.

This year the theme is : "A Storybook Christmas", and we would like some ideas on how to decorate the float, and maybe the motorcycles, they ride in front of the float that is being pulled by a pick-up truck. Thank you for your ideas. Ann

By Ann from Wytheville, VA


Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]10/29/2009

My first thought was, what are the most recognizable storybook characters? Perhaps riders could dress as Mother Goose, the bike could be her gander with a little imagination. Other riders could be other classic storybook characters like Winnie the Pooh and his bunch, or the Velveteen Rabbit. I don't know the modern storybook characters, but it's an idea. You can use whatever characters work best for you.

Question: "A Season of Thanks" Parade Float and Costume Ideas

I am looking for ideas on how to decorate kids and a float for a parade with the theme: A Season of Thanks.

By Stacy

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]11/21/2011

You could ask the kids what they will be most thankful for this year, and have them make and hold a poster of what they tell you. Maybe the float could be dressed like an old fashioned dining room at Gran's house and the children could be sitting around the table.

Something else I'm seeing this year are Thanksgiving trees and I think it's a great way to remember what Thanksgiving is all about. The kids could wear a leaf shaped poster with their 'most thankful' written on it, and there could be a tree with construction paper leaves wired on, written with their most thankfuls.

Question: Locksmith Themed Christmas Parade Float Ideas

Our company will be in the annual Christmas parade and I am looking for a Locksmith-themed Christmas parade float... any ideas?!

HELP! These are locksmiths, and aren't too creative.


Most Recent Answer

By virginia (Guest Post)11/11/2008

We are having a Christmas night parade and we have boy scouts on our float. Do you have any ideas for a nice float?

Question: "Happy Birthday Jesus" Parade Float Ideas

My Church is doing a float for our Christmas Parade. We thought of doing "Happy Birthday Jesus"! Can you give me any idea for making a birthday cake to go on the float and something else to go with it?

Sherry from Fayette, AL

Most Recent Answer


Use a galvanized swimming pool upside down and decorated with crepe paper etc. Looked nice when we did it.

Question: Christmas Float Ideas: "Christmas' Past"

I need ideas for a Christmas parade float. The theme is Christmas' Past. We are a fifty+ women's club, so we want to tie it all together.

Christie from Phoenix. AZ

Most Recent Answer

By Andrea (Guest Post)09/02/2008

How about a tribute to the nurses of the American Red Cross. During many Christmas Celebrations through US history the American Red Cross created Christmas Celebrations for the men who were enlisted and away from home. It would be fun, easy enough to create and would honor the women who worked so hard... Plus you may be able to get the American Red Cross in your town involved!
Good luck!

Question: "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" Float Ideas

I would like ideas for a Christmas Parade Float. The theme is "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree". We are a Baptist Church in town, so of course we would like something to do with church and/or Jesus in our themed float. Any ideas out there?

M. Head from Commerce, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Cheryl10/12/2009

I would like some ideas of a christmas float for our Church. The theme is Rockin around the Christmas Tree.

Question: "Heaven" Themed Christmas Parade Float

Our girls club at church is putting a float in our town's Christmas parade, and would like to do a Heaven theme. We're thinking lots of white, people dressed like angels, and then maybe a staircase with Jesus sitting at the top with a scepter and angels around him. Any other ideas or ways to pull this off?

Kate from Alberta, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Kate [1]12/04/2008

Thank you for your ideas! We're decorating tonight and the parade is tomorrow - hopefully all goes well! We have lots of quilt bats, glitter and lights...

Question: Ideas for "Sounds of the Seasons" Christmas Float

Does anyone have good ideas for a "Sounds of the Seasons" Christmas float?

Aldona from Shellsburg

Most Recent Answer

By diane11/16/2007


Question: Cub Scouts in Christmas Parade

I need ideas for our Cub Scouts walking in the Christmas Parade with the theme "Patriotic Christmas" any and all input welcome! They will be in full uniform.

Thank you,
Karen from Summerville, SC

Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)10/14/2006

well we made a map of the US and painted it like a flag with a sign that had their pack number on the front on a lil sign

Question: "Down Home Country" Christmas Parade Float Ideas

I need some ideas for a "Down Home Country Christmas" parade float, for an animal hospital, that won't be stereotypical. Any ideas?

By Angel C.

Most Recent Answer

By Joyce Lambert [31]10/13/2011

How about a waiting room? We have two long "benches" in ours. Place several people on the benches (back to back, for viewing on both sides of the road) with live or stuffed animals,hay bales, find empty feed bags & stuff with a light filler or borrow a few bags of corn, sweet feed, dog food, a couple of "degrees" hung at strategic places, a low fence with harnesses, the possibilities are endless. Have loads of fun!

Question: "Bright Lights, Big City" Christmas 4-H Float Ideas

I have a "Horse and Pony" 4-H club and we are going to be in a Christmas parade on December 6th. The theme is: "Bright Lights, Big City". There will be a few kids riding horses and we have a 28 ft flatbed trailer to decorate. There is also a "mini horse" that is our mascot. Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated.

Ronda from Camden, NC

Most Recent Answer

By Frank Boyer11/29/2008

Ronda, I'm sure cost is a factor but, LED lights and lots of them. They do not pull a lot of current and you can use an inverter or a "jump start kit" (the little power stations with a jump starter,air compressor and 110v power outlet) along with a good sized car/truck battery to power them. We did a CandyLand Christmas" last year with over 3,000 lights on a 5x10 float, worked great. Our 4-H atv club took first place. We did the actuall Candyland board game, but listed our sponsors and locall businesses as the features of the board game. We also had it covered in real candy, which was a huge hit after the parade. The flash of the camera does not do justice. We also had 15 kids on atv's running circles around the float at given places, they got some serious attention and comments over it, it was also our first year as a club. Good luck, our state 4-H (Virginia) shut us down a few months later because we were not "approved to ride" through them, even though all partcipants were nationally certified to operated atv's. We will not be in our local parade this year. Good luck.


Question: "Texas Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

Our Christmas parade is going to be a "Texas Christmas". I am trying to find ideas that will not cost a lot to do for a float in the parade. Does anyone have any ideas?

Shannon from Texas

Most Recent Answer

By Ella (Guest Post)11/11/2008

I agree with the cactus tree! Also perhaps you could use a Stetson hat and boots - and a large belt buckle on Santa! Barbed wire can be spray painted bright red and gold to be used for garland! Just be careful that wire is SHARP!

Question: "Holly Jolly Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

My church in looking for ideas for a Christmas Parade Float, the theme is "Holly Jolly Christmas". I need ideas help! Anything will help as we have nothing.

Ashlea from Kansas

Most Recent Answer

By Ashlea [1]11/05/2008

Thank for all the feed back. It is helpful.

