April 2, 2015

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Skin Cleanser

Preventing Bites from Invisible BugsUse Hibiclens Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser while showering and they won't bite that night.


A small dog under an umbrella inside.

Buster (Pekingese/Pug)A friend gave Buster to us. He had to work out of town and could no longer be home to take care of him.


Use Alternate Caps to Seal LiquidsI lost the cap to my mouthwash. I didn't want to put it in a soda or flavored water bottle because moving being what it is, I couldn't find a felt pen to mark it with. So I found the next best thing. A water bottle cap worked perfectly. Being the frugal person that I am, I didn't want to waste the bottle or have it spill. I hope this helps.


Chazz in  a bus station (?)

Chazz (Lab/Pit)My boyfriend got him for me as a birthday gift.


Homemade candy trees with nests and jelly bean eggs.

Candy Trees with NestsUsing chow mein noodles, chocolate and some jelly beans you can make really cute and yummy place settings or centerpiece for your Easter or springtime table.


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Dawn Dishwashing Soap for FleasDawn Dishwashing Soap is a very effective way of ridding your dogs and cats. Don't ask me why, but if you wash them with it, and leave it on for 5 minutes, when you rinse them the fleas will just fall off.


Get Cash Back at StoresWhen I am shopping and using my card, I ask for some cash back. I do this now instead of ever using an ATM that would charge me to take out my own money!


A cupcake decorated like a bunny.

Cute BunnycakesAn easy recipe for Easter parties or home. Simply bake a boxed cupcake recipe and decorate as follows.


Hershey's Kiss Roses

Hershey's Kiss RosesThese Hershey's Kisses roses are a cute way to give that special someone flowers. Learn how to make them in this video.



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Repairing Faded Spots in Jeans?Am getting white shades in my pure black cotton jeans. It looks awkward when I wear them. I washed it so many times, but I couldn't get any positive results.


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Saving Leftover Unmixed Hair Dye?Can I keep hair coloring if I only use part of the bottles that you mix together. I have short hair and don't use all of the product. And I was wondering if I don't mix all the product, can I use it later? And if so how long can I keep it?


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Power Goes Out When Using Microwave?When the microwave is on the power on one side of the house will go out. It is scary.


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Selling Mom's Doll Collection?How can I sell my mom's collection of porcelain dolls? Some are Ashton Drake and some are Danbury Mint.Some have the receipt with them. She had about 85 dolls


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Finding a Reclining Sofa Cover?I can't find a sofa cover for a dual reclining sofa without a center console. The hardest part is the footrests, the bottom needs to be split for practical use.


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Maytag Bravo Error Codes?I have a UL code popping up on my washer with 9 minutes left in the cycle. I took the drum out and cleaned and sanded the shaft and gasket on the drum. The shaft spins freely, no issues there. The drum moves freely up and down on the shaft. I also replaced the suspension rods. I ran the machine and still get code UL.


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Quilt Top Faded Unto Back?I washed a handmade quilt that has an off white back to it. It stayed in the washer for an hour before I put it in the dryer. I forgot about it! I didn't see that the colors from the front of the quilt had bled on the back off white side of the quilt until I took it out of the dryer.


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Having a Tree Cut Down for the Lumber?I have cut down a large oak tree that the base is 14 ft in circumference and 16 feet high and need for it to be removed to sell or will give it away if agree to removed. All branches have been removed from the trunk.


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Curtain Color Advice?I am moving to a new apartment. The walls are off-white in color, while the couch is wine-red. Please what color of curtains can I use?


backyard garden

Neighbor's Chickens Eat My Vegetables?I have a neighbor that has chickens and they are free range. I plant a garden every year and it is about 20' by 25'. Every year those damn birds eat more of my crops than I do and yes I have put up chicken wire and it does not work. Any suggestions on how to keep them out?


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Using a Handy Stitch Sewing Machine?How do I thread and use a Handy Stitch?


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Value of a Lenox Doll?I have a 1992 Lenox doll. She is a large doll maybe 18 inches. She is beautiful, princess like. Would she have any value?


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Speech Ideas for Receiving an Award?I got a sales and marketing award for best performace. Now I have to speak on award winning in the annual sales and marketing conference. Hence I am requesting that you that please provide me with ideas.


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Adult Daughter Is a Mess?My adult daughter has been going in a downhill spiral for a long time now. She has been in a loveless marriage for at least ten years. She has been in and out of alcohol treatment for at least that long. She has had several jobs and has been let go from the last three due to her alcoholism.


brown dog with white on chest

What Breed Is My Dog?I am just wondering what breed my pup actually is. I was told she was an American Bulldog/Pit by the previous owner, but there was no proof. She's about 6 months old at the moment.


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Applying Acrylic Nails at Home?This is my very first time doing this at home. I normally go to a salon, but just figured I would save some money. My question is, when you do your own nails at home, do you have to use the dehydrating liquid and do you have to use the nail primer? Those are the only two things I didn't buy.


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Discontinued Cole and Sons Wallpaper?I am trying to find a pale yellow, blue, and grey Cole and Sons wallpaper. It is from their contemporary 1 or 2 range? It is called Optical Illusion. I only need 1 roll.


view of apartment

Curtain Color Advice?I have a small New York City apartment. I need advice about curtain colors. I'm replacing the closet door with a curtain. There are 2 closets on opposite sides of the living room. I have a light gray West Elm couch (Bliss), teal and ivory throw pillows, an ivory fuzzy floor rug, and dark brown/black furniture.


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Removing a Black Mark on Glass Stove Top?My black marks seem to be under the glass. The surface is slick. I got that with a scraper, Dawn, and the cooktop cleaning liquid they sold me. This happened shortly after buying it.


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Cat Not Peeing in Litter Box?I have an 8 month old female cat. She is spayed, but after her surgery she started peeing everywhere. I tried everything. It has gotten to the point where I have to get rid of her. She uses her litter box to poop and sometime uses it to go pee. She is peeing all over my clothes, blankets, and furniture.


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How Long is a Dog in Heat?My 16 month old Whippet just had her first season. It's been 4 weeks now. Is there something wrong?


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?I have a little 12 year old sister and she wants to hold a party, but we want to go with something cheap and simple. Please help me, it's almost here. Her birthday is the 15th of April.


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