July 13, 2021

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unit on bookcase

Product Review: PetSafe Indoor Bark ControlThe PetSafe Indoor Bark Control is activated when its internal microphone picks up the barking sound or when a button is pressed. When activated the unit emits a 2-second ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by animals. The sound is unpleasant to most dogs and startles them so they stop barking.


A clothes basket with strings attached for pulling.

Drag Your Clothes BasketWhen you are not suppose to bend over and have to walk with a walker or a cane or just have back problems, you may need some help to get the basket of clothes from the dryer to the bed or folding table. I needed a way to get the job done so I tied some old shoe strings to the clothes basket handle and pulled it to the bed. It works great for me.


vegetables in small container

Lightly Salting VegetablesI do not like frozen veggies without any salt. When I take spinach or broccoli out of the freezer, I put it into a small plastic container with a tiny bit of water. I then salt it and put the cover on, and shake it about to coat with the salted water. This way I don't need and butter or anything else. Microwave it and it is done in a jiffy and tastes great.


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Paper Towel as Coffee Filter SubstituteWhile staying at my son's cottage in a remote area, I ran out of coffee filters this morning. It didn't take me long to try a basic (Bounty 1/2) sheet and it worked


The magnetic holder storing garden tools.

Easy Clean Up Garden Tool HolderI got this magnetic bar as a free gift with purchase. I had it for a while when I thought that I would make a outdoor/indoor garden tool holder. This so simple! I just screwed it to a leftover piece of plywood (that was pre decorated). You can also screw the piece into place without the wood piece. This magnetic strip came with screws, making the project less in money and the garden tool clean up is great and strong 3 years later and garden clutter FREE.


newspaper on floor in front of freezer

Keep a Check for Freezer LeaksLast year, I walked by my freezer and I stepped in a little water and was wondering where it came from. The freezer seemed to be OK so it took me a while to realize that the water was coming from the freezer. It was not working properly and my husband had to replace the thermostat.


A microwave tray being used to hold spices.

Microwave Tray Spice HolderMy 11 year old microwave died and I salvaged the ring and glass tray from it and made a spice holder, using clear caulk to hold the ring in place. I placed the glass tray upside down on top of the ring, drew a 'template' of where the clear caulk needed to go, let it dry overnight, and it worked for holding the ring/tray in place.


Suzzycue's Frugal Lifestyle

Suzzycue's Frugal LifestyleLiving a frugal lifestyle is not easy. It takes a lot of dedication to make it work. The best thing I did to promote my frugal lifestyle was learn to cook. If you learn to cook you can have delicious meals with leftovers for the next day for the same cost or lower than buying one hamburger.


A yoga mat piece lining the inside of a dog crate.

Prevent Blanket Slippage in Dog CratesIf you line your pet's crate with blankets, throws, or towels and find they constantly slide around on the slippery plastic tray that comes with the crate, I have an inexpensive solution. I found an old exercise/yoga mat that I was no longer using, which I cut with scissors to fit the crate's plastic tray. Since my dog is small, I still have enough of the mat left to cut two more pieces, which I can trade out when one needs to be cleaned.


A children's show in Vietnamese.

Finding Children Shows in VietnameseI am raising my kids bilingual while living in the US. I am always trying to find ways to help my kids be exposed to the Vietnamese language more. One way that I do this is through children's shows that have Vietnamese. In the last couple years, Netflix has been increasing the number of shows that it has dubbed in Vietnamese or has Vietnamese subtitles.


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Silicone Turkey Lifter for Removing PansI have an 18 quart roaster which I use because I don't have a functioning oven. I generally use a 9x13 Pyrex dish when making lasagna and other casseroles and cakes but it's almost impossible to get out without tilting it or burning my hands.


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Use Garlic Capsule as Emergency DisinfectantStaying with my aunt recently, I had a rash on my foot which was sore and weeping, but could find no antiseptic in her cupboard. I nipped off the top of a garlic oil capsule with my fingernails, and squirted it on the affected area, then went to bed. Next day, the sore place was clean, dry and starting to scab over.


A pile of potato chips.

Using Potato ChipsWhen I have those little "crumb" chips left in the bag, I grind them up in my "buzz" blender. Store in a container in the refrigerator, adding more as available. I add these crumbs to my mix a Tbsp. at a time when breading something.


Using a card to lift up the tines that hold the picture.

Card To Lift Edge of Picture FrameSome picture frames have these little backings that you need to open. Using your fingers to open the backing can hurt after awhile, so this is what worked for me.



An antique piece of farm equipment.

Antique Farm Equipment?Can anyone tell me what this equipment was used for and its age? My guess is a harrow or plow.


A wooden dining table with a white colored base.

Information About Karges Dining Table?We had to gut out a 1920s house. This was left behind. It weighs a lot! Just wondering if anyone knows approximate value, age or type of wood? Thank you!


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