Question: "Christmas of Lights" Float Ideas

I need some ideas for my work's annual Christmas float for the Christmas parade on Dec. 1st. The theme is "Christmas of Lights". I want to do something original but cannot think of anything! Any suggestions??

Whitney from Canon City, CO

Most Recent Answer

By Bev [5]02/21/2011

How about a tree made up of only lights surrounded by children holding lights. These could be small flashlights with colored plastic over the light to give a softer glow and not a glaring light.

Question: Christmas Parade Float Themes

What are some Christmas Parade Float themes?


Most Recent Answer

By Lisa from Lena, WI (Guest Post)11/07/2007

I like the 'Sounds of the Season' that another reader was asking about. Each float could portray a different song.

Question: "Dreaming of a Bright Christmas" Float Ideas

I need a idea for a float to go with "Dreaming of a Bright Christmas".

Tori from Eastman

Most Recent Answer

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]11/20/2006

I think it would be fun to have people dressed in straw and other hats, dressed in overalls and flannel shirts playing Jug Band instruments.

Or you could just play jug band or hillbilly type music. Make sure there is some hay on the float and old corn stalks.

Susan from ThriftyFun

Question: Church Christmas Float Ideas

Our Christmas parade theme is "Santa's Everywhere". Our church wants to stick with the theme, but also convey the religious side of Christmas. Any ideas on how to combine the two?

By Will H.

Most Recent Answer

By Judy11/19/2013

If you are having the manger scene of Jesus's birth, you could have Santa kneeling presenting Jesus with a gift.

Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas: Theme "Home for the Holidays"

I am looking for ideas for a Christmas float with the theme: Home for the Holidays. Please keep in mind we have more of a trailer than a flatbed for our float. It is kind of like the trailers gardeners use where the sides come up to about waist level. It will be holding the marimbas and mallet section for our band's drumline. I want ours to be really creative this year.

By Anthony

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]11/21/2011

A marimba? Hmm, sounds like a theme is already developing with your float:) Home is where the heart is, and music is the heart of a home-since you are using a marimba band, maybe your float should reflect the Christmas customs of the area the marimba comes from.

Question: Girl Scouts Christmas Parade Float Ideas

Does anyone have any Christmas parade theme ideas for my Girl Scout troop? I have never done a float by myself and I don't know what to do; well, I know a little bit of what to do. I already have the generator and the chicken wire. Now I need a theme! Can anyone help me please?

By Katy from Jacksboro, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [76]12/02/2010

How about the song, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"? Picture a decorated living room and tree, mommy and daddy, and a kid or two hiding and watching them.

Question: Christmas Float Ideas for Church Youth Group

I am the youth director at my church and it's my first year. I need some easy and simple ideas for a float for the Christmas parade.

By Katavia from Sparks, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [76]11/22/2010

Do a takeoff on the song "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus'. Tree with presents, could have a couch and or chair, Santa and mommy, the rest you can figure out.

Question: "Let Freedom Ring with the Bells of Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

We are a group of correctional employees building a float for the Christmas Parade. The theme is "Let Freedom Ring with the Bells of Christmas". We will sing the Pat Benatar song "Christmas in America" on this float. Any ideas?

Most Recent Answer

By Lou [3]11/01/2010

Know any handbell groups that would chime in?

Question: "12 Days of Christmas" Parade Ideas for Brownie Troop

I have a Brownie Troop that wants to be in the parade. The theme is "12 Days of Christmas". Any Ideas?

Cindy from Linn, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Chayil [5]12/31/2008

I like the simple, easy ideas that the others have come up with. I would only add that each girl should have the number of 'her' verse somewhere visible, in case anyone isn't sure what she is.

(Curious fact, which will probably never come in handy for anyone: Christmas Day isn't the twelfth day of Christmas, but the first. The twelfth day of Christmas in 6 January, also known as Epiphany. Why I, a Jew, know this, I don't really know.)

Question: "Jingle Bell Rock" Christmas Float Ideas

I need ideas for a Christmas float with the theme "Jingle Bell Rock".

Jason from Pampa, TX

Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)11/12/2008

Lots and lots of Jinglebells, on the float and the people. Make a large 3D tree(corrugated cardboard or plywood-cut two simple shapes and slot at base so they can slide into each other and lock-glue on old rock albums and covers of the same era as Jingle Bell Rock to cover, add tinsel. Have a Santa that looks like Elvis playing a cardboard guitar. People on float dress 50's (poodle skirts, leather jackets and rolled up jeans for extample) Some could line up as if to talk to Santa. I would do a general malt shop setting(real or fake small tables, juke box etc)

Question: "Shining the Light on Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

I work for my local animal shelter and we need help figuring out how to decorate a Christmas parade float with the theme that is picked out and incorporating the dogs and cats. Our Christmas parade theme is "Shining the Light on Christmas". Any ideas on how we can make this float?

Ginger from Cleveland, MS

Most Recent Answer

By bobbi11/20/2008

Ok, I've put a lot of thought into this one. It would take a bit of effort but would be totally the highlight of the parade. You would need 5 large pieces of plexi-glass, drill holes (about 1") all around it(at least 10 in each panel), you would need to make a box out of them (they would have to be melted together and of course would not have a bottom (it would fit over their decorated small cages that would be sitting on a "stage" under the plexi-glass. This would simulate a storefront and you could even make a storefront scene. Have children kneeling outside the "window" looking in at them and a few parents. decorate the float to simulate a street(something like you would see on a Norman Rockwell print) have a spot light shining down on the animals (simulate this with a streetlight or simply use a spotlight attached to your "storefront" use snow outside on the street.

Question: Christmas Float Ideas With "Through The Eyes of a Child" Theme

I need an idea for a Christmas float for my son's cub scout pack. The theme of the parade is Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Mindy W from Douglas, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Chris [19]09/27/2007

In the Christmas Parade here last year, one of the groups of kids were dressed like giant pieces of candy (for the Sugarplums that danced in their heads). Cut out giant sized pieces of candy from poster board, color it and cover with cellophane to look like candy. There were other children dressed as large Christmas packages. Cut holes in the sized of large decorated boxes and slip them onto the children. They can walk and it is so cute. I love the bed idea...that would be so cute. Or, have a group of the kids in pajamas sitting on the float by the Christmas tree while they are being read to.

Question: "A Wish List for Santa" Float Ideas

My Brownie Troop is in a holiday parade and the theme is "A Wish List for Santa". Does anyone have any ideas for a float?

