April 16, 2006

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Growing Corn

Growing CornCorn is a tall annual cereal grass that bears edible kernels on large ears. It has been widely cultivated throughout the world for centuries and is still a principal food crop in much of the world today.


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How To Perform Mouth-to-Mouth On Your PetIf your dog or cat goes into respiratory arrest, quick action will save his life. An animal that does not get any oxygen in his system for even a few minutes can suffer permanent brain damage.


dog jumping up on man's leg

How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping UpJumping up on family or on strangers, is a very common complaint among dog owners. So why do dogs jump up? Part of it has to do with inherited pack behaviors. When wolves return to the pack after hunting, the lower pack members lick their faces in greeting.


English Setter

Breed Information: English SetterThe mottled color of the English Setter makes it easy to distinguish from other breeds of Setter. This friendly breed is an extremely responsive gun dog that also makes a loving and devoted companion.


silver gray cat grooming itself

Your Cat, Your Hairballs, and You!Because your cat is such a conscientious groomer, you will find that from time to time he experiences a delightful phenomenon known as a hairball. Ah, hairballs. The hacking, the spitting up, and the singular delight of accidentally stepping in a fresh one.


orange tabby in the sink

Bathing Your CatYou may feel like giving your cat a bath is akin to taking your life in your own hands' but it doesn't have to be a traumatic experience. Really!


Growing Eggplant

Growing EggplantEggplants are related to tomatoes and potatoes. They are technically not a vegetable, but a fruit-specifically a berry. Eggplants grow on bushes and are from 2 to 12 inches long and dark purple to white in color.


Chinese Cabbage

Growing Chinese CabbageChinese cabbage is an Asian variety of cabbage with long, crisp, mild-flavored, pale-green to white leaves. It is also known as napa or celery cabbage and bok choy.


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Aquarium SuppliesSo you've decided to swim with the fishes (so to speak). After you've set up your aquarium, there are some supplies you may want to keep on hand.


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Poll: How do you usually wash dishes? Today's poll asks: How do you usually wash dishes?


puppy chewing on shoe

Stop Inappropriate Chewing!This may have happened to you: you come home from a long day at work or a short trip to the store to find that your precious dog has demolished your favorite new shoes! I can still remember the day it happened to me. I had just gotten the cutest pair of flip-flops with a bamboo foot bed.


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My Frugal Life - Buying Ingredients Has Saved Me MoneyAt the age of 33 I became disabled. I had just gotten married to a man who had been disabled for years, and retired from the army, he came with a teenage son. I had always lived alone and did a lot of eating fast meals, I never cooked.



Growing GarlicGarlic is a bulb from the Allium family known for its strong, pungent odor and flavor. The bulb is made up of sections of cloves and is commonly used for culinary purposes or its medicinal properties. Garlic is related to, and closely resembles the onion.


Cash Machine, ATM

Thieves in Bankers' ClothingATMs are a wonderful blessing. They allow the freedom to bank any time of the day and provide instant access to cash. This is what I once thought, but now I wonder if they are the blessing they seem to be. Instead, I find them to be thieves in bankers' clothing.


gagging puppy

How To Help A Choking PetI hope no one ever has to use this information on their own pets, but it can save a life in an emergency situation. A dog or cat choking on an object can quickly pass out or even suffocate, even if the windpipe is only partially blocked.


Maltese on leash.

Breed Information: MalteseThe Maltese is one of the oldest and hardiest of the toy breeds. Its small, elegant body is covered with a silky white coat that is contrasted by dark eyes and a black nose. This breed has courage and an acute sense of hearing, which makes it a good watch dog.


toilet paper tube binoculars

Safari BinocularsYou and children of any age can make these simple binoculars with just some toilet paper rolls, green/brown/black crayons and markers, stapler, a hole punch and yarn.


Setter closeup

Breed Information: Irish SetterIrish Setters are an unusually beautiful breed of dog with a long, flowing, silky red coat and a streamlined, athletic body. When trained for hunting, this breed demonstrates reliability and incredible stamina to track game over long distances in the field.



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Crocus Bulbs Only Producing Leaves?My crocus bulbs are only shooting up leaves. Does this mean the bulb is old and needs to be replanted with new bulbs?


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Loans and Credit Cards for People With Bad Credit?I am looking for loans or credit cards for people with bad credit.


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Giving Yourself an Instant Facelift?Any ideas or recipes on how to give yourself an instant facelift?


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Painting Linoleum Tiles?My apartment has linoleum tiles. They're in pretty good repair (aside from one or two in the bathroom that have come up from a recent leaking toilet) but I hate the colour. The landlord is happy to let me paint them over and I'd be willing to do that.


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Mildew Smell Coming From My Car's Air Conditioner?The inside of my car has a mildew smell and I think it could be from the A/C. How can I get rid of the smell?


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Laundry Soap and Greywater Systems?The concern that I would have now days with gray water from the laundry is that the soap has various chemicals in it that they didn't have maybe 20 or 30 yrs ago when it was more prevalent in using gray water for the garden.


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Cigarette Smoke Stains on Curtains?My white curtains have yellowed from cigarette smoke. How do I make them white again?


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