February 25, 2019

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A television remote pointed at a smart TV with lots of apps.

Smart TV to Cut Cable CostsI realized I do not need the cable box as long as I have wifi to stream from the app to my smart TVs. I turned in both of my cable boxes, saving $15.00 a month in the rental fees. Also, there are no more ugly cable wires cluttering up the back of the TV.


A dent caused by furniture in wall to wall carpet.

Toothbrush to Fluff Dented CarpetsSave your old toothbrushes. They will come handy if you need to fluff any dented carpets from old furniture or if you're moving! To fluff the carpet, move the toothbrush in all directions vertically, diagonally, horizontally and it'll help the carpet to fluff up again.


Leftovers labeled with initials to avoid spreading illness.

Label Food Leftovers To Prevent Spreading IllnessIf someone in our home is sick and there are leftovers that can be eaten later on, we would label with initials. That way, everyone is clear who it belongs to. This will prevent any confusion on who's leftover are who's.


A street at sunset in Peoria, IL.

My Street at Sunset (Peoria, IL)This was taken from my driveway facing the west at sunset.


Clothespin Chicken Plant Decoration - houseplant with the chicken clipped onto a stem

Clothespin Chicken Plant DecorationAdd a touch of cuteness to your indoor plants with this cute chicken/bird clothespin craft. This would also be cute as a tag holder (i.e. if you are giving a plant as a gift, you can attach a card to this).


Using a vinegar soak before applying nail polish.

Vinegar Soak Before ManicureSoak your fingernails in a solution of 1/2 cup warm water mixed with 2 teaspoons of white vinegar for a couple minutes. Dry thoroughly, then apply your nail polish. This will get rid of all the oils on and around your nails to help your polish stay on a lot longer.


Waking up to snow on a Monday morning.

Snow in the Pacific NWKids in the Pacific NW get very excited when snow is in the forecast because there is a great likelihood of school cancellations. In this article, I explain why.


A male and female Anna's hummingbird in flight with a background of blue sky.

Anna's Hummingbird PhotosNamed after the delicate Duchess of Rivoli, these vibrant birds are beautiful in full sun, with iridescent green and magenta red feathers. Originally from Southern California and Baja, Anna's can be found all the way north to Canada and as far east as Arizona. This page contains Anna's hummingbird photos.


Bottle Cap Mini Flower Basket - top down view of the mini flower basket with a tiny bow on the handle

Bottle Cap Mini Flower BasketThis is one very good idea/suggestion for those who are looking for a low cost party souvenir. For illustration purposes I created a sample using scraps, including in the making of the flowers.


A pen with colorful rubber bands wrapped around it.

Personalize Writing Pens with Rubber BandsI have tons of colored rubber bands from my daughter's old loom collection. I decided to decorate my writing pens with them. They also make good grips for writing.


A hummingbird at a feeder in the snow.

Mr. Red in the Snow (Hummingbird)Snow in Las Vegas is so rare. It's fun watching the hummingbirds have so much fun in it. They've never seen or been in it before, so it's quite a treat for them.


Mini French Toast Cups on plate

Mini French Toast CupsThis is a fun and delicious way to get use out of stale bread. These mini French toast cups are crispy on the outside and custardy in the center. What's great is they're also super portable if you have a grab-and-go kind of day.



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Ideas for a Sweet 16 Party?My daughter's sweet 16 party is less than a month away. She has invited about 23 guests who all have very different personalities. She is a very active person and wants the party to reflect her, although in the past some of her less active friends did not participate which caused the others to not as well.


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Using Leftover Hair Dye?Can you use the same hair dye from the previous day?


Value of a Murphy Rocking Chair - old armless wood rocking chair with missing back slat

Value of a Murphy Rocking Chair?My wife's family has had this chair for a long time - maybe since it was purchased new. The label on the bottom says, Murphy Chair Co. No. 735 Detroit Michigan. You can see it has some damage. Any idea of it's age and it's value in this condition?


Identifying an Ornament or Figurine - open front cottage with bunny family inside

Identifying an Ornament or Figurine?I have an ornament and don't know anything about it. I need help with information on it. It has a green bottom, but no stamp or stickers.


