December 4, 2014

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finished card

Chiming Bells Christmas CardMake a Christmas card with chiming bells to spread a message of joy during this festive season. The bells serve as a visual reminder of the spiritual reason behind Christmas, and the recipient of this card will be sure to feel blessed when receiving this card.


finished tree

Cone Newspaper Christmas TreeMake thrifty decorations to celebrate this festive season! Turn old newspapers into a Christmas tree. Cover the tree with baby green wool and add some decorations for the necessary bling, and your tree will be ready! Make one, make two, make three, or keep making trees until you have run out of newspapers. You can even make trees of different heights to make a more interesting display.


bowl of colored pasta

Dyed Pasta (Preschool Activity)This colored pasta will keep your little one occupied. You can use them for sorting, play food, threading onto a string, and sensory play.


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Use Armor All Leather WipesI had large globs and spray spots of white house paint that had dried for months on a new gray leather couch. It took me about thirty minutes to remove all the paint using the vehicle leather wipes. I rubbed each paint spot lightly and consistently while using the wettest portion of each wipe, and switching them out when needed.


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Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Pet Urine OdorMany years ago a vet tech suggested using hydrogen peroxide to remove pet odors from carpet, rather than buying the all too expensive store bought cleaners. I gave it a try and have been hooked ever since. If it's a stubborn/very strong odor, you may need to repeat the process, but when you're done, the odor will be completely gone and you will have saved a lot of $$.


A child painting on laminate wood flooring.

Dull Laminate Floors?Floor surface residue build up is a combination of previously used products, yes, but there are many other culprits: outside dirt, foot oil, lotions, baby powders, perfumes, room deodorizers, make-up, etc.


A photo of Beautiful Butchart Gardens

Beautiful Butchart Gardens (Victoria B.C.)This photo was taken from a cabin at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. It is an absolutely amazing place and I look forward to making a return trip. I only wish my thumb was as green as theirs.


black dog with white on chest

Lily (Staffordshire or Pit)Bought her offline about a year ago.


Oliver with rug

Oliver (Tabby)4 years ago he showed up in the alley where I helped feed feral cats, he came home with me and never left.


four wild turkeys in the snow

Wild TurkeysI looked out the kitchen window this morning and there were 5 or 6 huge wild turkeys under the pecan tree. I grabbed my camera and was able to get a picture of 4 of them. They quickly flew away.


tan tabby

Peanut (Domestic Shorthair)A co-worker found him after he was kicked across a room and thrown out a window. She knew my wife and I rescued cats so she brought him to us. We helped him heal, mostly with love and patience because he has PTSD.


Newspaper Comics for Gift Wrap - comic pages

Newspaper Comics for GiftwrapI love giving gifts all year long. Years ago, it hit me one day that sometimes my wrappings cost nearly as much as the gift itself! Now I use comics from the newspaper to wrap my gifts. I already get the paper, so it's free.



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Removing Yellow Stain in Fiberglass Tub?I have a fiberglass jet bath tub that has a yellowing stain in the bottom of tub how do I get it out?


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Cleaning Stain on Car Headliner?How do I get chocolate milk off the roof inside my car? I've tried to clean it off, but a dark stain is still there. Is there anything I can do to get it off?


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Planning a Great Gatsby Party?I am planning a Great Gatsby formal for my sorority. I only have $500 to spend on dessert for 150 people and to decorate a 6,000 sq. ft. venue. Help!


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Garage Door Remotes Not Working Properly?We have two openers and two doors. for the past year there are times when neither one will open with the remotes or the keypad. We push the buttons over and over. Sometimes it will eventually open and sometimes it won't. We are thinking some kind of electrical interference but how do we figure it out? The batteries have been changed in everything and reprogrammed.


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13th Birthday Party Decorations?Which type of decorations should I put for a 13 year old girl?


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Butterfinger Cappuccino Recipe?I am looking for a Butterfinger cappuccino recipe. It's hard to find at stores anymore so I am looking to make my own.



Curtain Color Advice?My wallpaper colour is silver/grey; what colour curtains will go?


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Treating an Ingrown Toenail?Ok, well to start I had an ingrown toenail for about 2-3 months maybe 4 and I went to the doctor and they told me to soak my foot in Epsom salt and warm water and she gave me pills. I did that, but I still have an ingrown toe nail. I have been looking for a cure that really works.


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Curtain and Sofa Cover Color Advice?My living room walls are painted peach, I have mahagony coloured and dark brown furniture. We bought a cherry red and black colour carpet. Now I am confused regarding the colour of curtains and sofa covers. Please give me advice.


