June 3, 2019

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Toddler Handprint Monkey Father's Day Card - finished card

Toddler Handprint Monkey Father's Day CardHere is a cute and sentimental card you can make with your toddler to give to dad. My daughter loves making crafts with her handprints, so this was perfect to make for Father's Day.


Pork Loin Chops on plate

Tangy Skillet Pork Loin ChopsHere's a pretty simple way to make pork loin chops with a beautiful tangy pan sauce. Even though these cuts are rather lean, you can get them to be very tender and juicy using this method. These chops pair very well with roast veggies, mashed potatoes, and rice pilafs. Leftover, they're great fillings for sandwiches.


Propagating Lemongrass in a Plastic Bottle - roots developing

Propagating Lemongrass in a Plastic BottleHave an empty plastic water bottle? You can cut the plastic bottom down to size and propagate your choice of plant. I like this method because I'm able to see the roots grow and ensure it'll be successful instead of planting directly into soil.


Koneko enjoying her catio.

DIY Window CatioWe recently adopted a stray feral kitten. Koneko. She cannot be allowed outdoors yet but we wanted her to have some access to fresh air and outdoor views. So we built this enclosure for my son's bedroom. I called this an outdoor pet run until I ran into the term "catio" or cat patio.



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Refreshing Kids' Clear Ink Markers?Is there any way to refresh those markers that kids use on magic books where the pictures turn colour when you use this marker?


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Removing Yellow Drip Lines Off the Front of a Washer?I've tried everything from bleach to erasers to get these yellow drip lines off the front of my washer. I mean I've really scrubbed. Could there be anything to to remove these stains or is it old age stains?


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Identifying Snakes?How do people differentiate between coral, black, and copperhead snakes?


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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?What is the best way to get rid of bed bugs?


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Finding the Value of Brandt End Tables?I'm looking at a pair of purported Brandt mahogany, square, 2-shelved, tapered-leg end "stands" at auction. One has damage to one of the teeth in the "crust", and both look a little worse for wear--the surfaces appear scratched and water-stained, obviously from use, but there is still a good bit of finish sheen remaining. They appear to be about 2-feet tall.


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Singer 5500 Can't Change Stitches?This machine will only make a straight stitch and after a few minutes won't make it.


Value of Vintage Homer Laughlin Plates

Value of Vintage Homer Laughlin Plates?It's not a whole set, but I have the small bowls and small plates. Do they have any value?


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Repairing a 1959 Dennis the Menace Doll?I have a soft skin 1959 Dennis the Menace. How do you repair a crack in the skin, it is in the neck of the doll?


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Finding the Value of Porcelain Dolls?I was going through a barrel of my mom's stuff and came across 6 porcelain dolls. My mom passed away in '09. How can I look them up and see if they are worth anything?


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Saving a Split Texas Ash?Is it possible to save a split Texas ash tree? It is 10 years old and I don't want to lose it. I am trimming back the other limbs and hope that will remove enough weight from the trunk to give it time to heal. Should I band the trunk together? What about sealing the cuts?


Identifying a Painted Leather Stuffed Bunny - white, black, gray, and brown stuffed bunny

Identifying a Painted Leather Stuffed Bunny?I found this stuffed bunny in a thrift store. It's made of leather and is painted. It appears to be very old. There are no tags. Any idea of how to ID or if it might be homemade? Of course I bought it! If nothing else it will make a cool prop for a still life.


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Value of a Murphy Rocking Chair?I have Murphy sewing rocker # 735 with marking of original Murphy Chair Co. in Detroit. It's in excellent condition. What would be the value?


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Donating a Package of WonderArt Stamped Quilt Blocks?I have 1 unopened package of 1974 Snowflowers WonderArt stamped cross stitch quilt blocks that I would share with anyone needing it.


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Nails Bleeding After Removing Acrylic Nails?I had to take off my nails because they were irritating me. So when they did, my nails started to bleed. What do I do?


Value of an Antique Chest of Drawers - dark finish chest of drawers

Value of an Antique Chest of Drawers?I am just wondering if anyone knows about old large chest of drawers/dresser that came from my nan's own mum's farmhouse! It's 3 long drawers and 2 smaller to make the top! It as key holes in each drawer, but sadly no key! The wood could be mahogany or oak (but could be another wood).


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Name Ideas for a Men's Clothing Shop?I am starting a menswear shop. I need a stylish shop name.


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Best Handheld Hoover Vacuum?I'm Looking for a good handheld Hoover for day to day job blinds, dog hairs, and general crumbs. Any suggestions?


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Duck Laid an Egg?We have a pool and last Friday a male and female decided to visit. We found an egg on Saturday on our cement. They continue to come back every morning for a dip and then they sit in the sun for about an hour. I had to move the egg about 20 feet for safety. They still go by the egg and have moved it a few times maybe a foot or so. What is everyone thoughts?


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Bird That Would Reuse a Robin Nest?I have a robin nest on my patio eave that was built and used last year by a robin. This year it is being used by a different kind of bird (smaller, very noisy). Any idea what kind of bird it could be? (I live in the Appleton, WI area). I was thinking it might be a purple martin. I don't see well enough to tell for sure.


Permed Hair Not Curly Enough - photo of failed perm

Permed Hair Not Curly Enough?So this is my first perm. I haven't dyed my hair in a year. I've trimmed half an inch every other month and made sure I got it to the healthiest place as possible. I have not dyed my hair in a year so most of my color is my natural hair color. On the right side of my face it is straight and in the back it's curly.


Identifying a Houseplant - foliage plant consisting of long thin cylinder like leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?Does anyone have any info about this plant? I've had it for a few years now so obviously it doesn't hate me, but it has never really been happy regardless of where I put it.


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I am an interior designer. Please suggest a good name for my own firm.


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