January 21, 2018

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Woman Avoiding Eating Wheat

Eating Wheat Makes My Stomach Feel Bloated?Eating wheat can cause some people to get a bloated feeling in their stomach. This page has advice about why eating wheat can make your stomach feel bloated.


Kid Trying on Coat at Store

Name Ideas for a Kids' Clothing Shop?When choosing a business name, you want it to be easy to remember and help explain your services. This is a page about name ideas for a kids' clothing shop.


Slider burgers

Making Burger Sliders on a George Foreman GrillThe George Foreman Grill can cook slider patties quickly and does a great job of removing fat from the meat. This page is about making mini burger sliders on a George Foreman Grill.



Baked Bagel

Quick Homemade BagelsThis is a bagel recipe that is made with just five ingredients. If you check your bag of bagels at home, there are lots of ingredients and some that you cannot even pronounce.


Sweet Pea (Bulldog) - puppy

Sweet Pea (Bull Dog)My kid's dog had her just 7 days ago. Right now she likes to eat and sleep.



Value and Information on a Caphart Record Player - information sticker on back

Value and Information on a Caphart Record Player?I have a Capehart record player that I have had for a few years now. I can't find my model or that much about the year that this player seems to be made. Any help with anything to do with the history of the model and value would be great.


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Cleaning a Crocheted Church That Has Yellowed?I have a crocheted church that is probably 20 years old and is yellowing. How can I clean it without losing the shape?


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Looking for Cross Stitch Pattern MSU Logo and Mascot?I am looking for a cross stitch pattern that has Michigan State and Sparty on it.


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Cleaning Business Slogan Ideas?What's a good slogan for my business? Its name is Right Choice Cleaning Services.


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How Do I Easily Remove the Lid on Kitty Litter Containers?How do you safely remove lids from plastic kitty litter containers? I find them impossible to remove. I almost tore off a fingernail trying to get one off. No luck with most tools I've tried.


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Crystallized Blue Powder on Laundry Washed with Borax?I have a front load washer and extremely hard water. I just recently started using borax in my washer. I have had 2 or 3 white under tee shirts that have this crystalized blue powder on the shirt. I ruined the first shirt trying to pull the shirt apart and placed a hole in it. What is this and what should I do?


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Finger Hurts After Pulling Off Acrylic Nail?I pulled off my acrylic nail. The tip of my finger itches and under the fingernail tip it hurts and burns. Did I pull nail layers off and it's thin? I have tried several things to ease it. Anyone have any suggestions?


House Trained Dog Started Peeing Indoors

House Trained Dog Started Peeing Indoors?I've got a 3 year old Bull Mastiff and he's been house trained since I got him. He has recently been weeing inside right in front of me and my husband. He goes in and out all day. I don't know wrong with him.


What Breed Is My Dog? - light and darker brown dog with white chest and muzzle

What Breed Is My Dog?We rescued him off the street when he was a pup. He's about a year old now. We've never known what breed he is, but we think he may have Pit Bull in him by the shape of his head. His ears have never been cropped. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Identifying a Wood Desk - 7 drawer desk

Identifying a Wood Desk?I just bought this desk and I'm considering refinishing it. I'd like to find the value of it before I do though. I would rather not diminish the value by painting it. It's in almost perfect condition. Solid oak I think. It is 45 inches wide x 18 inches deep.


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Eating After Having Teeth Extracted?I just had all my upper teeth removed on the 15th of the month. When will I be able to eat foods like pizza, fried chicken, steak tacos, or chitterlings?


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Electrical Circuit Not Working After Adding a Light Switch?I have two breakers for my basement. I put a room in and the lights came on when all others came on so I wanted to put in a switch. I hooked up a switch and I flipped on the switch, but the breaker tripped. I did not turn the switch off, but threw the breaker back on.


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Suggested Plantings After Removing Pine Trees?We have some large old pine trees between our driveway and the neighbor's that will be cut down soon. What can we grow in the spot after they are gone? We are in southeast Michigan, zone 5-6 ish, and the site will be in full sun. Fruit/berry suggestions would be a plus.


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Dog Starting Pooping Inside?My one year old German Shepherd mix, we think he is a Lab mix, runs around like crazy and he has never never pooped in the house. Suddenly today out of nowhere he started running around crazy again and then pooped on the carpet. I did research and think he has zoomies, but why poop in house?


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14th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 14 on May 13th. I wanna invite my whole group of friends which is 12 people and my boyfriend and three of his friends. I wanna have it outside, but I also want to have it inside. So if you have any ideas or games for us to do, I'm open to all suggestions. I just don't want it to be over $200.


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17th Birthday Ideas?I am turning 17 in February and I don't know what to do?


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica - cover page

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?What is value my 1963 Encyclopedia Britannica 24 volumes with original bookcase? The hard cover of each volume has 1768 written on it.


Identifying a Child's Chair

Identifying a Child's Chair?I got today this child's chair at an estate sale. It's painted over so I can't find anything on it.


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Painting Over Wood Walls in a Mobile Home?Can you paint over smooth wood in a mobile home? I removed some of the contact paper and under it is untreated wood.


Identifying a Small Painted Mersman Table

Identifying a Small Painted Mersman Table?I got this table at estate sale today. I tried looking up the name and number, but found nothing. Does anyone have anything on this item? This is painted over also.


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