Tamatha from Pevely, MO

Most Recent Answer

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)11/28/2006

i'm not sure of the age group for brownies. this may be to "babyish" for you.
i would have the girls gather like at a slumber party and have one girl standing up singing or miming with the music "all i want for christmas is my two front teeth"
you could all have your front teeth blacked out you could throw packets of chicletts gum (two little squares of gum in a packett)

Question: "Whimsical Christmas" Float Ideas

My Girl Scout troop is going to be in our towns Christmas parade, the theme is a whimsical christmas. Does anyone have any ideas?

Amanda from Mathiston, MS

Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)12/17/2008

My idea of whimsical has always been something a little different than the ordinary. Think Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat, and even Whoville from the Grinch. Crooked shapes and tons of bright colors.

Question: "A Fairy Tale Christmas" Float Ideas

I need an idea for a float for a christmas parade with a theme A Fairy Tale Christmas. Any ideas would help.

Donna from Benton Ark

Most Recent Answer

By Enter your namedenise (Guest Post)11/18/2007

I need some ideas also! I thought about snow white and the 7 elves.

Question: Christmas in Dixie Float Ideas

Our cub scout pack and boy scout troop are going to be in the Christmas parade together this year. The theme for it is "Christmas in Dixie". Does anyone have any ideas for our float? These boys range from 7 years to 16 years old. I was thinking pine trees and snow, but I can't come up with anything to go with it. Please help.

Lisa from Olive Branch, MS

Most Recent Answer

By Donna (Guest Post)09/26/2007

I'm looking for an idea for a float for a bank in the Christmas parade.

Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas

I need ideas for a smaller church float we have a nativity. The theme is Silver Jubilee Christmas! How do you keep Christ in Christmas in a silver jubilee?

By Tim C. from Moscow, ID

Most Recent Answer

By Faye12/02/2014

How about have the nativity with the heavenly hosts praising God, jubilant, saying, "Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace, goodwill toward men!"

Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas for Farm Equipment Company

My company sells farm equipment and the name is, Rudolph Brothers. I need an idea for a Christmas float. We have played off of the Rudolph theme a couple of times. Something to honor the American farmer would be really unique. Any ideas?

By Jan L

Most Recent Answer

By Karen05/25/2012

Treat all wheels as bike tires and outline them and give them light spokes. Should look beautiful going around in circles while you drive. Have driver dressed as Santa Claus. Put a pipe up behind the driver and place a decorated Christmas tree on it. On the hood of the tractor, place baby Jesus in the manger. Have lights go down the hood like icycles falling down a roof. Please post a pic of whatever you go with. Thrifty Fun has a lot of creative members.

Question: Ideas for Float with Theme: Keep Christ in Christmas

I am looking for a float idea with the theme "Keep Christ in Christmas". Any suggestions?

By Reyes

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]11/16/2011

Have you thought about the Three Wisemen? My most favourite Christmas card ever is a very simple one showing the Star and the Three Wisemen in silhouette on a blue field with a caption reading "Wisemen still seek him".

You could have paper mache camels with three men dressed as the magi and a banner showing the saying in fancy script. The float could be very simple (and inexpensive) using a little sand to create the desert they crossed, and a light-up star for the Star of Bethlehem.

Question: Ideas for An Old Fashioned Christmas Themed Float

Our non profit charity is doing a Christmas float for the local parades. We have our trailer and floor area already built. We are pulling it with an old FarmAll tractor, newly painted. I wanted to do something along the lines of an old fashioned Christmas, with a farmer (we are in a rural area) driving the tractor and a freshly cut Christmas tree on the back, children, pets riding, etc. What other details and decorations can we add that will emphasize basic family values, and Christmas joy, togetherness, etc. Any ideas?


Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]12/12/2011

How about having the float and the riders look like a family visit to the woods to find the right Christmas tree to cut?

Question: "The Grinch That Stole Christmas" Themed Parade Float Ideas

Does anyone have any ideas for a parade float themed: "The Grinch That Stole Christmas"?

By Angela

Most Recent Answer

By Vivian P. [36]10/17/2011

Theme: How the Grinch Stole Christmas. . .and Gave It Back!
You could use the disheveled Christmas tree idea from above and have the Whos singing carols around it. The Grinch could be there with an enlarged, perhaps glowing heart showing on the outside of his clothes, throwing back the gifts he and the cute little sled dog stole.

Question: "In the Eyes of a Child" Christmas Float Ideas

I need help with our Christmas float. The theme is " In the Eyes of a Child". We are a church group. Could someone please help.

By Bridgette from Dayton, OH

Most Recent Answer

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [76]11/18/2010

How about doing it based on the song "I saw mommy kissing santa claus". Have a fireplace, tree, furniture, gifts under the tree, and of course mommy kissing santa.

Question: "Keep Christ in Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

I am building a float for a small town Christmas parade. I need ideas on what to use in my float. The theme of the parade is, "Keep Christ in Christmas".

By Heather from Atlanta, TX

Most Recent Answer

By katrina [5]11/13/2010

Jesus is the reason for the season; which means keep Christ in Christmas as He is the reason that Crhistmas is celebrated. Actually, the "retailers" and marketers were the ones who promoted Christmas and it was to make enormous revenue for themselves, and knowing how to "manipulate" the "masses" they try and make us feel "guilty" if we do not "buy buy buy";
To counter this: I try and give gifts throughout the year; and always ahead of "christmas" day!
And send Christmas cards out any time of the year; my family has gotten used to me!

Question: Christmas Float Ideas: Theme "Silver Bells it's Christmas Time in the City"

Looking for ideas for a Christmas float with the theme: "Silver Bells it's Christmas Time in the City".

By Shay from CA

Most Recent Answer

By Carol Rodriguez [35]12/08/2009

I'd go with the main themes in the song, like shoppers with their packages, Santa's big scene, Bells that work to fit the theme song, "ring-a-ling," "hear them ring," If you have singers that can hold a tune with a microphone, such as the shoppers with their packages singing "Silver Bells, while moving about to collect their wrapped packages, it would help. My mother's favorite Christmas Song, and somehow, I can actually see this float coming to life.

Good singers, dressed in "outdoor" holiday garb, picking up wrapped presents, singing "Silver Bells," with bells that blend with the song, and depending on the budget, a Santa could be there, in a chair, or partial sled, and then during the song, when the song gets to Santa, perhaps some fake snow going up in the air. It's definitely a budget thing.

Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas, Theme: "Now and Then"

I am looking for Christmas parade float suggestions. The theme is "Now and Then".

