September 6, 2016

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Natural wood photo display

Natural Wood Photo DisplayI was given long wood planks with bark attached to the sides. I decided to make photo displays out of them after I cut the planks down to a manageable size.


Tucker in window.

In Memory of Tucker (Tabby Cat)I got him from our local shelter, when he was about 12 weeks old, in 2005. He was my sweet boy! He knew he wasn't supposed to be in the kitchen window, but he looked so cute, I let him stay. He died in 2015, and I still miss him.


Check Your Receipt for Incorrect Prices

Check Your Receipt for Incorrect PricesI just found out that my supermarket has a policy that will give an incorrectly scanned item to you for free. The store will give you a $10 discount on items that are more than $10. Because of this knowledge, I got a $7.99 package of burgers for free.


dried seeds on napkin

Saving Tomato SeedsYou will save money by saving seeds from tomatoes you grew this year, rather than buying plants already started next spring. It is easy to do.


closeup of face

Remy (Maltese/Yorkie)I got him 2 years ago. He likes to go for walks.


finished container

Greeting Card Pill Bottle Storage ContainerThis little craft makes a plain pill bottle into a pretty storage container, by using the picture from a greeting card. I used mine for my sewing needles.


Cleaning a Stovetop

Cleaning a StovetopThis morning, the weather was cool and I thought it would be a good time to clean the top of the kitchen stove. The large eye gets used a lot and over a period of time the stove top looks awful with baked on grease around the stove eye. To remove it, I use Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner.


Saving Hibiscus or Daylily Seeds

Saving Hibiscus or Daylily SeedsTo get the identical plant, you actually need to divide the plant. If you save the seeds, the flowers may be different than the parent plant.


Temporary Tattoos on Plastic

Temporary Tattoos on PlasticThose temporary tattoos go well on recycled plastic crafts. If you have any old tattoos, you can use them to decorate your plastic recycled projects.


Using Reusable K-Cups

Using Reusable K-CupsIf you like the convenience of a Keurig machine, but not the price and waste of the cups, the reusable K-cup is a great alternative. It is dishwasher safe. However, you can easily rinse it out in the sink. I compost my coffee grounds instead of throwing them away.


finished pumpkin

Nylon PumpkinMake a nylon pumpkin using old pantyhose or footies. This can be a great project for fall.



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14th Birthday Party Ideas?Basically my birthday is on the 1st of October and I am Jewish and my birthday is on a Saturday. I can't do quite a lot of stuff like watch movies or drive anything electric. I was going to do something on the Sunday, but it's a festival like the Saturday and I can't do anything then either. Thoughts?


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Removing Sharpie from Screen Print T-shirt?How do I get Sharpie off of the part of my t-shirt that has letters on it?


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Child Support and Deceased Parent?My ex just passed away. He was disabled and was paying child support thru his Social Security for my 11 year old son. Can someone explain the process now that the other parent is deceased? Will my son be able to get a check from his dad's Social Security? Or will his support check just stop.


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Move Out Cleaning Rates?I'd like to know if anyone knows the rate for move out cleaning for 1 to 3 bedroom apartments in the Columbus Georgia and Phenix City Alabama area? I have been working for someone for a couple years and I know I'm getting ripped off. I could get jobs on my own, but I don't know what to charge.


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Value of Old Huffy Lawn Mowers?I'm looking for information about old Huffy push mowers, such as how rare and value, etc. Mine has a Briggs & Stratton engine. It has a 21" cut and it's white and orange in color.


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Financial Assistance for Low Income Family to Move a Mobile Home?I live in West Virginia and I am currently sharing a home with three other families. I just got a 14x70 mobile home given to my family and I, but only have two weeks to move it or it will be tore down. Does anyone know if there is a organization or business that can help us move this home?


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Locating the Source of Odor in House?I have a horrible smell in my house. I first thought it was from some carpeting that had been soiled by some of my pets. I tore the carpet up and cleaned the wood flooring, but it is still here.


Replacement Drip Tray for Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill

Replacement Drip Tray for Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill?Where can I buy a replacement drip tray for my George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill Model GFO201R?


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Puppy Peeing and Pooping on Furniture?We just adopted a 4 month old puppy. She's a Shepherd mix and she's the loveliest dog ever. The only problem is that she peed and pooped on our bed and couch more than once. She also pooped on the beige couch of a friend of mine. I honestly dunno what to do. The vet says that nothing is wrong with her health.


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Adult Dogs Peeing and Pooping Inside?I have two Maltese dogs that poop and pee in the living room of the house every night. The male is 3 years old and the female is 2 years old. I want to keep them, but I am at the point to where if I don't get this taken care of soon I will take them to an animal shelter and just let them find them a new home.


Getting Rid of Small Flying Biting Insects

Getting Rid of Small Flying Biting Insects?For about a week now something has been biting my arms and legs at night. Not just in my bed, but on my couch. They bite more when the lights are off. I know it isn't bed bugs because I have experienced those before. I know where and what to look for to find those, and nothing has turned up.


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Lawn Tractor Won't Start?I have changed the battery, starter, and fuel and I still can't get it to even click. Any suggestions? I am disabled and I need any help I can receive.


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Dog Has Irritation Under Eyes?My Maltese/Yorkie has a bad skin infection, hot spots that are itchy and smelly. It is probably a yeast type infection. I have Gertaved spray, but he also has severe irritation under his eyes. What do I do about the eyes?


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Biting My Lip Since Getting New Dentures?Why do I keep biting my bottom lip with my new dentures?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is in 20 days. I will be turning 14. I have no idea what to do. My mom told me I can't have any more than 10 people. I've already done a bowling party, Hollywood party, and stayed the night in a hotel. Also I live in a small town. It takes a little over 30 min. to get to the nearest big town.


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Home and Roof Repair Assistance?I have a neighbor who is a single mom. She desperately needs a new roof with much wood replacement and many other repairs to her home. She has no income, but does own the home. Can someone please refer me to someone who can help her in the Jacksonville, Florida.


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Sewer Pipe Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?We need a sewer line repair. There is raw sewage in our basement. It will cost more money than we make in a year. Are there any resources to help us? We have poor credit and own our home (well a mtg company owns it until we finish paying for it).


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