February 7, 2006

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Easy No-bake Pudding CookiesStir together first 3 ingredients and bring to a boil for 3 minutes, then remove from heat. Mix in next 3 ingredients and let stand 5 minutes.


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Super Bowl Cola CakePreheat oven to 350 degrees F. In bowl, sift sugar and flour. Add marshmallows. In saucepan, mix butter, oil, cocoa, and cola.


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Quick Meal for the FamilyJust got home, tired, need a quick meal the whole family will enjoy. Try this:



Helping Around the KitchenHere are my kitchen helpers.


Tessa Babes (Yorkshire Terrier)

Tessa Babes (Yorkshire Terrier)Tessa Babes is an 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier. I bred my Tessa's mom Buffy 8 years ago. She had 4 puppies so I kept the girl one and that was my Tessa Babes.


closeup of agrimony.

Growing AgrimonyModest and almost weed-like in appearance, Agrimony is an aromatic plant with one or more stems supporting tall, slender spikes of flowers and a few weak branches.


Balloon Flowers

Growing Balloon Flowers (Chinese...In the spring, sow seeds directly into ground where you want them to grow. Keep sowing seeds up to 2 months before fall frost date. Seeds can be started indoors 6-8 weeks before transplanting.


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Buying a Local Entertainment BookMy tip is for shopping for food. Buy your local Entertainment Book, which usually costs between $25 and $35, depending on where you live. Each month, if you spend $50 on groceries at one time, you'll receive a $5.00 gift card which you can use on your next visit.


Close up of Angelica

Growing: AngelicaPrefers moist, fertile, slightly acidic soil. Transplant seedlings when they have 4 to 6 leaves. Angelica prefers cool areas of the garden. It blooms in midsummer of the second year, then dies, and needs large amounts of space.


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Adding Condiments to Bland StaplesGood condiments like salsa and stone-ground mustard can add zing to otherwise bland staples like eggs.


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Hair Curling TipThis is a beauty tip for all you ladies out there. This morning I was having trouble with my hair, as we all do at times. I was using a curling iron but it just didn't seem to be holding the curl.


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Doing Laundry Less OftenI found that I saved a good amount of money by waiting 2 weeks to do laundry -- and also by ironing only once every 2 weeks. Savings have been about $50.00 a month on our electric bill!


deep blue aster flowers

Growing AsterChinese asters bloom for approximately one month and can be pulled up after blooming. Avoid planting them in the same location two years in a row to minimize fungal disease.


Musk Mallow

Growing Musk MallowSow seeds or transplant seedlings into warm soil. Seedlings should be spaced approximately 18 inches apart. Seeds should be soaked for 24 hours prior to planting to speed germination. If starting indoors, use individual peat pots to avoid disturbing roots while transplanting.


Growing California Blue Bells - wild flowers at Joshua Tree

Growing California Blue BellsIn climates with mild winters, sow in the fall. In cooler climates, sow seed immediately after ground dries out. Regular watering will help to extend their short bloom time.


yellow and reddish orange flowers

Growing Blanket FlowerStart seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last spring frost date or sow them directly into the ground in spring. Seeds need light to germinate so do not cover them, simply press them into the surface of the soil. . .


Burrowing Ventriloquist OwlsThese are burrowing ventriloquist owls. The male is looking a bit to the side and faking a rattlesnake rattle with his ventriloquist act.


Purple Pansies

Growing PansiesStart indoors from seed 10 to 12 weeks before last spring frost. Cold treat planted pots for two weeks before moving to a warming temperature to sprout.


Zucchini and Flowers

Growing ZucchiniZucchini is a fast growing member of the squash family (cucurbitaceae) with a long, cylindrical shape, smooth, dark green (sometimes yellow) skin and creamy white-green, milky-flavored flesh. Zuccini are also referred to as courgette, especially in Europe.


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Making Oatmeal Scotchies BetterThe recipe on the back of the butterscotch morsels bag, for oatmeal scotchies, is good, but I made it much better. When it comes to the oatmeal and the nuts, grind them both in a coffee grinder. This makes a softer, more flavorful cookie and takes 5 minutes less to bake.


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Replacing Incandescent Bulbs with Compact FluorescentsReplace your regular light bulbs with the spiral shaped ones. I did and saved a couple of dollars on my electric bill. Besides that they last a lot longer. Buy less bulbs so there is a savings there also.


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Eggs in One Basket Joke"He may not have all his eggs in one basket, but I think he has enough to fry an omelet."



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Housebreaking a Cairn Terrier?How do I housebreak my 17 week old Cairn Terrier? I have 4 other dogs and have never had a problem housebreaking, but I cannot get this puppy to learn.


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Painting Aluminum Siding?My husband and I have an older home which has part aluminum siding that is in pretty good condition. I am wondering if it is a good idea to have it painted or should we try and save up and have it sided with vinyl siding?


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Paula's Kitchen?I am planning on doing some kitchen redecorating and need a little guidance. My kitchen has knotty pine walls, one wall is wallpapered, white appliances, plywood cabinets stained a dark brown and, you're not going to believe this, linoleum countertops! I can't afford anything new so I am going to paint everything.


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Facial Wax Stain on Clothing?Can anyone tell me how to remove facial wax from a shirt? My daughter was heating up a little container of facial wax in the microwave and spilled some on her shirt.


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Need Valentine's Day Recipes?I would like more information on Valentine's Day recipes.


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