By Stacey from Ontario, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Suntydt [75]11/21/2009

Depending on if you have children participating. Have one half of the float with activities children do now and the other half with activities children did then.
An idea for a no person float (or just a couple people) put on big tree in the middle of the float, decorate the front half colonial Christmas (popcorn garland, pine cone ornaments, pieces of clothe for hanging streamers, you get the idea) Some basic furniture, maybe a pot belly stove on the end or a chimney with a hanging pot and old socks hanging. On the other side of the tree decorate modern (tinsel, flashy ornaments, etc) have a couple modern chairs and a fireplace with decorated stockings (maybe even a plastic one with doggie treats in it). If people ride have them dress the time. Don't forget the conflicting stars on top.

Question: "Twas the Night Before Christmas" Float Ideas

I would like ideas for how to decorate a float. The theme is: "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

By Ruth from Sherman, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Tammie [32]11/22/2009

I would put a single bed with lots of pillows on the float and a summer sun tarp over that and paint it to resemble a roof. Use a cardboard chimney. Use a sheet as a backdrop for a fireplace, Placed at the front or back of the float as not to block the view. Have everyone in their night clothes with night caps sitting on the bed reading the book. Put Fake gifts at the base of the bed. Sounds like a cute float.

Question: Christmas Float Ideas Honoring the Military

Any ideas for a Christmas parade float honoring the military?

By Nancy from FL

Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]11/21/2009

Perhaps you could go to your local Army Surplus store. Dress folks in the various military uniforms... Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard.
Two military-connected songs come to mind: "White Christmas" from an old Christmas movie "Holiday Inn" or the "White Christmas" movie, and "A Soldier's Silent Night," which is spoken. Maybe you could search "military carols" to find more.
And of course, feature the flag or the colors red, white and blue prominently.

Question: Christmas Float Ideas: Theme "American Christmas"

I need ideals for our Christmas parade. The theme is "American Christmas".

By Marnie from OK

Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]11/11/2009

Red, white and blue lights on the Christmas tree if you have one on the float, and feature the flag, of course. I also like Lynn's Santa in cammo idea, as well as folks in the various military uniforms. Wish I could think of a carol other than "A Soldier's Silent Night." Great prose piece, a real tear-jerker.

Question: Christmas Float Ideas for Nursing Staff

We need some ideals for a float. It is for Christmas floats for the nursing staff.

By Brittney from Martin, SD

Most Recent Answer

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [76]11/11/2009

Have Santa in the ER being treated by the nurses, or have Santa in a pediatric ward with the nurses helping pass out his presents.

Question: Religious Theme for "Babes in Toyland" Christmas Float

Our church is doing a float for the parade. The theme is "Babes in Toyland". That is what the float must be made around. What is a religious approach we could use? Please help.

By Aleta

Most Recent Answer

By Judith11/09/2009

Using the angels is a good idea, but what about all the toys nature provides? Bubbles, snowflakes (which I've heard described as angel kisses), fall leaves, pine cones, flowers, a rainbow, animals (stuffed of course), butterflies. Or the simple toys of Jesus' time like dreidels, rag dolls, hoops and sticks, blocks, etc.

Question: "Miracle on 42nd Street" Float Ideas

I am in desperate need of some ideas for a Christmas parade float for the local Cub Scouts. The theme of this year's Christmas parade is 'Miracle On 42nd Street'. The parade committee consists me! Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

By Christa from Owensboro, KY

Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]10/22/2009

Since one of the most memorable scenes in the movie was the postal workers delivering truckloads of Santa mail to the courtroom, maybe depict the courtroom somehow? With big bags of "mail?"

Question: Decorating an Ambulance for a Christmas Parade

I am looking for ideas to decorate an ambulance for a Christmas Parade. The theme is "A Joyful Christmas". Please help ASAP, we have 3 days to do this.

rsrandr from Bell, FL

Most Recent Answer


A "patient" on a gurney, that is joyful that he is not as sick as he thought he was, and on his way back home to spend Christmas with his family; decorate with the usual Christmas trappings. (Singing "Joy To The World" at the top of his/her lungs, of course!)

Question: "Toyland in Our Town" Christmas Parade Float Ideas

I would like ideas for a Christmas parade float. The theme for the parade is "Toyland in Our Town". Any ideas would be appreciated.

Wendy from New York

Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]11/19/2008

I'm not very crafty, but the word Toyland brings to mind the image of the Nutcracker for some reason. Also, wooden toys like rocking horses, and dolls. Maybe the ladies could dress as dolls complete with the round, bright red cheek paint and lipstick, and exaggeratedly long eyelashes. You might look through Christmas-themed books from 100 years or more ago for ideas.

Question: "Wish Upon a Star" Christmas Parade Float Ideas

We are entering our local parade and the theme is "Christmas Wishes". We have come up with "Wish Upon a Star" with children dressed as angels and stars. The Stars will have wishes listed. The color of our float is going to be Navy blue, silver, and white. My question is what can our angels be doing on the float?

Diane from Falmouth, MA

Most Recent Answer

By Doris [2]11/12/2008

How about blow bubbles? Glitter would be pretty but out of the question. It's messy and, as a float, you'd need tons of it. The bubbles could be a problem, too, unless you just have them blow bubbles every five minutes, or stagger the ones who are blowing bubbles. You could end up with very wet kids! I also like the sign language idea.

Question: Parade Float Ideas: Two Hands Holding the World

I need some ideas on how to build a float with two hands holding a world with the world turning.

Bonnie from Cadiz, KY

Most Recent Answer

By Lynette (Guest Post)11/23/2008

My son came up with an idea (we haven't tested it yet: build a box to go under your "world" and use a power inverter to run a drill. Mount the drill under the box and a big drill bit up through the box attached to the world to make it turn. You can make the world and hands out of chicken wire and then use big pieces of newspaper to paper mache over the chicken wire then after it dries paint it. Don't make the world too heavy for the drill to turn.

Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas

I need a idea for a float in a Christmas parade with the theme "Load the Sleigh". Please help, what can I use to load it? I want something different, a new theme, not just gifts and presents.

    By missdebby [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Rose Anne Hutchence [6]10/04/2015

    How about books? Dozens and dozens of books. They represent learning, improved spelling and vocabulary in addition to stimulating our imagination and furthering our education. You'll likely be able to find a great many at local thrift stores.

    In Iceland, if you're interested, books are a large part of their Christmas culture. Check it out? ... s-in-its-annual-christmas-book-flood

    Question: "Blue Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

    Our church is in our annual Christmas parade this year, we need and entry description for our float. The theme this year is "Blue Christmas". How would you decorate the float and what would you do as an entry description? Thanks for all of your help!

    By Melissa P

    Most Recent Answer

    By marionp10/22/2014

    Do a two sided float; a military man overseas sitting in the barracks writing a letter envisioning his girl / and then the other side a girl sitting in her living room with the tree lit up, missing her boy. Envisioning him back at the barracks while the music on the stereo playing "Blue Christmas"

    Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas: Small Town USA Theme

    Every year our town holds a Christmas parade. This year's theme is "Small Town USA". I am a small business owner and would like to enter. I have no ideas as to how to design a trailer in this fashion. Please does anyone have any ideas? Our float cannot have a Santa. He rides on the fire truck at the end. I have an asphalt paving company and would like to advertise, as well as, show. Please help. I am running out of time; it is December 3, 2011.

