January 28, 2019

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A tree on the bank of the Columbia River in Oregon.

The Day I Fell in Love (Columbia River, OR)On Columbia River bank in Oregon looking across to my home state of Washington. My depression was getting better of me and my (now) fiancee found me. We just began dating and he held me and we laughed and talked thru the bitterness I felt that day.


A messy pile of plastic grocery bags.

Wrangling Plastic Grocery BagsI consistently use plastic grocery bags for two things: my husband's lunch and poop patrol for my 3 large dogs. After putting the groceries away I would have a bag of bags. I tried rolling them up to put in a plastic container but it took FOREVER to it, although I did like the idea of having them neat and orderly and ready for use.


A snow covered forest high up on a mountain.

Shenandoah National Park WebcamEvery morning, I get on the computer and go through my favorites. This web cam, located in Shanandoah National Park in Virginia, is one my favorites. There is only one view and I don't know how often it takes a picture during the day but I was able to copy and paste this photo on January 14 at noon.


Jewelry protected between two pieces of sponge.

Sponges for Keeping Jewelry SafeI buy my sponges 6 at a time from the dollar stores. But I don't like the size or the shape of the sponge part, so I cut them in half to make 12, allowing me to throw each one away on Sundays. The sponge part is sort of wasted but today I found another way to keep them useful.


Valentine's Checkers Game - game in process

Valentine's Checkers GameThis is a fun way to make a Valentine's Day checker board. I got these little heart pieces from the dollar shop. This would be sweet to create as a team on a date. You paint the squares in from one side, and they paint them in from the other. Meet in the middle, let dry, and play!


A bowl of chili with beans, topped with cheese and green onions.

Week 4: Chili Con CarneThe Super Bowl is quickly approaching and homemade chili is the perfect meal to serve for the occasion. Packed with beans, ground beef, and tomatoes, this week's soup is easy to make with some basic pantry staples, but is hearty enough to satisfy everyone.


Double Duty Pin Cushion - finished project with straight pins in cushion and safety pins in the container

Double Duty Pin CushionThis is one of the easiest projects you will find. With very little you can create a double duty storage container for your craft/sewing room or area. With space often being limited, we are all looking for creative ways to store craft supplies. This can be made using items in your home.


Chickpeas, Olives and Bokchoy in pan

Chickpeas, Olives, and BokchoyA flavorful Moroccan inspired dish featuring chickpea, olives and bokchoy. Pairs nicely over rice or quinoa.



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Value of Capehart Stereo?How can I find out the value of our Capehart stereo? Model#KMTC403/13Y


Value of a Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine - vintage machine in cabinet

Value of a Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine?I would like to know what this unit could be sold for.


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Asking a Guy to a Valentine's Day Dance?How do I ask a guy I like to the Valentine's Day dance without making it super awkward or super cheezy? Maybe a cute Valentine's gift with a note inside, or over text?


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Headlights Flickering in 2014 Chevy 1500?I have a 2014 Chevy 1500 Silverado. The headlights and lights in the cab flicker when I'm driving. The truck will also shut off and crank right back. What could be my problem?


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Cleaning Soap Scum Off Shower Walls?I have a septic tank. Our water is hard and very metallic smelling. It wreaks havoc on our showers. What product can I use to get rid of the soap scum that is also safe for a septic tank?


Value of Mersman 7231 Side Tables - medium wood side table with ornate drawer

Value of Mersman 7231 Side Tables?I have 2 Mersman 7231 side tables. What would the resale value be?


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Interior Design and Staging Business Name Ideas?I want to add staging to my interior design business. I need a new name, preferably one word. I would like it to have an Iternario al flair, but not say overly pricey.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 15th Birthday?I need help, my boyfriend's birthday is in a couple weeks and I don't know what to get him. I know not a lot of people might see my question, but my boyfriend's 15th birthday is in a couple weeks and all I know is that he likes to read, his favorite color is blue, he thinks K-pop is okay.


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Planting Tomatoes in Northwest Arizona?When can you plant tomato plants in Arizona near Kingman?


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I am wanting to start my own freelance interior design business. I am trying to think of a creative name. Can you help me choose from the following?


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Graphic Design Business Name Ideas?I need a name for my freelance graphic design business. I am getting married in May, so my last name will change to McMillen. People often shorten that name to "Mac", so I was thinking something including my initials (SM) or "Shandi Mac". I will mostly be working with type design like logos, brochures, business cards, and posters, etc.


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Name Ideas for a Treat and Craft Business?I'm starting a treat and craft business. I make all kind of things from treats for parties to t-shirts. The list could on. Any suggestions?


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Using Hair Dye That Got Too Warm?A new Wella hair dye tube was left for about four to five days on a hot TV sky box. And I realised after opening the tube of hair dye that it has gone a bit hard. Can I use it? It's not expired, just left in hot place for 4 to 5 days.


Value of a Mersman 6651 Lyre Table

Value of a Mersman 6651 Lyre Table?We have had this, oval top, lyre, mahogany accent table, for many years and I am curious as to the year that it was produced as well as the possible value for the condition of the table.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - markings on dolls back

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know who made this? My father is getting ready to move and found it. Neither of us remember seeing this doll ever.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits?If a 12 year old's step dad passes away from cancer and she lives with her real dad, does she still receive survivor's benefits from her step dad passing away?


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - brown dog lying down

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I asked once, but maybe I have found some better pictures for you guys to look at. My dog is a female Pit Bull; just judging by looks does she look full blooded?


Value of a RCA Victor TV/Radio/Record Player - TV with a record player in a pull out drawer in the bottom of the cabinet

Value of a RCA Victor TV/Radio/Record Player?I have a RCA Victor model 21-s-548N, TV/radio/record player. What could this unit be sold for?


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Troubleshooting Loss of Power in Bedroom and Bathroom?My light went out in my master bedroom and bathroom. I went to bed with my TV and space heater on and woke up to no power. We switched the breaker back on and no lights, we changed the GFCI and nothing. We changed the breaker and still no power. What else could it be?


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