July 14, 2010

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Cappuccino FrostIn a blender container, combine condensed milk, water and coffee granules. Add ice cubes. Cover and blend until smooth and frothy. 5 servings.


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Fiesta Breakfast CasseroleChoose one of the 3 meats. Brown meat and drain, if needed. Butter one side of each slice of bread. Lay buttered-side down in a 9x13 inch baking dish.


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Oven Skillet PotatoesPreheat oven to 325 degrees F. Saute' green pepper and onions in oil. Add potatoes. When done, add crumbled bacon. Put in oven ready casserole dish.


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Mozzarella Tomato and Orzo SaladQuick and easy! Cook orzo al dente according to package instructions. Drain and allow the orzo to cool.


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Recipes From The "I Hate to Cook" CookbookThe I HATE TO COOK book! Imagine seeing a title like that! I found this little book, published in 1960, and was curious with what kind of recipes it would have from 50 years ago, a time I thought all women loved to cook! It's really a book about "quick" dishes or meals.


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Johnny Marzetti CasseroleThis recipe comes from a couple I met in Key West, FL back in the mid-1950's. I always thought it was something they'd cooked up themselves, and I'm sure this version was their own, however, the original recipe going under the name of


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb PieNow is the time to put some pies away for the cold winter months. Strawberries and rhubarb are ripe for picking! This is a quick, easy recipe adapted from the old Betty Crocker Cookbook.


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Creamy Summer SaladJust four ingredients, no cooking, and easy to change up the flavors to your liking.



Old Moley (Dog)Old Moley is very old and I don't have a clue about his breed. Old Moley is a rescued dog that found me. He is a joy and, while he isn't even close to be in the running for best looking dog, he is a most loyal and loving companion.


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Cleaning Baby Car SeatsMy granddaughter's car seat was passed to me from their car and I thought UGH - it needed a bath. I have my own seats for them and keep them clean the same way.


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Send Greetings to Patients Through Hospital WebsiteOur local Bon Secours Hospitals have a website and an area you can click on to send an email greeting to a patient. The email goes to the Volunteer Office, where they print it on a colorful paper and deliver to the patient.


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Cooking Corn in the MicrowaveThe very best way to cook corn is to leave the husk and silk as is (unless there is a wormy spot on the tip, if so cut away that part) and place three at a time in the microwave with a damp paper towel over the top.


Fabric Covered Tuna Can

Fabric Covered Tuna CanThis is a tuna can covered with a quilted fabric remnant and some left over cross-stitch mini squares, and a cardboard cloth covered lid.


Photo of sponges cut in half.

Cut Sponges in HalfI buy a lot of cleaning supplies at the Dollar Tree. Six sponges with the scrubby side for a dollar is a good price. But, I have found that they are sometimes too large to fit in some of the smaller places I have to clean.


Garden: Purple FlowersThese flowers open up in the morning. By mid-day they are all gone, until the next day when new ones open. On it goes for a long time. They multiply fast which can be used as hedges for fencing


butterfly on lantana flower

Butterfly On LantanaWhen I go to let the doggies out I bring my camera. I always find something interesting to photograph. I found this wonderful flower bush in the empty lot next to us and so did this butterfly.


Child sitting on couch brushing dog's hair.

Daisy (Cocker Spaniel)Daisy is 8 months and a Cocker Spaniel. A friend had a litter of puppies and gave her to me when she was 6 weeks old. She loves to play fetch and try to lick the lotion off my hands!


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Use Collected Water to Flush ToiletIf you have a faucet leak or leaky roof, collect the water in a bucket and pour it into your toilet. The force of the water being poured in will flush your toilet without using the water in the tank.


Travel: Birds (Mexico)Caught this pelican landing on the beach!


Foxy (Kitten)

Foxy (Kitten)Foxy is a 4 month old kitten . She was a present from my nephew, since I had a best friend furry family member that passed not too long ago, RIP. She was white with black. Her name was Nena.


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Wheat Can Contribute to Hot FlashesI read an article that said that women who have never had a problem with wheat may develop a sensitivity when they are going through menopause. The sensitivity can cause stomach discomfort, joint pain, and intensify hot flashes.


Life's PathUpon the passing of my grandfather I came across this photo and I was struck by the poignancy and poetry of life's journey.


How to Recycle Wrong

How to Recycle WrongRecycling relieves the environment of a burden, but can it ever be harmful? Is there a way to recycle wrong? It's not necessarily the recycling that can be incorrect; it's the steps leading up to the act of recycling that can cause more harm than good.


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Make Your Mattress Last LongerThere are so many mattress ads on TV now and they are telling us how long we should keep our mattresses. I thought you could use a mattress for 20 years, but they are telling us 7-8.


Paper tiara with red heart.

Decorated Paper TiaraA simple-to-make paper tiara decorated with cut out heart, gemstones, and punched holes, but all sorts of other decorations would look equally good, especially glitter.


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Chalk Line for AntsAnts in your pet's food? Use chalkboard chalk to draw a circle around the dish. The ants won't cross the chalk. This actually works, I have tried it!


Beverage table from a stepstool and basket..

Porch Beverage TableBeverage table for porch or patio. Paint and/or stencil your little stepladder if you like. Mine was already painted for use as home decor.



Small mallow or hollyhock.

What is This Plant? (Althea Zebrina)Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? I was told it is an annual, but more grew this year without me planting any seeds. Thanks for any help I can get.


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Chow Chow Relish?Step 1: Grind the first 5 ingredients. Mix and let stand overnight. Drain well.


Dark brown or black dog with white on chest and nose.

What Breed is My Dog?What type of dog is this? i was told it was a pure bred Pitbull. Now I'm not sure. People say it's a cross with a Boxer. It has a lot of loose skin, the dog was neglected. Others say it could be cross with a Mastiff.


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