    By Jenny B.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]11/17/2011

    Could you get some of your employees to dress as elves and pretend to work on the bed of the trailer carrying a piece of equipment you use for paving? You could wrap a hand painted banner around the sides of the trailer stating the elves are helping (insert your company name here) pave the way for the Big Day.

    Question: Santa Parade Float Ideas

    I work in a hotel and we are hosting Santa. We need to design a float for a parade to take him to our local mall where he will be until Christmas. Any ideas?

    By Sara

    Most Recent Answer

    By pam munro [523]11/04/2011

    When my husband & I play Santa & Mrs. Claus we sometimes make our entrance in a horse & carriage (it's there for rides for the kids). So I would suggest getting a carriage! If there is no horse, perhaps you could get a group of people dressed as elves to pull it! Or Santa in a wheelbarrow or some sort of golf cart that's decorated? A Segway? You get the idea...

    Question: Ideas for a Christmas Float with 9/11 Theme

    We need some ideas for a Christmas parade float with a 9/11 theme, involving children. Thanks.

    By D.J

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lilac [20]11/04/2011

    Actually this float seems inappropreate for both Christmas and children. Not that 911 needs to be forgotten but Christmas is a joyous occasion and we all try to make children happy during that season.

    Question: Decorating Motorcycles for "Toys in Toyland" Christmas Parade

    We are riding in a Christmas parade this year on our motorcycles and the theme is "Toys in Toyland". What kind of decor would you recommend that we place on our bikes? We are a Christian motorcycle ministry and we need some ideas.

    By Patty from Norman, OK

    Most Recent Answer

    By Perla 11/20/2010

    The way I decorate my Harley for toy runs is really simple. I get garland (the fake green tree-type, not the shiny plastic type), and wrap it around my handlebars. If it's too long, I get wire cutters and snip the excess off.

    Then I get a battery-operated light string and attach (be sure you pack extra batteries) to the garland with cable ties (you don't want 'em to fly off!).

    Next step is to tie a beautiful red bow in front, below headlight or above it - DO NOT COVER IT.

    Finally, I take small stuffed animals and tuck them in the garland around the bow with cable-ties. I usually use 4 small bears (4 to 6 inches)- two on each side of the handlebars. (Make sure you don't cover the Christmas lights with them).

    To top it all with, I have a larger bear (around 1-1/2 ft tall) and sit him/her on my front fender, below the red bow. I tie it on my front forks with bungee cords which I cover with ribbon so it's not noticeable, or with cable ties also ribbon-covered to disguise.

    SAFETY NOTE: Make sure the red bow does not have ribbon hanging down to catch in your front axle and also the bears' legs can't hang down (which is why I use a a 1-1/2' bear...his legs stick straight out).

    If you have a sissy-bar, buy a HUGE bear and sit him/her on your back seat. It can be your passenger bungee-corded in. Put a pair of goggles on it and a Christmas bandanna and "biker" it up! (I pinned fake holly on it's ear and one of my leather vests). It'll get lots of smiles and photo shoot opportunities!

    If you're riding a "cruiser bike" which has a CD player, put on some Christmas music. Deck out that bike and have fun!!!!

    Have a Blessed Merry Christmas! :-) ~Perla in TX

    Question: 12 Days of Christmas Float Ideas

    I need new ideas for a Christmas float depicting the 12 Days of Christmas.

    By Linda from Weatherford, TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By Mary Lou [14]11/17/2010

    If you can fit 12 people on your float, dress each as the characters ie partridge, lord, lady etc and include a number on the costume to correspond to their part in the song, OR have each person hold the appropriate number as a large sign that has been decorated like the verse (ie five gold rings on a large five).

    Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas With Theme: "Jingle Bells Cancer Smells"

    We (my team for Relay For Life/American Cancer Society) are trying to design a float for the Christmas parade. We are wanting to use the theme "Jingle Bells, Cancer Smells", but are not sure how to decorate the float. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

    By Faye from Blythe, GA

    Most Recent Answer


    Use colored ribbon bows that stand for the various cancers attached to Christmas bells!

    RE: Christmas Parade Float Ideas With Theme:

    Question: A Storybook Christmas" Float Ideas

    This is my first time to do a float or to be a 4-H leader and I want to do a good job. The theme for the Christmas parade is "A Storybook Christmas". I need ideas.

    By Peggy from Hatfield, AR

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [6]11/12/2010

    What about picking a classic Christmas story, and setting up the float with a set and characters dressed like that story. Books that come to my mind are "How the Grinch stole Christmas" or Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas or The Best/worst Christmas Story Ever or The Night Before Christmas, etc.

    Question: Christmas Float Ideas Using Noah's Ark Theme

    How could we use Noah's ark for a Christmas float and what would the saying be? Thanks.

    By Mary from SC

    Most Recent Answer

    By katrina [5]11/08/2010

    In Noah's time, the earth was filled with water. All of us have the ability during good times and bad, to flood the areas around us even as walking down the street, in stores, etc, to "flood" the area with peace, joy and love. (From out of their bellies shall flow rivers of living water.)

    Kindness can be so hard to find at times, it's like a famine almost. Let's flood the earth with peace, joy, love and above all kindness! Peace on earth good will to men. Let us create a tsunami of peace, and kindness, and thoughts of well being to all men wherever we go!

    Gosh, won't the world be changed into a far better place for all!

    Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas: Theme "Light the Night"

    What are some ideas for a Christmas parade float with a theme, "Light the night"?

    By Danita

    Most Recent Answer

    By Pam Griffis [10]11/10/2010

    (Assuming you have a way to supply power to the float.) Whatever setting you choose, you could have the items come on one at a time until the float is completely lit. Then they all shut off and start over again-lighting up the night.

    Question: "Go Green" Cub Scout Christmas Float Ideas

    My son is in the Cub Scouts and this year's Christmas float has the theme "Go Green". Any ideas? The kids are going to be doing most of the work.

    By Mrs. C from NY

    Most Recent Answer

    By Mary Lou [14]10/23/2010

    Make a Christmas tree by stacking recycling boxes of different sizes. If you have green ones, all the better. Turn them upside down and stack in descending rows ie six or eight bottom, next row two less, etc. use recyclables to make ornaments, the scouts may have some ideas and attach with colored tape. A topper that would be good is a discarded hubcap or two attached back to back. Don't forget both sides of the tree unless it is put with the back facing the cab of the vehicle the float is on.

