January 7, 2015

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Easy Stuffing

Easy StuffingAmazing! Two products makes a great stuffing. It comes out so flavorful. Enjoy!


Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Coffee CakeMoist and delicious!


Curry Chicken and Cabbage

Curry Chicken and CabbageMy husband doesn't normally like curry, but the curry flavor in this dish is pretty mild and he raved about it. I paired it with curry cabbage making for a very light and filling dinner.



Slow Cooker Chili

Slow Cooker Chili RecipesMany chili recipes work well in a crockpot, as the beans can take time to cook, and all the spicy flavors have time to meld. This page contains slow cooker chili recipes.


Air Mattress

Gorilla Glue for Repairing an Air...Get Gorilla Glue, you can find it anywhere. Get a piece of fabric like a T-shirt. Cut it into small squares. Deflate the air mattress in this process and know where your pinhole is!


lying on grass looking up at camera

Theo (Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix)I got Theo on September 12th, 2014 from our local animal shelter. He came right to me there so I knew he was the one!


clean railing

Cleaning Mildew off Deck RailingsOur deck is on the north side of the house and the railings get a buildup of moss and mildew during the warm humid months. To keep them white, I have to clean them about twice a year, once during late summer and then again after it turns cold.


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Colloidal Silver for Treating BurnsI now keep an old fashioned product on hand - Colloidal Silver. It's essentially the liquid produced by generating electricity through silver. It is antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal. It also has a miracle property of numbing the area of the burn while cleansing and treating it.


Separating egg yolks from the whites with your hands.

The Best Way To Separate EggsI am going to tell you the absolute best way to separate yolks from whites. You will become a pro at it. You will remember this technique for the rest of your life. You will want to share it with your friends.


closer view of Hercules

Hercules (Beagle Mix)I found him on the side of the rode at 6 weeks old.



tri-color puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed is my puppy? She is about 7.7 lbs at 10 weeks.


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Value of Vintage Porcelain Nativity Set?I have a Brinn's porcelain nativity set that I purchased in the late seventies. How much is it worth? It is in perfect condition.


walls with off yellow on top and blue on bottom

Curtain Color Advice?We just repainted our dining room walls. The bottom half is jaded Janet and the upper is an off yellow. What color curtains would go with this?


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Responsibility for Deceased Parent's Debts and Possessions?My father was ill for over a year and recently passed, with no will. He had few assets due to the past medial bills of my mother. He only had an older car worth less than $1K and about $2K in a checking account.


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Extending the Life of a Proscan Tablet Battery?My Proscan tablet battery stopped charging. I finally managed to recharge it with great difficulty. I would appreciate any advice on how to lengthen the life of my tablet's battery?


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Removing Pet Urine Smell?My small dog keeps peeing on my couch, clothes, anywhere possible. The problem I have is I'd like to get rid of the smell and deter my dog from peeing inside. Can anyone help please.


white and light brown dog on couch

What Breed Is My Dog?I adopted my puppy at 7 weeks, she is now 4 months and weighs a little over 20 lbs. I was told she was a Lab mix, but am curious with what. She has very long legs and is extremely lean with a long face.


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Curtains Color Advice?I am trying to put curtains up in my bedroom. The walls are painted with neutral colors (off white). I was thinking about getting orange curtains and light blue scarves. Is that a nice color match?


closeup of black puppy with white on nose and paws

Which Breed Is My Dog?Can you please tell me which breed my dog is? He is about 10 weeks old and very playful.


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Older Dog Peeing and Pooping in the House?I have had my dog for 13 years and he started having fits around 6 months ago. He has had two this week, my vet thinks he has a lesion on his brain and has forgotten all the behavouirs he has learnt. He is weeing and pooing in the house all the time.


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Village Wallpaper #5813656, Run: 11?Does anyone have or know where I can get a roll of this paper? It's brown with a wicker type weave pattern.


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Skin Lightening Advice?How do I get my skin tone back after burning and it going darker?


puppy lying down

What Breed Is My Puppy?This little girl was found all alone on the side of the road in the pouring rain. We rescued her from a shelter last week. The vet said she was between 8-12 weeks old. She currently weighs 25 lbs, but is very skinny. The vet says she is very underdeveloped and has her eating lots of protein.


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Babysitting Activities?I have babysat these kids before, they are 4 and 9. They want to play house, Barbies, etc. constantly. I mean all day long literally. I need something that they will like just as much and be time consuming so they can have a variety of things to do.


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Wall Paint Colour Advice?My stairs have a red traditional pattern carpet, the doors are mahogany, and the floor ash. What colour should I paint the walls?


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Why Is My Dog Not Eating?I have a two year old Boston Terrier. He has not eaten anything in two days except 1 small piece of tripe, he is drinking well. I have offered a variety of foods and he is not intrested. No vomiting or loose stool.


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Banana Cream Pie in a Jar?How many little jars does this recipe make?


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Keeping Bees Out of Hummingbird Feeder?Bees are going to the coloured sugar water I hang from the tress for the birds, near their food. How can I prevent or distract the bees from taking over the bottle? They get angry if I chase them away.


antique desk

Selling Antique Furniture?I posted an ad on Craigslist to sell an antique desk and was deluged by shipping/MoneyGram scams. Any suggestions on how to sell without dealing with crooks? By the way, the photo shows that each shelf is pegged by a single peg and each drawer by double pegs.


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Dog Keeps Licking Paw?Why does my Bassett Hound keep licking the middle if his paw all the time?


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Water Dispenser Tube Leaking?The ice maker water dispensing tube drips on my refridgerator. It appears the solenoid is not closing all the way. Is this possible?


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Value of 1880 Appleton Encyclopedia?What is a good price for a set of 1880 Appleton Encyclopedias?


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Allergic to Athletic Tape Adhesive?I play basketball and once every 3 month I sprain my ankle playing. Now my doctors, coach, everyone advises me to, wrap my ankle with tape before training, but I'm allergic to tape. What can I use instead of that tape, that can be a suport for that ankle?


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Sewing Machine Is Not Stitching Properly?My stitch on top is messing up; the bottom stitch is fine.


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Using Homemade Laundry Soap?Can homemade soap stop up your washer?


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Cat Keeps Pooping at Front Door?I have a cat that keeps coming to our front door and poops. What can I use to keep her away so she stops doing this?



Using an Infared Heater?Is it safe to operate the Lily's 1800 Pro heater while I sleep? The owner's manual says not to. What good is that? Should I return it?


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Receiving Coupons in the Mail?How do I get companies to send me coupons at home?


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Value of Porcelain Dolls from Paradise Galleries?I have inherited a decent sized collection of dolls from Paradise Galleries. They come from someone I cared for deeply and I plan on keeping them, but I would like to know what they are worth. They are from the late 80s to late 90s and in amazing condition. How do I look them up?


gold trimmed bowl

Value of a Royal Bavarian Bowl?I am wondering if you could help me put a value on a piece I saw yesterday?


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Survivor's Benefits for 18 Year Old?I have custody of my grandson. His father had orders for child support for years and never paid. My grandson is now 18 and not a full time student. His father just died, can he get benefits?


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