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Watching TV is a favorite pastime for many of us. This page contains tips and money saving ideas about television entertainment.

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Television Reviews 

Find your TV Entertainment in Free Snippets

Seriously, take back all that time wasted on TV. Most reality TV can be summed up in fun and even more entertaining ways on webshows that show the choicest highlights.

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Saving Money on an HD Antenna
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Shop Around For HDMI Cables

Meritline.com has loads of goodies at really great prices. They have a daily sale. You might like LocoBuy.com too. In addition, Google or Bing the cable you want and see what comes up.

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Keep Channels on Back of Remote

While I am watching cable/satellite TV, I can never remember which channel is which (AMC, TBS, MTV, etc). Now I cut and tape the channels (from provider's website) on the back of every remote. No more guessing.

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Choosing the Best and Cheapest DVR Option

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) can make your television viewing much more enjoyable. No more rushing home to catch the first few minutes of your program, no more phone calls that make you miss the final event in the plotline. Record your program and fear not.

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"The Intern" TV Show

Does anyone remember a TV show, telecast 1970-1971 called The Interns? It starred Mike Farrell, Broderick Crawford and Chris Stone.

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What is the Name of this TV Show?

Does anyone remember a TV show from the seventies that starred Sam Broome as a doctor and Len Berman as a policeman?

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Rescan TV Setup To Get Digital Channels

Before we had the switch to digital TV on June 12, I was able to receive both analog and digital on the same TV with no problem. After the switch, all of a sudden, I could no longer receive digital ABC nor CBS TV.

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TV Movie "Lucky Day"

Years ago, in the late eighties or early nineties there was a made for TV movie entitled "Lucky Day". It was about a mentally challenged woman who owned a winning lottery ticket.

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Digital TV Transition Reminder

Do not forget that when the digital TV transition occurs on June 12, 2009, you will need to re-set your TV stations.

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Resetting Your Analog/Digital Converter Box

We're switching from analog TV to digital TV reception by way of those converter boxes that the government is advertising. It's a way of still using your old analog TV when the TV switch to digital occurs in Feb 2009.

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Digital Television Switch Coming In 2009

"Television as we know it is about to change. By law, television stations nationwide must switch from the old method of transmitting TV signals known as analog to digital television (DTV) on February 17, 2009."

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Convert Exercise Tapes To DVD

I have been slowly saving my exercise VCR tapes to DVD. By the time I really need to do this, the VCR/DVD recorders will be out of fashion, I am sure. So, if you have a favorite VCR tape that might not have been popular enough to be brought back to life as a DVD, keep this in mind!

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How to Get HD Shows on Your HDTV

There is a nice article in the Dallas Morning News. It tells about how to get it. Easy reading. Mentions antennas, cable, satellite, dish, TIVO, etc. It sounds complicated when I re-read it, but this article is very simple and straightforward.

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Taping HDTV Programs

If I hook this HD Ready living room TV up to a converter box and an HD antenna, would VCR tapes recorded from it still play in a regular TV's vcr in the kitchen? Or do I have to convert both TV's to HD?

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