March 29, 2006

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Lemon Cream PieCook sugar, cornstarch, salt, and milk in double boiler until thick. Add small amount of mixture to egg yolks. Combine with the rest of the mixture and cook a few minutes. Remove from the heat. Add lemon juice, rind and butter. Cool. Pour into shell. . .


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Layered Blueberry DelightA three layer no bake blueberry dessert.


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Cheddar Tater Tot CasserolePut raw hamburger in 9x13 inch pan. Season with salt, pepper and onion. Drain veggies and spread on top of hamburger. Spoon soup over the veggies. Top with Tater Tots. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees F.


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Corned Beef BrisketPut brisket and seasoning packet in Dutch oven; Cover with water. Simmer 2 1/2 hours or until done. Remove brisket and place on a broiler pan, leaving liquid in Dutch oven. Combine honey and mustard. Brush half of it on brisket, leaving rest for later. Resume cooking liquid in Dutch oven, adding potatoes, carrots and other veggies to suit family size. Cook 15 minutes while keeping brisket in the oven on low to let it glaze. Add cabbage to liquid and pour rest of glaze over cabbage. When done, put brisket with veggies on platter.



Mercedes (Miniature Pincher)

Mercedes (Miniature Pincher)Her favorite thing to do is she loves to sleep on Clifford, the Big Red Dog. She's a love and has been a good "Mommy" to all her litters.


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Caution with Bird Seed, Bird Droppings and DogsFor anyone who may not know this, dogs can have seizures if they ingest house birds' seed or feces. We learned this the hard way. My sister was temporarily living with us, and she had a bird.


Alligator SunningPicture of an alligator sunning on Blind River.


Two Collies

Breed Information: Border CollieThe Border Collie is a graceful, medium sized dog with a tapered muzzle, semi-upright ears and broad, muscular hindquarters. This breed is well-known for its ability to herd sheep and control livestock with its intense gaze (also known as "eye") and stalking-like movements.


Closeup of gray and white bunny.

Some Bunny BasicsPreparing for your new rabbit means you need a place for your rabbit to live! The hutch is essential even for indoor rabbits, so they have a secure place to sleep. Make sure your hutch has a door that latches so your bunny can't escape his home.


Breed Information: Bengal

Breed Information: BengalThe Bengal is easy to distinguish by its muscular body, large feet, and beautifully spotted coat. The result of crossing a domestic cat with a wild Asian Leopard Cat, Bengals are large cats-with males weighing as much as 22 pounds.


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Homemade Bottled Iced TeaMy husband used to drink a lot of bottled "iced tea" that was too sweet and too expensive. I weaned him off it by placing a dispenser jug from a thrift shop in the frig and keeping cold tea in it at all times.



Breed Information: Neapolitan MastiffThis ancient heavy-boned breed is massive and imposing in appearance. Originally bred for guarding home and property, the Neapolitan Mastiff is distinguished by his broad, flat skull, very muscular body, and an abundance of wrinkles and folds on his head.


Beautifying Your Boulevard

Beautifying Your BoulevardOne of my favorite things to do in the summer is to bike or walk around my neigborhood and look at people's gardens. I especially admire the gardens that extend out onto the boulevards in front of people's houses.


A Russian wolfhound or Borzoi leaping on a grassy yard.

Breed Information: Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound)The Borzoi is a tall, slender, elegant-looking breed built on lines of speed and grace similar to the greyhound. Originally bred to track wolves, Borzois have long, narrow heads, gracefully curved backs and possess great courage and sensitivity.


Socializing Your Dog, Puppy in a hammock.

Socializing Your DogSocializing your dog doesn't mean bringing Fido to a tea party with the ladies... it means being a responsible pet owner and teaching your dog to be calm and confident in any situation.


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Recognizing Your LuggageWhen on a recent trip, I noticed one traveler attached a colorful nylon "scrubbie" to his luggage. Not only was it cute, but really stood out from the rest of us with ribbon attached to our luggage.


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Faux Marble Tops for FurnitureYou can put a faux marble top on a table using marble patterned floor tiles, cut to fit. Or you can use marble patterned contact paper.


A purse made from a shrunken sweater.

Wool Sweater PurseYou have a great old wool sweater that you just love and can't part with. But it is too small, has holes in it, and accidentally was washed and shrunk. You make it into a purse that you can carry with you everywhere.


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Poll: Do you know someone who is graduating from high school or college this year?Today's poll asks: Do you know someone who is graduating from high school or college this year?


Adding Character and Charm to Your Yard & Garden

Adding Character and Charm to Your Yard &...Good gardens are simply beautiful, but great gardens are more than just beautiful, they have character and charm. They usually contain a number of "non-living" elements that are designed to add form and function to an already beautiful space.



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Toddler Simplicity Pattern?I am in need of an older toddler Simplicity pattern. The number is 5954 and if anyone has one I would like a size 4. On Ebay whenever I put in the number it brings up an adult ladies pattern.


Border with purple flowers, maybe violets.

Waverly Wallpaper #563651?Discontinued Waverly wallpaper needed! Does anyway know where I could find #563651 pink violets border? I only need 1-2 rolls. Picture is same wallpaper in purple, but I need pink.


Plumping Up a Head Rest on Chair?Does anyone know how to plump up the head rest section on an overstuffed reclining chair? I think my cat's been sleeping there and it's looking deflated and caved in. Now if I sit in that section I end up staring at the ceiling!


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Reactive Attachment Disorder Advice?Does anyone here know anything about (R.A.D) Reactive Attachment Disorder and how to handle it in an 18 month old toddler?


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Dog Pooping In His Own Bed?I have a 1 year old long haired Chihuahua who has been pooping in his own bed the last couple of days while I am at work. He stays in my big bathroom because he chews everything and after being potty trained using a crate he has never gone to the bathroom in the house.


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Laundry Coated With Paper?We accidentally washed a load of wash with some paper folder full of school notes. All the laundry is coated in a paper mache type film. What do I do? Does anyone have any advice?


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Cross Stitch Poem for a Baby Shower Gift?It's been more than a few years since I've attended a baby shower and I recall a poem that was crossed stitched for one of my friends 20+ years ago.


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Soap Scum on Granite?I have granite countertops and around each of my faucet handles is what looks like soap scum but I am not sure what it is. It has been there since we purchased our house. It is white and when wiped or cleaned it looks like it goes away but then reappears. Is this soap scum or something else and how do I clean it?


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Getting Rid of Unwanted Items When You Live In An Apartment?Could you please share tips on how to sell items you no longer need when you live in an apartment building? Since we can not have a yard sale, I do not know how to (items are diverse small big).


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Finding Inexpensive Tea Cups and Saucers?My Relay for Life team is doing a craft project for Mother's Day and I need a source for inexpensive teacups and matching saucers that are in perfect condition (no chips, cracks or crazing). All of them do not have to be the same pattern.


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Oil Stains on Unsealed Wood?How do I remove oil stains from an unsealed wood table?


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Printable Recipe Cards?There are more than 50 recipe cards designs that you can download and print absolutely free.


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Pickle Stain on a Dress?I am really frustrated with this Oil (Pickle) stain. One of my new white dress has been stained with heavy pickle stain. I did give it for laundry, but in vain! Can anyone tell me how do I get rid of it?


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Making Animals Out Of Towels?If you have seen that commercial on the carnival cruise, which they show a dog made of towels. I would really like to know how to do that. Does anyone have instructions?


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Feedback about L.A. Weight Loss Centers?Can anyone tell me the catch to L.A. Weight Loss Centers? What are all the hidden fees, and does it have to be paid all up front? But most importantly, does it work?


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