September 13, 2015

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coated ice cream

Easy Ice Cream Shell CoatingJust 2 ingredients from your kitchen and in 15 seconds you can make an ice cream shell coating. It's healthier and inexpensive!


scrambled eggs on plate

Sneaky Scrambled EggsSo my kids thought I was making them regular scrambled eggs for dinner. I decided to add a large yellow tomato and an entire half of a big yellow squash to them. I figured hey, it's all yellow... maybe they won't notice I'm trying to sneak in extra veggies. Cover it all with white cheddar and see what happens.



finished frame

Recycled Book Picture FrameUsing an old book, I created a cute picture frame!



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Preserving Flowers in Oil?How long will flowers last preserved in oil? I assumed that pretty quickly they would wilt or at least they wouldn't last very long term. Does anyone know how long flowers would stay in tact without browning or wilting in the oil bottle?


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Value of Disney Princess Starlite Dolls?I have 4 dolls and I'm trying to find the values. They are from the Brass Key 2006 Disney Princess Starlite collection, Aurora no.2678, Bellel no.2677, Snowwhite no.2679, and Cinderella no.2676. All are in excellent condition, no damage to clear plastic, or to boxes.


Value of Old Sickle Bar Mower

Value of Old Sickle Bar Wobble Mower?I found an old Clipper Mower Company mower. It it the sickle bar type that has blades that go back and forth when the wheels roll. It is very old, but is in good shape. Does anyone have any idea what it might be worth?


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Male Cats Allowing Kittens to Suckle?I recently live trapped two baby kittens that the mother brought into my basement. I have two males that were both rescues too. One is fixed the other is not and they're both fostering these baby kittens. They're letting them suckle on them and they lick them all over and letting them sleep with them.


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17th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 17 on October 7th and I have no clue what to do for my birthday.


plant with small red berries

What Is This Garden Plant?Can someone please tell me what this is?


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Breeding Zebra Finches?I have a pair of finches and 2 chicks, they are about 8 weeks old. Can I move them to a bigger cage?


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Tiny Flying Biting Insects?I am having trouble with these very tiny little flying pests and think they might be no see ums. I am using a product with 40% Deet and am still getting bitten. I can't afford to pay for a pest control. Why might this Deet not be working and might I be dealing with some sort of other pest?


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Finches Not Mating?I have 1 male and 1 female finch. They are about 1 year old. They laid an unfertilized egg on 17 aug 2015, just after that they stopped mating. In the mornings my male bird arranges the nest, but in evening neither of them go in the nest nor do they sleep together.


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Getting Rid of Ants in Kitchen Naturally?I live on a fixed income and just moved. I have nothing left over at the moment to buy baits. I was wondering if there was something I could use to repel the ants I found in my kitchen cabinets today while cleaning and organizing.


black and white young puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?We rescued a very young puppy. We were told he is only 4 weeks and 4 days old and we were told the mother refused to take care of him. They told us he is German Shepherd and Lab mix, but we just don't see any Shepherd and I know you can't see it in the pic, but his eyes are blue.


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Inexpensive Home Repair Materials?I am a disabled adult taking care of 2 people, 2 pups, and a stepson. I don't make enough to support us and repair the house. I am currently looking for inexpensive materials and someone to do the work.


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Rights of Person Holding POA?Is it legal for the person holding a power of attorney to keep a family member, who has been living with the parent all her life, from seeing the parent after he moved the parent out without notice?


Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cat

Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cat?My 15-month-old snowshoe seems appalled by the addition of a four-month-old kitten. Rochelle is very high energy and has a strong predator instinct. I wanted her to have a companion because she loves to play nonstop. Being alone would definitely be hard on her.


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Kenmore Ice Maker Won't Dump Ice?I have a Kenmore refrigerator model 795.51029.012. The ice maker made ice a couple of times and now has ice in the tray, but it doesn't dump. Is there any way to trouble shoot?


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Ford Ranger Heater Issue?I own a 2005 Ford ranger. How do I tell which is screwed up, the temp control switch or the blend door actuator?


large leafed plant with deep purple flowers

What Is This Smelly Garden Flower?How do I go about opting some of these from my garden? And what are they called? They smell a bit poo like, but I love them.


small brown dog

What Breed Is My Dog?Can anyone please help me identify my little pup?


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Homecoming School Door Decoration?I am a room mother and as my first task I am to decorate my child's kindergarten class for our local high school homecoming. We are the Titans and are playing the Panthers. I am drawing a blank! It has to be done next week. Any ideas? Please help.


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Bowling Counted Cross Stitch Pattern?I'm looking for a counted cross stitch pattern of anything to do with the sport of bowling, pins, ball, etc. Does anyone know where I can find one? I would like to get a downloaded one online if possible.


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Value of Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll that was made it 1998. It says Shina Vanderbilt or something like that on it. It also has the number 0180. Do you know what it is worth?


closeup of leaves

What Is This Plant?I have a plant growing and don't know what it is. I received dragon fruit seeds about 2 months ago, but a dragon fruit never grew. I had the pot sitting outside on the porch and have it now sitting on my kitchen window sill. It's been growing great, is getting taller and taller, and yet, I can't identify it.


yellow and pink flower

What Is This Flower?Here is an image of a flower that a friend posted on Facebook and I am trying to figure out the name of it. It is growing in the lower south region of the US. Can someone help me identify it?


stain on floor

Removing Pet Urine Stain on Wood Floor?I have a pool table on floorboards, but I put felt under the legs to prevent scratches. My cat has peed on it and left a big stain. Can anyone please tell me how to get the stain off?



Superfresco Paintable Wallpaper?I am looking for superfresco paintable wallpaper pattern #13427. If anyone could help, it would be very much appreciated.


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15th Birthday Ideas?My birthday is on February 28th and I can't have a party. I don't know what to do.


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Mortgage Lender's Insurance Policy?Our house burned completely to the ground in January of 2015. We only had about $5,000 left to pay on the mortgage. We have since paid it off. Before the mortgage was paid off, the mortgage company placed their own homeowner's insurance policy on it, for a house that no longer exists?


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Training a Dog to Use Piddle Pads?My 11 month old Chihuahua will use a clean puppy pad, but if she poops just one time on it, she'll pee/poop on the floor. How can I stop this behavior?


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