May 28, 2019

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In Memory of Kitkat (Siamese Ragdoll Mix)

In Memory of Kitkat (Siamese Ragdoll Mix)I got her at 4.5 weeks old. She was a snow-tiger Siamese, her mom was a Ragdoll.


Weaving Coconut Leaf Plates - three plates of differing sizes

Weaving Coconut Leaf PlatesHere in Tahiti we use coconut leaves for many different things. They are used to weave roofing panels for your home, making a broom to clean your home, or even used to make serving plates to serve food on.


Sweetheart Roses - pink roses against a trellis

Sweetheart RosesThese sweetheart roses are a new addition to my garden. I wanted to capture their beauty in color and in black & white. Hmmmm having trouble choosing!


Bacon Fried Rice in bowl

Easy Bacon Fried RiceThis is a simple way to make a delicious bacon-based fried rice without much hassle. This is a one-pan to table delight!



Value of Junior Encyclopedia Brittanica 1897 - cover page

Value of Junior Encyclopedia Brittanica 1897?I have the 3 volume set from 1897. 2 of the three have front covers that are loose. I am wondering if there is any interest in them. There is an inscription on the first dates December 25th, 1897 from Mother.


Healthy Weight for a Shih Tzu - shaved dog

Healthy Weight for a Shih Tzu?I have a female Shih Tzu who is 1.5 years old and weighs 10 lbs. She just was at the groomer's for her summer cut. The groomer mentioned to me that she should gain some weight because she has slack skin. Her vet didn't seem concerned about her weight at her last visit.


Identifying Small Black Bugs - beetle looking bug

Identifying Small Black Bugs?This small black bug was found on my pillow. It has small wings, but never flew. What is it?


Cause of Bumps and Hair Loss on Dog's Snout

Cause of Bumps and Hair Loss on Dog's Snout?Doggo has a grey scabby looking area on her snout right behind her nose. There is also some hair loss. I noticed it a few days ago and it seems to be getting bigger.


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Do Hedge Apple Help Cure Liver Cancer?I was told that hedge apples were good to use for cancer of the liver. Can people eat them?


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Name Ideas for a Jewelry Business?I want to restart my jewelry business. I really love making beautiful pieces with pearls and other unique pieces. Could you please help out with some name ideas?


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Selling Craft Supplies?I have a huge amount of crafts supplies for all holidays and occasions. I am moving out of state, and can not pack all of it. Any idea how to sell it/post it for sale?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with porcelain head, arms, and legs and a cloth body

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?What type of doll is this? It has no hair and is about 13 inches tall. It has Joyce #7 written on it.


Value of an Antique Webster's Dictionary - embossed leather cover

Value of an Antique Webster's Dictionary?I haven't been able to find a match online. Maybe someone can help? I have a Webster's Dictionary, The New Census Edition, 1905. It is supposedly the third edition after 1828 and 1840. It is leather bound. You can see the cover has some issues, but the inside remains intact.


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 15 at the end of August when it will still be winter and I want to do something after school on Friday (my actual birthday) because all my friends are busy on Saturday and I have church on Sunday. I am having trouble figuring out what to do. Any suggestions?


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Vaccinating a Dog with Parvo?If you have a dog with parvo do you administer a vaccination? She is 1yr old and has had her puppy shots.


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Handmade Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I'm starting my own business with jewelry making. I'm having a hard time coming up with a name. All my jewelry is basic wiring. My name is Armani last name Giavonni. So maybe something with my first or last name or something with wiring in it.


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Getting Rid of Frogs?How can I get rid of frogs without killing them? They don't bother me per se, but I do mind the feces they deposit all over my backyard, patio, and windowsills! I live in Palm Coast, Florida.


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Cause of an Auto Oil Leak?What would cause the oil to gush out from the bottom when the car is running?


Identifying a Table - what appears to be a homemade workbench

Identifying a Table?Anyone have an idea of what this table is, or its value? Someone mentioned a butcher's block table. It is very solid and very heavy.


Identifying an Antique Porcelain Doll - closeup of an antique porcelain doll wearing a long dress

Identifying an Antique Porcelain Doll?I am trying to identify this doll. It was my grandmother's doll as a child, maybe late 1800s early 1900s.