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Kenmore Icemaker Getting Too Much Water?My Kenmore ice maker is getting too much water. This ice maker was working fine then it started freezing up and now it getting too much water.


Value of a Leonardo Collection Ornament

Value of a Leonardo Collection Ornament?I've got a Leonardo collection ornament, "The Blacksmith 1994". It's in mint condition and I was just wandering what it's worth.


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Collecting Child Support Arrears from Deceased Parent?My son is now 24 years old and his father owes arrears on child support payments. His father just passed away a few days ago and hasn't paid child support over the past several months. Now that he has passed away is there any way for me to collect past due payments and/or arrears payments?


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Decoupaging a Photo to Glass?How do I transfer a real photo to glass using mod podge?


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Name for Fashion and Homeware Business?I know similar posts have been done before, but I really hope someone can help me. I'm starting a new fashion and homeware business and need some help with a name. The target audience will be sophisticated cosmopolitan women between 30 to 45 years of age. I am looking for a sophisticated and elegant name with some edge.


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Value of an Old Wurlitzer Jukebox?I have a model 3100 Wurlitzer Americano that I am going to sell. How much is it worth?


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Vidalia Onion Chop Wizard Replacement Blade Insert?I'm in Canada and am looking for a replacement insert with the blades. I've had the chopper for years, use it all the time and love it. I don't really want to purchase a new unit; so wasteful.


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Caring for Elephant Ears in the Spring?I did not remove my elephant ear bulbs this year, but I am in zone 9. What do I do now? The base of the plant is sticking up quite far and I do not know if I should add more dirt or what?


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Fix for a Hair Perm Disaster?I went to get a perm yesterday. We both agreed that due to the length of my hair (two inches past shoulder length) that it would be hard to get defined curls, but that a loose body wave was definitely achievable. When it had properly dried the ends were straight and there were slight wave/kinks at the top of my head which is exactly the opposite of what she said would happen.


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Using Half of a Tube of Hair Color and Saving the Rest?How do I divide a tube of L'oreal hair dye evenly in half so I can use it twice? I only need to use half of the ingredients for each hair dye using L'Oreal Excellence. The coloring creme used to be in a dark bottle that was easy to divide in half. Now it is in a tube so I cannot tell if I have squeezed out half or more or less.


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Repairing a 2000 Jayco Slide Out Cable Lift System?What has to come out on a 2000 Jayco Laurel camper with slide out to replace the cable lift system?


Value of a Seymour Mann Porcelain Doll - doll in box wearing a dusty rose outfit with white fur trim

Value of a Seymour Mann Porcelain Doll?I have a Seymour Mann connoisseur collection doll with style number SJ - 951C. It has never been out of the box and is autographed. I was wondering what the value of the doll might be.


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Growing Moss on a Gravel Area?I have a small patch of gravel 300mm x 5m under a north facing wall. It doesn't get much rainfall so is there any way of getting moss to grow on this area?


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Locating a Family in Kinross Fife?My mom always took us to Kinross Fife for a summer holiday to the same family who I think was related to my mom. This was prior to 1950. How can I try to locate them?


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Permed Hair Is Straight and Kinky Not Curly?I have hair slightly longer than ear length. I got a perm, but my hair isn't curly, it's straight, but kinky. How do I get curls? Using a product and scrunching it dry isn't doing it!


Identifying a Houseplant - thick stemmed plant with thin branches with shiny green leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?My hubby bought this at Walmart. Anyone know what plant this is? It is obviously not doing well, but I don't even know what it is so I'm not sure how to care for it.


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Home Remedies for Demodex and Scabies?What are some home remedies for demodex and scabies on humans?


Preserving Dried Roses - red roses and baby's breath in a vase

Preserving Dried Roses?My boyfriend got me roses for our first Valentine's Day and I want to keep them. I'm drying them by hanging them upside down now. I saw somewhere that you can use a spray of 50/50 Elmer's glue and warm water. Has this been successful for anyone?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with a baby doll in the original box

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I would like help in identifying a doll from the Joys of Doll collection. It is still in the box. I am looking for information and what it's worth.


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