April 26, 2016

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Vetkoek Recipe

Vetkoek RecipeThis is a page about vetkoek recipe. This South African fried bread is relatively simple to make and may quickly become a family favorite. It can even be made gluten free.


Making Felt Teardrop Earrings

Making Felt Teardrop EarringsThis is a page about making felt teardrop earrings. Use felt to make a cute, colorful, lightweight pair of earrings.



Dividing Small Clumps Of Hosta

Dividing Small Clumps Of HostaLift the clump from the ground or pot at a time when the soil is a little dry. The drier soil can be shaken loose from the roots. With the roots exposed, one can get a rather clear idea of where to sever the clump.


Softening Butter

Softening ButterPlace the stick of butter into a plastic sandwich bag and either hit it gently and repeatedly with a wooden spatula or curved part of a spoon OR to knead it while it's in the bag until softened.


Uses For Spinach

Uses For SpinachI have realized through my love for spinach that you can put spinach in nearly all your homemade dishes, hot or cold. It is a good source of vitamins and nutrition.



black and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I would like to know the dog breed? It looks like a French Griffon, but I am not 100% sure.


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Cleaning Smoke Off of Porcelain Dolls?We recently had a house fire and my dolls were smoke damaged. Some have sooty faces and their clothes are smelly and dirty. Is there any way to clean the soot off their little faces?


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Finding a Lost Parent?My sister and I do not share the same dad. She has been trying her whole life to look for her father but gave up cause all we have is a name. We don't even know if we are spelling it right. We also have an approximate year of birth. We don't know if he is alive or dead. Any suggestions on what we should do?


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Children Receiving Survivor Benefits?My wife died in 2014 and my three children receive survivor benefits, but I do not. I would like to get remarried and want to know if my children will stop receiving these benefits if I get married.


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Copper Sulfate Killed Fish in Pond?I used copper sulfate for algae control in my pond. I ended up killing all my koi. Is there any way to get the copper to dissipate or do I need to drain my pond to reintroduce koi?


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Removing Diesel Fuel Odor from Clothes?I tried the 2 liter coke and baking soda twice. I let sit for 20 hrs. Then I washed the clothes in hot water and All detergent. I did this twice and still have the smell. I'm not sure what to do now.


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Getting Rid of Moss in the Lawn?We have lots of moss growing in the grass, how can we kill it?


cover of dictionary

Value of 1896 Webster's Dictionary?I have come to own a 1896 reprint of the original Webster's Dictionary. I have tried to research it online, but have found no information. Is there any value to it? The spine was torn off when I received it. I would like to have it rebound. But do not want to take away from any value ot may have.


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Preventing Clothing Dye from Bleeding?How do you prepare a color guard product at home? I want to make a product that would prevent the dyes from mixing with water and spreading into other white clothes.


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Birthday Gift for Boyfriend?My boyfriend and I have been together almost 3 years now. His birthday is on May 27th. We live in the Kansas City area. He loves watching the Royals, is fascinated with the military, loves antique shopping, and loves G.I. Joes. He is joining the navy and I want to get him a gift that he normally wouldn't buy himself.


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Growing Calla Lilies?I ordered calla seeds. I received small bulbs some with shoots. The size is about 1/5" to 1/3". I planted them in a plastic tray each individually and covered with a dome to create a medium for growth. I don't know if I did the right thing. I also put them in a cool dark place.


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Smoke Detector Won't Stop Chirping?My fire alarm started chirping this morning and it woke me up. I don't have the correct batteries to replace it, but I've tried everything else and it continues to chirp after I turn it off. How do I make it stop without getting a new battery?


potted ficus benjamina

What Is This Houseplant?Can anyone please tell me what this is? It was given to me several years ago. Over the past several months it hasn't been doing so well. The leaves are turning half brown/dead, half green. Whole branches of leaves are dying/drying out. I have just re-potted it, in a larger pot.


small nonbiting flying insects

Identifying Flying Insects?These insects fly in two areas: on the side of our house and in the back. They don't bite, but our kids are afraid to go near them thinking that they bite. And when adults go near them, they won't bite, but you sure can feel them around your head.


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Janome Machine Sewing Really Slowly?My New Home Janome 361 sewing machine was working fine, then all of a sudden it's started to sew very slowly. The stitching is still fine and it is threaded up the right way.


dracaena like plant

Identifying and Caring for a Houseplant?This plant has been in my office for 6 years. I believe it's a Madagascar dragon tree, but I'm not sure. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks like this. I think maybe it's getting too much light as it faces west in front of a large window. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.


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Freezing Soup to Vacuum Seal?I freeze soup so I can easily vacuum seal the soup. What container can I use to freeze it so I can easily remove the soup from the container for vacuum sealing?


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Thank You Speech Ideas?I'm getting and award as the best employee from my company and I want to say thank you to my boss and my management. So kindly suggest some ideas for a thank you speech.


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White Spots on Laminate Flooring?How do I get rid of white faded spots on my floor?


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