    Question: "Motorcycle Safety" Christmas Parade Float

    We are a non-profit group, just getting started. We are trying to promote motorcycle safety, and we want to try and incorporate this into a float for our local Christmas parade. The parade theme is (A Rocking Christmas). Please help if anyone can. Thank you.

    By nanas8 from DeRidder, LA

    Most Recent Answer

    By nanas8 [1]11/17/2009

    Help! Lets do (a rocking christmas) without the motorcycles. We need some ideas

    Question: Christmas Float Ideas: Christmas Memories Theme

    I am lead person on a Xmas float for my congregation. I want to create a scene with regards to Xmas memories. We have a 20' trailer and want to make a huge bed with little ones in it. Above their heads I am thinking of having little quotation bubbles with their wishes for Xmas attached to the headboard above each child. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

    By Pam from Rochester, NH

    Most Recent Answer

    By stjudetinkerbell11/10/2009

    We done one a couple of years ago and made the whole trailer into a bed it was so cute and won 1 st place. I will try to get a pic on here when I get home. We was doing the night before Christmas and had candy and sugar plums hanging above their head with fishing line. I loved it.

    Question: Christmas Float Ideas

    I need some ideas for a Christmas parade float for my husband's employer. They are an auto parts store. Any ideas?

    By Laralee from Childersburg, AL

    Most Recent Answer

    By REE [1]10/29/2009

    Get a 'Santa sleigh" dress some guys up as mechanic elves and work on the sleigh to get ready for the delivery night
    perhaps a big calendar to show Dec 24. A giant RO ticket, tune up Santa's sleigh, fix dent in side from grazing star on practice run by Clyde, etc.

    Question: Parade Float Ideas for "Kids Against Meth Ending Lives" Float

    I am looking for ideas to decorate an car hauler for a Christmas parade. The theme is "Kids Against Meth Ending Lives". It is a float for the Kamel Klub at Bethel Springs Jr.High in Bethel Springs, TN. We would really like something simple for the fact that we have about 19 teenagers riding on the back. The colors of the club are lime green,black and gold or silver. Please help, we have 6 days to do it. Thanks for all the help.

    Lanie from Bethel Springs, TN

    Most Recent Answer

    By Rhonda (Guest Post)12/17/2008

    We have done two floats for prevention of Meth. The first float used was a MEth Monster in jail and the DEA van sitting in front. The second was a replica of a nice little house with a picket fence on the outside and a meth lab on the inside. I have photos if you'd like to see.

    Question: "Redneck Racing" Light Parade Float Ideas

    I am looking for "Redneck Racing" float ideas. I will be in a light parade and the theme is racing. Can anyone help with ideas for decorating the race trailer that the race car will be driving behind? Thanks.

    Kim from CT

    Most Recent Answer

    By Tracy Ferguson [3]01/23/2009

    Did the light parade pass already?

    Question: "Nursery Rhyme Christmas" Christmas Parade Float

    Our Christmas parade theme is "Nursery Rhyme Christmas", and I need help. I work for a recycling group, and we want our float to fit the theme. Any ideas?

    enviroed from Texas

    Most Recent Answer

    By Kim Churchman [3]11/19/2008

    First, off to the public library to look at a copy of Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes. Look closely at the illustrations, because that's where you'll find your ideas.

    Question: "Train" Christmas Parade Float

    My church is wanting to build a train for a Christmas float theme, any ideas? I need help! I need a pattern and a supply list.

    Sheila from Olive Branch, MS

    Most Recent Answer

    By Taylor 123410/13/2009

    We did the polar express for our school and all you really have to do is make a big box and all a roof to it. and make a cattle guard if you could. That would be good.

    Question: "Classic Christmas" Christmas Parade Float Ideas

    I am looking for ideas for a "Classic Christmas" lighted parade using Jesus and possibly motorcycles. I just need a fresh idea involving Jesus, instead of Frosty, Rudolph etc.

    DxyChk from Beebe, Arkansas

    Most Recent Answer

    By Laurie (Guest Post)11/23/2008

    Last year I made a fake wall and fireplace. Placed an older couple in rocking chairs, on front had tree with lots of presents and kids holding presents with them reading the christmas story. It was called presents from heaven - celebrating CHRISTMAS all year long.

    Question: "Glitter" Themed Christmas Parade Float Ideas

    I need ideas for a Christmas parade float. The theme is "Glitter". We are a Medical clinic. Please help. Thanks!

    Brandi from Corinth, MS

    Most Recent Answer

    By melody_yesterday [228]11/07/2008

    This might be way off balance:
    Lots of red crosses sitting around heavily glittered red of course & the song that was on in the kitchen seems to fit perfectly. :: ... t-call-us-we-ll-call-you-lyrics.html

    Long distance direct'ry assistance area code 212
    Say hey A & R this is mister rhythm and blues
    He said hello and put me on hold
    To say the least the cat was cold
    He said don't call us child we'll call you.

    I said you got my number
    He said yeah I got it when you walked in the door
    Don't call us, we'll call you
    Don't call us, we'll call you.

    I got your name from a friend of a friend
    who said he used to work with you
    Remember the all night creature from stereo ninety two
    Yeah I said could you relate to our quarter track tape
    You know the band performs in the nude
    He said uh huh don't call us child we'll call you.

    Listen kid you paid for the call
    You ain't bad but we've heard it all before
    Yeah it sounds like John, Paul and George

    Any way we cut a hit and we toured a bit
    with a song he said he couldn't use.
    And now he calls and begs and crawls
    It's telephone deja vu
    We got percentage points and lousy joints
    and all the glitter we can use
    Mama so uh huh don't call us, now we'll call you.

    Listen kid you paid for the call
    You ain't bad but I've heard it all before
    Don't call us, we'll call you.


    Question: Fitness Gym Christmas Float

    What are some good ideas for a Fitness Gym Christmas parade float that wouldn't be very costly? We are getting a slow jump on this because of the gym being so busy. PLEASE HELP.

    Teresa from Moody, AL

    Most Recent Answer

    By AuntyC (Guest Post)10/31/2008

    Decorate gym equipment in tinsel, etc. and have several FAT Santas working out. Maybe some elves as well. I think that would be a hoot!

    Question: Ideas for Christmas Float

    Any ideas for a Christmas float with the theme "It's a Magical Christmas"?

      By dstepp222 [1]

      Question: Decorating an ATV for a Christmas Parade

      I have a side by side ATV that I would like to decorate for a Christmas parade. Any ideas?

      By E.J

      Question: Christmas Float Ideas

      The theme of the Christmas parade is "Christmas on the Big Screen". We need float ideas.

