May 29, 2011

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A wild rose bush.

"Wild" Rose BushWhen I bought my house 25 years ago there was a small "wild" rose bush in the garden up against the house. Each year I would cut it back, and it would bloom a few roses. Each year it grows bigger.


Seed sprouting on soil

Pre-treating Seeds to Speed GerminationMost vegetable and flower seeds will freely germinate when given water, the ideal temperature, and a loose, well-aerated growing medium. Other seeds, however, need special treatment before they can be coaxed into germinating.


A child's jumpsuit made out of an old men's shirt.

Jumpsuit From Old T-ShirtI made my daughter (age 5) a jumpsuit from my dad's old shirt. I didn't have a pattern, but I think it turned out OK. She loves it anyway.


A hummingbird feeder.

Keeping Ants Away From Bird FeederMy husband made us a moat for our hummingbird feeder to keep ants out of the nectar for just pennies! He cut a water bottle in half, drilled a hole in bottom just big enough to fit the coated wire that holds the feeder on the shepherds hook.


photo of a Hand-Painted Key Holder

Hand-Painted Key HolderSometimes, our house feels like the "Lost-and-Found Department" of a nearby shopping centre. Everyone's keys are missing and after a thorough search, the keys usually turn up in the most unexpected places. Here is a nice key holder that one can make.



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Removing Water Based Paint from Jeans?I would like to know the easiest way to remove water based paint from denim jeans. Can anyone help me?


Bell pepper with brwon spot on side

Brown Areas on My Green Bell Peppers?Why do my young green peppers develop brown areas on the bottom or bottom sides?


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Hair Color to Complement Skin Tone and Eye Color?I have dark brown hair and I want to dye it a new color. I don't know what color should I do. I have tan skin with a lot of freckles and brown eyes. What color should I dye it?


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Harvesting and Using Blueberries?How do you harvest and use blueberries? I have heard that they need to be chilled for a time before you can eat them.


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Removing Yellow Rodent Urine Stains on White Clothing?I just got my summer clothes out and my favorite white shorts have a big yellow stain on the pocket. Well, I'm most certain it is (mouse urine), I've washed them in Clorox, sprayed them with Resolve, and let them sit. This I have done more than once. The stain is still there.


Small terrier playing with kitten

Free Doggie PJ Pattern?I'm looking for an easy sewing pattern for doggie pj's for a small dog. (10-15 lbs) Anyone know of a free web site where I can find one?


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Putting a Photo on a Plate?As a memorial to my dad and mom I would like to put a photo onto a plate.


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Craft Uses for Memory Foam Mattress Toppers?We had purchased a 2 inch memory foam mattress cover and a 4 inch one, both for a king bed. We finally bought a new bed, but the memory foam toppers weren't cheap. I would like to find a way to reuse them. I thought about pillows and mats for the kids to lay on the floor with.


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Kenmore Ice Maker Won't Release Ice Cubes?Our Kenmore ice maker tray has ice in it, but it won't release it and make more. The water spout is empty, should it have water in it waiting? Can I replace the ice maker myself? Kenmore Elite Model No. 106.52602100


Snow covered spruce

Best Time to Prune Evergreens?When is the best time of the year to prune mature spruce trees? They are big, healthy, and disease free. We live in northern Alberta, Canada. Thanks very much.


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Removing Bugs from Car's Exterior?I have a 2011 Camaro, and I hate bugs on it. A friend gave me the cleaning product Fantastik Orange Action to remove bugs. It works great, but will the orange oil mess up the paint?


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Restoring Faded Red Car Paint?If I use T-Cut on my red car, will it bring the faded colour back to life?


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Manual for a George Foreman Mini Roaster Model GV5?I bought a mini roaster, model GV5 at a sale, but the user manual was not with it. Where can I find an instruction manual? Thanks.


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Installing a Deck Engagement Cable on MTD Riding Mower?How do I install a deck engagement cable on my MTD mower?


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Flea Repellent for People?How can my hairy husband keep fleas off of his ankles?


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Remedy for a Dog with Constipation?My dog is constipated. What should I do?


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Jade and Other Succulents Losing Leaves and Turning Yellow?I recently put out my house plants for the season. We've had a lot of rain, but also some cold nights. Do you think that would have made my jade and other succulent plants lose their leaves and turn a pale shade of green, almost yellow? Too much water? How do I save them?


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