October 19, 2015

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egg carton and pom pom ice cream cone

Egg Carton Ice Cream Cone ToyWith just an egg box and oddments of yarn you can make your child a fun ice cream shop to play with. Choose bright colours which represent the various flavours such as vanilla, banana, strawberry, or mint.


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Paperclip as Collar StayMy son has to wear dress shirts to work and I launder them myself. He loses those little plastic collar stays all the time. He discovered a paperclip works like a charm!


A chicken in a vegetable garden

Chicken Amongst the VegetablesEvery now and again, a naughty chicken will escape into the vegetable patch. Also every now and again I let them in there on purpose. They do scratch about a bit and nibble at the leaves, but they don't do as much damage as the little bugs that they pick off and eat. It's free nutrition for the birds and better eggs and less damage from caterpillars and the like, plus a little extra fertilizer in the process!


heart shaped scone

Lemon and Herb Scones (Gluten-Free)Add fresh herbs and a zest of lemon to gluten-free scones to turn traditional scones into delicious savory tea time snacks.


A trellis made from branches, shaped like a heart.

Natural Heart TrellisNext time you have nice long flexible branches laying around, make a nice heart



Moomoo (Yorkshire Terrier)He was a gift to my girlfriend. He sleeps with us like one of the family and we love him very much.


closeup of dog

OsKaR DoO (American Pitt Bull/Blue Pit)We lost a beloved member of our pet family a year ago, he was a stray who adopted us and stole our hearts. We decided the hurt was too much to get another pet and go through losing it eventually, so no more pets.


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Storing Twine In a Two Liter BottleLeave the label on the bottle. After cleaning and drying the bottle, replace the cap tightly. This keeps the bottle firm while piercing it with a knife. Then make a 1-1/2 inch cut along the top of the label with an X-acto knife.



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Intermittent House Lights?A few days ago, I switched on the hallway light. The bulb flashed and went out. I was going to change it, but when I started to unscrew the burned out bulb, it came back and worked. The light worked for 2 days and went out again. Now it doesn't work at all. Kitchen light also not working.


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Problems Making a Box Cake?When I bake a box cake it comes out moist, but when you cut it, it turns all crumbly. You get maybe 1/2 slice and the rest is crumbs.


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Cleaning Mildew Out of Electric Percolator?I have a stainless steel electric percolator. My life has been hectic for the last 3 months with illness in my family. Apparently I made coffee one day and forgot to clean my pot and now it is mildewed. Can anyone tell me how to clean it using natural organic stuff or is it ruined now?


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Mothball Smell on Stuffies?I was recently purchased several stuffed animals that I plan to donate to a charity, but some of them reek with the smell of mothballs. I have washed them twice and they still have the horrible smell. I can't give these animals to anyone the way they are now.


calluses on foot

Getting Rid of Foot Calluses?I am a pastry chef so I am on my feet for hours everyday. Not only do I work, but I commute via public transportation to school and back. I have thick calluses on the bottoms of both feet. I could wear the most comfortable shoes, but at the end of the night I'm walking in pain because of my calluses.


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Making Fabric Donations in NYC?Is there a place/charity in NYC that accepts fabric donations?


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Bobbin Stuck on Sewing Machine Rewinder?I have a Brother Project Runway limited addition sewing machine. The top of the machine has a plastic bobbin on it. I want to change the bobbin, but for some reason it won't come off please help. It won't come off, nothing is working.


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Finding a Free Dresser?Where can I find a free dresser?


What Is This Garden Plant?

What Is This Garden Plant?What type of plant is this please?


Skinny German Shepherd

Skinny German Shepherd?I have a German Shepherd female dog. She is 5 months and she is 22 kgs. She is properly vaccinated and de wormed. I want her to put on weight, she eats properly, is very energetic, and very playful. She does not look skinny or thin, but I want her to look a bit more fat. Is it possible? If yes then how?


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Asking a Boy to Winter Formal?I've liked this guy for a really long time and we have had a couple classes together over the years, but we don't really get the chance to talk that much. Now he always says hi to me in the halls.


trio of skinny decorative trees

Making Alpine Christmas Trees?Does anyone know of a link, or instructions on how to make an Alpine tree trio? I can't find anything anywhere on the internet where I can download instructions, or a pattern, etc.


multi branching plant with leaves arranged in a circle

What is This Houseplant?I need to know what kind of plant this is and how much sun does it need? I live in a basement suite where it doesn't get a lot of direct sun. Is there anyway to help the plant get some more light.


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Ideas for Daycare Names?I am trying to figure out some names for a daycare that I want to start. I am going to have kids from newborn to 12 years old. My name is Samantha, nicknames are Sam/Sammy.


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Finding Free Furniture?Does anybody know where I can get a free storage cupboard for clothes as I can't afford one. I have a lot of medical expenses. I live in Wangaratta.


doll in blue dress with large hat

Value of Homeart Doll?I have a Homeart collector's doll and that's all I know about it. I'm just wondering if anyone could give me a price estimate or any information to help me find a price because I have been looking at several hundred Homeart porcelain dolls on the internet and have not been able to find this in particular one.


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Rally Ride on Lawn Mower Won't Restart?My Rally ride on lawn mower which has a 15.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine. I was cutting the lawn and the mower just cut out, no warning, as if you just turned the ignition off. I have checked the safety switches and they're fine; there is spark at the plug. I'm at a total loss.


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I turn 15 on the 16th of December and I have no idea what to do for my birthday. The last few years I had a home bday party with only girls and now I would like to invite some boys, but I have no idea what we could do. I don't want them to be bored or feel left out. What should I do?


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Removing White Stains on Dark Wood Laminate Flooring?We had a gathering at our home and a guest brought margarita mix in a bag the bag was on the floor. Later we found that the mixture, that is a liquid form, seeped through the bag and onto the very dark wood laminate flooring causing white stains. Can this be removed effectively?


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Removing Sump Oil from Garden Soil?How do I get rid of sump oil that was put on garden to kill banana plant? It is all through the soil and very thick.


Wind in the Willows characters playing croquet

Osborne and Little Wind in the Willows...I am searching for 4-5 rolls of the Wind and the Willows pattern made In England W1199-01 by Little and Osborne. Anyone have any ideas?


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Childcare Business Name Ideas?I am starting a childcare business in my home and right now I am calling it Nikkie's Childcare. I'm not sure if I really like that too much. I'm wanting something where it will stick with people. I've thought about using my last name, Doll. Any suggestions?


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Crocheting a Beret?How do I make a crochet beret?


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