June 25, 2017

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A female dog sitting in the grass.

What is the Gestation Period for Dogs?When a dog is pregnant it usually is 61 - 63 days before the puppies are born. This is a page about what is the gestation period for dogs?


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Having Seizures?This is a page about shih tzu having seizures. Certain dog breeds are more prone to seizures. Consult with your vet to help manage your dog's health.


white telephone

Recording a Voice Mail Greeting on Magic JackUsing a computer phone service may require a different way of adding a personal greeting. This is a page about recording a voice mail greeting on magic jack.



Mug Holder with Goody Compartment - allow glue to dry before use

Mug Holder with Goody CompartmentWhen you have a lot of Popsicle sticks at home, you can make anything out of them. Today I'm making another project with the this material. What makes it better is that it doesn't make you spend much money.


Spearmint in vase

Harvesting SpearmintWith abundant spearmint plants I dried some, made some fresh tea and started growing new plants. See how and try them yourself!



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Getting Rid of Tiny Cream Colored Biting Bugs?For the past couple of months, I've been getting bitten non stop on my couch. My boyfriend doesn't get bitten, but my friends that come over do! Finally, today, I had my head against the back of the couch and saw a very very small whitish, cream colored bug crawling on my couch!


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Removing Odor from Wet Carpet?The carpet in my apartment has been wet for 2 weeks in the center of my livingroom. I called emergency maintenance several times about the carpet. Now my apartment has a bad odor. What should I do?


Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing

Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?I haven't dyed my hair in a year. Ny natural color has grown out to about 6 inches of dark brown. The rest of my hair is a dark golden color. How can I go back to my original color and make it even?


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House Trained Dog Peeing In House?My housetrained 11 year old dog is starting to pee in the same spot in the house. She had a UTI a few weeks ago and had recovered, but now that we allowed her back in the house she has peed in the same spot twice in three days. She does when we are home, when she could have easily let us know she needed out.


Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull?

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull?We just barely got this dog today. The owner said she was red nose brindle. I want to know if she is or mixed?


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Caring for a Dog and Her Puppies?Last year my dog had a litter of 7. One didn't make it. This year, May 5th, she had a litter of 8, 4 boys and 4 girls. Last week the smallest girl wouldn't eat nor drink. I brought her indoors, cleaned her up, and tried to force feed her a teaspoon of baby formula every hour or 2. She didn't make it through the night.


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Curtain Valance Color Advice?What color valance curtains would go good with black, grey, and maroon curtains?


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica - volumes on shelves

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica. How do I find out what edition and which year of plublication it is that I have? Also how do I find out the value of them?


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Curent ASPCA Vaccination Truck Schedule?I wanted to know if there is going to be an ASPCA truck coming near Fordham or Valentine Ave. 10457 anytime soon. I got a new puppy and I needed her to get her shots.


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Giving a Cat Injections?We have a 12 year old cat who was diagnosed with CRF (chronic renal failure) and need to give her subcutaneous Ringers Lactate 150 cc twice weekly.


Working With and Abused Dog - Husky

Working With and Abused Dog?My dog has been abused by a relative. It happened when I wasn't at home. He kicked my dog when my dog was sleeping. Since then he doesn't bark or howl even when he sees a cat or another dog or when he is playing. He is so silent. I really want to know how to make him bark again.


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Dog Pooping in the House?We have a female dog that has access to go out at any time, but she still goes potty in the house. She refuses to go poop in front of us. Our male is completely trained. But our female still goes inside. How do we stop her from going in the house.


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Dyeing Polyester/Rayon Fabric a Lighter Color?I have a black vest that I want to dye a dark blue. I know that I'll have to bleach it (or do something to get rid of the color) first. The vest is 69% polyester, 29% rayon, and 2% spandex. (The lining is 100% polyester.) Would bleach ruin this fabric?


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Gooseberry Bush Has Lost All of Its Leaves?I have a gooseberry bush that is full of berries, though they are not ripe yet. It had beautiful leaf foliage, but now all of the leaves are gone, leaving only the berries. What could this be, and what can I do? Are the berries going to survive without leaves?


What Type Is My Pit Bull? - white dog with dark grey spots

What Type Is My Pit Bull?This is Charlie; she's now 20 weeks old. I got her when she had just turned 7 weeks from a drug addict who was not taking care of her. I've done some research of my own, but still want to know other opinions. She's mostly white with dark grey spots. Is she an American Pit Bull?


Value of Mersman Table #7223 - three legged pedestal table with rail

Value of Mersman Table #7223?What is the value of this table?


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Canopy Pulls Swing Over in the Wind?I live in a very windy area and the canopy that is currently on the swing acts like a parachute. When it is windy it pulls the swing over. Is there some kind of fabric or something the wind can flow through so this would not happen?


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Meyers Lemon Tree Stopped Flowering After Transplant?I used to live in New Mexico and my Meyers lemon tree did great. I moved to northern Brazil and brought the tree. It grows great - almost like a bush, but quit producing lemons and flowers. Not sure what to do since it grows great.


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Homemade McCormick's Country Chicken Seasoning Mix?Does anyone have a recipe for McCormick's country chicken seasoning?


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Finding Replacement Drawers for a Wardrobe Trunk?I found a old wardrobe trunk and would like to restore it. Unfortunately it is missing the drawers. Does any one know the best places to find replacement drawers?


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