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Substituting Marshmallow Crème for Marshmallow?How many marshmallows or how many grams of marshmallows would make 7 ounces of marshmallow crème?


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Information on Antique Chair?I have an old spindle chair I know it was made by S. Bent and Brothers, but other than that nothing. Any info would be great. Thank you.


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Survivor Benefits?My children receive survivors benefits. It is more than I got in child support. So will my food stamps get cut back because they are now receiving money?


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Getting Rid of No-See-Ums?Anyone here succeded so far in getting rid of those pesky noseeums from your house? I've tried many remedies and traps, but none has made a breakthough so far in the assault of a massive number of annoying bugs. Has anyone been successful in wiping them out from their homes?


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Making Homemade Bath Salts?Where can I find the best deals on salts, jars, and essential oils?


volumes on a shelf

Do Old Grolier Encyclopedias Have Any Value?We have a set of Grolier Encyclopedia International in 20 volumes. Are they worth anything?


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Value of 1983 World Book Encyclopedia Set?What is the value of 1983 World Book Encyclopedia set?



Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I am trying to spruce up a very old bathroom with ancient green tiles and a tub that is a combination of pink and orange (salmon?). The green and salmon are not dark, but not too light either. I replaced the toilet years ago and settled on cream. My vanity is a white wash oak from the 80s fad that is more pink than white, but I can re-finish it if necessary.


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Receiving a Package Misrouted by Royal Mail?My sister sent a recorded track and sign parcel on November 21st from the Post Office to South Korea. I tracked it and it said it was headed to India. I called Royal Mail and the clerk insisted that it was on a transit flight.


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Value of Seymour Connoisseur Doll?I have come across a Seymour Mann doll, Anne of Green Gables, and the doll box. Her box says Seymour Mann Doll-Tania Ref 4957104 Box -A24. I would like to know how much she is worth.


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Value of Melina Jane Porcelain Doll?My Melina Jane porcelain doll has a blue and silver dress the bottom of the skirt has snow flakes. She is also wearing white laced pants under and thin white see through tights under the white laced pants with 2 tiny blue boots on her feet with a little heel at the bottom.


tall, leggy plant

Easter Egg Plant Losing Leaves?My mom and I have one of these little plants and they are both losing their leaves. I am in South Carolina she is in North Carolina. Are they supposed to do this? They are in pots inside the home.


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Naming My Adult Daycare?I will be opening an adult daycare for people with disabilities in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. I am looking for a subtle, catchy name.


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Replacement Cord for Grill?I need a replacement cord for a George Foreman fusion grill. It is model gr 70 fusion - 120v 60h3, 1200w.


red stains

Removing Dog Yeast Stains on Sheets?My dog gets red yeast around her mouth (she's a jowly dog) and then when she sleeps she drools. The end result is red yeast stains on her doggie bed sheets and on my sheets when she sleeps in bed with me, which she only does occasionally. I had her sleeping on a towel, but during the night she moved off it :(


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Looking for Weight Watcher's Apricot Log Recipe?I am chasing the recipe for an apricot log. It came out when we used to receive little books with different recipes in them.


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Pup Peeing on My Bed?I have a 7 month old Springer Spaniel. She is house trained and sleeps on my bed. For the past month she has started peeing on my bed about twice a week. This is after she has been out last thing at night and I've seen her have a pee. Any ideas why?


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Rug Left Yellow Stain on Vinyl Floor?How do you get the yellow stain off vinyl flooring that is left there from a rubber backed floor mat? I use 2 small rugs in my kitchen; one at the sink and the other at the door to the deck. My floor is one of the best white vinyl floorings and the area under the mat has an off color.


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Repairing Cat Scratches on Rattan Chair?I bought a rattan chair at a thrift store for $10. It looks like a cat scratched it pretty badly. The rattan flakes off when you rub your hand over it. I thought maybe I could mix glue and a little water over it to stop it from flaking and then restain it. It is still a very sturdy chair.


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Foodsaver Not Sucking Air Out of Bag?When we set up and turn on the machine it does not suck the air out of the bag. It sounds like it is sucking, but bag is not deflating.


tan dog sitting in car

What Breed is My Dog?My parents brought this lovely girl home, but I can't figure out what breed she is. All she wants to do is jump around and and play all day long, especially on sand and grass. She enjoys it! Please advise which breed she is?


Schnauzer mix puppy

What Breed is My Dog?I recently adopted a mini Schnauzer mix. The original owner did not know what she was mixed with. She's 3 months and weighed in at 16 pounds yesterday at the vet's office. I'd like to know what she's mixed with and about how big she will grow.


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