      By DB

      Question: New Year's Day Parade Float Ideas

      Any theme ideas for a New Year's day parade float put together by a homeschooling group?

      By Dale N.

      Question: "North Pole" Christmas Parade Float Ideas

      I need ideas for a Christmas parade float for a dog rescue and the theme is "North Pole". We would like to have a catchy phrase.


      Question: "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Parade Float Ideas

      How do you decorate for a float with the theme, "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"?

      By Mary

      Question: Christmas Parade Float Idea

      I need an idea for a Christmas float with the theme, "Let Your Light Shine In". We have a bucket truck that we put in the parade. There will be 7 kids and 4 adults that dress up. Please help.

      By Stacy

      Question: "Jingle Bell Rock" Christmas Float Ideas

      My husband and I own an electrical contracting business. The theme this year is "Jingle Bell Rock" and we'd like to incorporate our company into the float. Any ideas?
      We don't have a lot of time or money to devote to this float.

      By SM

      Question: "Christmas Wishes" Christmas Parade Float Ideas

      I need ideas or help with a float for the parade at Christmas. The theme is "Christmas Wishes". I am a painting contractor and my trailers are 24 foot long.

      By Terry

      Question: Christmas Float Ideas: "Christmas Around the World"

      Any suggestions on a float with the theme - Christmas Around the World? We are thinking of a globe, but so far that is it. Please help!

      By Jennifer

      Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas

      Our high school DECA Club is wanting ideas for a Christmas float. The theme is "North Pole or Bust" and DECA's 2013 slogan is "Make It Happen". We would like to incorporate both. Also, the football homecoming queen and king were representing DECA and we would like to showcase this as well (it was kind of a history making event for our candidates to win).

      By Jen

      Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas: "Toys and Games of Christmas Past"

      We are putting together a float for the first time for the town's annual Christmas parade with the theme Toys and Games of Christmas Past". We are looking for ideas for an animal hospital.

      By Amy S

      Question: Christmas Float Ideas: Theme "Toys of Yesteryear and Now"

      I need ideas for dressing up this toy themed float on a budget, for a preschool. The kids riding on it will be dressed as a toy from now and the past. Any ideas to help us? The float will be in a Christmas parade in Massachusetts. Thank you.

      By Jude

      Question: "12 Days of Christmas" Themed Float Ideas

      Christmas float.What ideas do you have regarding a "12 Days of Christmas" themed float for our local Cub Scout pack?

      By Debra H

      Question: "Cajun Christmas" Float Ideas

      Little cheerleaders at football game.We are 5 year-old cheerleaders who will have a float in our upcoming Christmas parade. The theme is Cajun Christmas. We need ideas quickly! Please help.

      By Linda B.

      Question: "Homemade Christmas" Float Theme Ideas

      I need some ideas for a Christmas float with the theme "Homemade Christmas". An electrical and plumbing company is sponsoring it, but it doesn't have to have any relation. We are also having some special needs children ride on float. Any decor ideas?

      By Dawn

      Question: "Songs of Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

      Our theme is "Songs of Christmas". I need ideas for walking people float or a wagon float. Very simple, please. Thanks.

      By Jodi from Veedersburg, IN

      Question: Star Spangled Christmas Float Ideas

      Any thoughts about how to do somethning original?

      By Colour Lab Salon

      Question: American Legion Christmas Float Ideas

      I'm with the American Legion and am trying to come up with a thrifty but classic Christmas float idea.

      By Heidi Jo from Mulberry, FL

      Question: "Old Fashioned Christmas" Float Theme

      Do you have any ideas on how to create a float with an "Old-fashioned Christmas" theme?

      By Beth from Roopville, GA

      Question: Christmas Parade Float Ideas: Theme "A Caroling Christmas Song to Warm the Heart With"

      We are putting together a church float for our local parade. The theme is, " A Caroling Christmas Song to Warm the Heart With". We have chosen, "Angels We Have Heard on High" or "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". Any ideas for the float please?

      By pinky from Battle Creek, MI

      Question: "Christmas in Flight" Parade Float Ideas

      I work for a non profit mentoring organization and we are looking for Christmas float ideas. The theme is "Christmas in Flight".

      By kbozgoz from Klamath Falls, OR

      Question: Elementary School Cheerleader Christmas Float Ideas

      I am looking for ideas a Christmas float. My daughter is a cheerleader in elementary school and they have been invited to attend a Christmas Parade for the city we live in. Any ideas will be appreciated greatly, not very expensive though. Thanks.

      By Sonia from San Juan, TX

      Question: Christmas Float Ideas: "Christmas Around the World"

      I need ideas for a Christmas parade float. The theme is: Christmas Around the World. I want to highlight different religions and cultures and how they celebrate Christmas (possibly inexpensively). The parade is in 5 days. Thanks.

      By Tina from MA

      Question: "Star Spangled Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

      I need to get ideas for a parade float. The theme is Star Spangled Christmas. Any ideas welcome. Thanks.

      By s from WV

      Question: "Celebrate the Champion" Christmas Parade Float Ideas

      Our girl's softball association will be in the city Christmas parade in November. The theme is "Celebrate the Champion" and they must also be based on a Christmas theme, but no Santa Claus replicas allowed. Any ideas would be appreciated (quickly, please).

      By Jaci McC. from Niagara Falls, Canada

      Question: "Fantasy" Themed Christmas Parade Float Ideas

      Do you have any ideas about a fantasy float for our lighted Christmas parade?

      Geneie from Corning, Ca

      Question: "Home for the Holidays" Float Ideas

      I need ideas for christmas parade float. Theme is "Home for the Holidays".

      Nancy from Bakersfield, CA

      Solutions: Christmas Parade Float Ideas

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      Below are photos related to this guide.

      Christmas Float Ideas: "What Christmas Means To Me"

      Last year, my boss asked if I could help her with her children's church choir parade entry. The theme was "What Christmas Means To Me". Simple theme, but one that has so many options.

      I bounced round a few ideas and finally landed on something I learned growing up. Every year my Mom and I would bake a special cake for Jesus's birthday. It was just natural to carry over the tradition. So I drew up some plans and took them in. My boss was very much astounded at the idea and so we set forth to make it happen. A truck bed was already loaned to them so all we had to do was the finishing touches.

      I found a large round canister and covered it with white paper. I decorated the cake and even added a personal touch with squiggles to make it look like confetti on the cake. The top of the cake read "Happy Birthday Jesus". It amazed me how well it turned out.

      The next thing was to use a folding card table with a birthday themed plastic tablecloth and, of course, a birthday party isn't complete without party hats. She bought some regular ones and when we looked at them we figured, "No, that wouldn't do." I disassembled the hats and painted them red. Allowed them to dry then wrote "Happy Birthday Jesus" on each one. Reassembly was very easy and they looked great.