Replacement Parts for a New Home Sewing Machine - bobbin winder

Replacement Parts for a New Home Sewing Machine?I have a New Home Light Running sewing machine. I am missing a bobbin winder thread guide. Where I can buy it?


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Buying an Inexpensive Smart Phone?I live in Chicago. I wish to buy a good unlocked smart phone for $100 or less. Any ideas? I have no need for a $1000 smart phone.


Value of an Antique Rocking Chair - high backed dark wooden rocking chair

Value of an Antique Rocking Chair?I got this chair in a garage sale. It has a tag, photo attached. I am wondering if it's worth anything. It's in excellent condition.


Identifying a Houseplant - small plant with dark green heavily ridged heart shaped leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?The label just said terrarium plant. Can someone identify it?


Selling an Old Lawnboy Mower with Loafer Attachment - riding attachment

Selling an Old Lawnboy Mower with Loafer Attachment?We have an old Lawnboy from the 60s (or maybe earlier) with a "loafer" attachment. Does anyone have an idea where we might be able to find someone that would take interest in something like this?


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Value of a Set of Old Medical Encyclopedias?I have a set of medical encyclopedias by Dr. Andrew Wilson dating back maybe to early 1900s. Are they worth anything?


Identifying Insects - appear to be larvae

Identifying Insects?It's a termite looking bug with a hard black hollow shell it hides in when disturbed.


Determining the Age of a Lane Cedar Chest - antique cedar chest

Determining the Age of a Lane Cedar Chest?I am trying to determine the age of my Lane cedar chest. It only has a style number and not a serial number.


Is My Puppy a Full Blooded Pit? - black puppy with white on chest sitting on a bench

Is My Puppy a Full Blooded Pit?He is 6 months old. I was told by the breeder he was full blooded, but his ears and paws make me think he is mixed.


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Finding Old Free Used Tires?I am looking for free used 235/75/R 15 tires. Does anyone know where I can get some? I will pick them up in Phoenix.


Repairing a Smith Corona SL575 Typewriter - closeup of  a page in the typewriter with a letter corrected

Repairing a Smith Corona SL575 Typewriter?I have an electric Smith Corona SL575 which is in working condition and the only problem with it is when I correct a letter. The correction ribbon will erase the letter, but then it seems to jam/get caught on the right hand side of the carrier, and gets in the way of the cassette ribbon typing any more characters.


Identifying Small Black Insects - on window frame

Identifying Small Black Insects?They suddenly appeared in large numbers outside house in RI. Any idea what these are?


Value of a Vintage Majestic Radio with Record Player - upright cabinet radio and record player

Value of a Vintage Majestic Radio with Record Player?I need some help with this Majestic vintage tube driven radio with record player. I've looked and can't find what model this is or its value. I could get it for $75, but not sure.


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Making Hollandaise Sauce?When I make hollandaise sauce, why is it that the sauce's color doesn't become golden yellow, instead it becomes more like white yellow. Anyone know why and how to fix it?


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Where Are The Tangerines?When I was little, citrus fruits were seldom available except around Christmas. Well, actually, fruits such as oranges and grapefruits were available for a more extended period. You could buy an orange from the school cafeteria for about 6 cents. A bowl of soup for 8 cents. Schools did not have vending machines dispensing junk foods back then.


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Cause of a Smokey Haze on Bathroom Mirrors?Any idea on how this would be happening in a bathroom? The right side of my mirror and the medicine cabinet on the adjacent wall keep developing a light brown haze. The sink is below this area and there is a light bar above the mirror and an outlet and a switch under the medicine cabinet. I've turned off the electric, covered the air vent, but it still comes back.


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Making a Flower Garden Using Old Tires?I am looking for some 235/75/R15 tires. Does anyone know where I can get some?


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Finding My Half Brother?How do I find a half sibling?


Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest - plain cedar chest

Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest?How can I find out what year and how much my Murphy cedar chest is worth and when was it made? It is marked with #340733.


Value of an 1864 Unabridged Illustrated Dictionary - cover of a very old dictionary

Value of an 1864 Unabridged Illustrated Dictionary?I have a family heirloom that is in relatively good shape. The pages are in great shape, the cover is also in good shape. It is missing the cover page, but all pages from the preface on are there. Is it worth anything?


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Cleaning a Pro Steam Scunci?What else can I clean my Pro Steam Scunci with if I don't have any white vinegar?


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