      We made posters for the children to hold up with the same message. She had found some darling squiggles and we glued these with their Church name and entry number on them to a large poster board. The whole caper turned out quite lovely and so went the venture of what Christmas meant to these beautiful little children.

      Needless to say they won second place and we were all very happy.

      So next time you have a themed Christmas parade, think really hard what Christmas means to you and reach down into your soul and find that special something that was a wonderful part of your life.

      By maphisx7 from Gordonsville, VA


      Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

      Archive: Christmas Float Ideas

      My Girl Scout troop is going to be in the christmas parade on saturday and the theme is old christmas. I really need some quick ideas.

      Ryan from Forest, WV

      RE: Christmas Parade Float Ideas

      For our girl scout troop, we used a trailer, strung icicle lights around the top (you may have to use 2 x 4's to make a frame), strung more lights around the railing, spread some polyfil (pillow stuffing) around the rails, and hung some clouds (cardboard with polyfil glued to it). The girls dressed in white and we used star garland to make crowns. We also shaped coar hangers to make wings, stretched white nylons over the coat hangers and edged with the star garland. We received a huge response from it and their picture ended up in the paper. Some other ideas we had was to wrap big boxes and fit over the girls, put bows on their heads and have some type of tree on the float. Another one was have some type of sleigh on the trailer and the kids dress up in brown with the flashing noses and reindeer antlers. (12/02/2004)

      By Lori

      RE: Christmas Parade Float Ideas

      Wrap some big boxes with holiday wrap. Put on some big toys like big wheels, large stuffed toys. Dress all the kids like elves in sweat suits, suspenders, striped kneesocks, and a variety of stocking caps. Tool belts a la "workshop" too if they have them. Add lots of garland, maybe a tree-go for the glitz. (12/02/2004)

      By Linda.

      RE: Christmas Parade Float Ideas

      Last year my daisy troop participated in the parade and we used two sqaure bales of hay and made a "bed", used my sons baby bed backing for a headboard. Then we took boxes and stacked them into the shape of a chimmney, covered with red paper and drew black brick lines. We made large stockings out of construction paper for each girl, and hung them on the chimmney. We covered the edge of the trailer in green garland with lights. .We had a hope chest that we cut out letters for that said toys and taped them on it, dessed my son and a small girl in halloween animal costumes and put them in it for toys. We also hand a few other large toys sitting around and a small cirlce rug. We made a large sign that said "Sugarplums danced in their heads" that was at the back of the trailer made out of red fabric and held up out of the way by securing it to pvc pipe. We had two little girls dressed in pj's "asleep" in the bed, and the others girls just sat flat on the trailer and help to throw candy. The girls sitting were wearing sugarplums outfits I made. I just took two pieces of fabric, cut them into a large cirlce and the sewed the sides together, I used purple and a bright blue for these, then sprayed them with glitter. It turned out so so cute, and we won the parade, got as trophy and was in the paper as well. (12/29/2004)

      By KC

      RE: Christmas Parade Float Ideas

      I worked for a daycare and what we did was a nursery rhyme theme. We did "three men in a tub" and what we did was we got a big tub of any kind, stuck three of our dad's in it with bath scrubbers, shower caps, cardboard boxes that looked like soap, rubber duckies, get the idea. One dad was even brave enough to wear a towel over his head. Then we filled the tub with batting like you use to sew with or you could use white balloons, to make it look like bubbles. Then we hung up a big sign that read the whole nursery rhyme so people would know what we were talking about, and decorated the trailer with props to make it look like a bathrrom. You can turn a cardboard box into just about anything. (we also hung up a shower curtain) Then we decorated the trailer with christmas lights and a tree. Even though it wasn't exactly a christmas float, and scince we were a daycare, the whole idea made sense, and it looked good to the judges that we got parent's involved. oh yeah we won first place. Hope this will shed some light. (08/22/2005)

      By Lesa

      RE: Christmas Float Ideas

      How about a winter scene with kids making snow angels or a ski slope with kids and a dog on it? Something fun? (10/03/2005)

      By Wendy Angellotti Pierson

      RE: Christmas Float Ideas

      Like Linda's idea. Wrap some big boxes leaving tops open. Have people inside with signs saying "the gift of love", "the gift of thanks", "the gift of faith", etc. Cardboard or scrap wood could be used for the signs. Electronic stores, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes. Go to not call and talk to a manager for scrap wood/ boxes. They will be happy to donate especially for your school project. Dress in the same color. Matching would be better. Depending on your budget. White/multi color lights have battery operation. Be sure and go to the paint stores. Kelly Moore, Sherman Williams, even Walmart and ask for paint. They always have returns or wrong orders. Who knows maybe in the right color! Good Luck and have fun celebrating! (10/04/2005)

      By Jennifer CA

      RE: Christmas Float Ideas

      How about jack frost and the snow queen theme. With snow flake garlends, icicle ortaments hanging in the garlends, lots of blue and white, have a throne for the snow queen and a polar bear sculpture of some kind. (10/04/2005)

      By gloria

      RE: Christmas Float Ideas

      The first thing that comes to mind for an old fashioned Christmas is popcorn and cranberries. You could get a lot of people help you string popcorn and cranberries and use them with fir or pine boughs to decorate the float. (11/06/2006)

      RE: Christmas Float Ideas

      In the story of Twas the night there are kids sleeping. Do the float of the dreams of the children, Santa's toy shop or of a candy land. (11/13/2006)

      By lena

      Archive: 12 Days of Christmas Float Ideas

      I need idea for a float, the theme is 12 Days of Christmas. I will be working with 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Any ideas?

      Joni from TX

      Archive: Christmas Float Ideas

      Christmas Float Ideas. I want to know how to make Christmas gifts and big candy that's wrapped for our Christmas float.


      Archive: A Storybook Christmas" Float Ideas

      I need help with an idea for a cub scout Christmas parade float. The theme is "A Storybook Christmas".


      Archive: 12 Days of Christmas Float Ideas

      I need ideas on a float with the theme of the "12 Days of Christmas".


      Archive: "Star Spangled Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

      My Brownie Girl Scout Troop has been asked to be in our town's Christmas parade. The theme is "Star Spangled Christmas". We are limited on funds to decorate. Any ideas?

      By Christie from NY

      RE: "Star Spangled Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

      Go to Rowlett Parade 2008 Photo Gallery, lot of pictures there, good luck. (11/01/2009)

      By kffrmw88

      RE: "Star Spangled Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

      I'd use American flags for the floor and red, white, and blue garland (the shiny kind) on the sides. Good luck. (11/01/2009)

      By bribri374