September 3, 2019

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How to Make Natural Tinted Lip Balm - open containers of 6 shades of lip balm

How to Make Natural Tinted Lip BalmMaking your own lip balm is wonderful because you know what ingredients are going in them, and you can control the scents and colours. Here, I'll show you how to make six shades by using ground turmeric and beetroot powder. This is not only for colour's sake, but for the great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod Squares - sod in a pool

Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod SquaresWe live in Florida and half of the year we are prepping for hurricanes and my dog may have to stay in for hours or even days during bad weather. I went to my local garden center purchased a couple of pieces of fresh sod(yes you can buy pcs! About $2.50 each) I put the sod in a cheap plastic kiddie pool on my back porch and voila! Outside potty inside!


Hannah (Labrador Retriever) - black Lab puppy after dumping trash basket and shredding paper

Hannah (Labrador Retriever)We bought her from a kennel in Idaho. She was 8 weeks old, and so cute and sweet!


Inspiration Wall Arrangement and Decor - wall decor with shelves

Inspiration Wall ArrangementMy husband made the shelves. I put together the items to decorate on the shelves, some I made or did floral arranging for some I purchased at Goodwill.



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Name Ideas for a Bath Products Business?I wanna start an instagram business selling bath salts, scrubs, bombs, etc., but I can't come up with a name for the shop. I want it to mention the bath side, but also have my name in it too, either Leanne or Taylor.


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Removing Sharpie from a Computer Screen?Will just normal acetone nail polish remover get rid of Sharpie without damaging my computer screen or is there a certain acetone nail polish remover I need to use?


Value of a Paradise Galleries Doll - baby doll in the box

Value of a Paradise Galleries Doll?I have a Treasury Collection Paradise Galleries premiere Edition doll. What would the value of this baby doll?


70th Surprise Birthday Party Suggestions?My huzbeast will turn 70 in October. Please send ideas for a surprise party.


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Using an Old Upright Freezer for Storage?I have a lot baking pans and supplies. Can I store my pan and supplies in my freezer?


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My Puppy's Breath Smells Bad?My puppy is about 3 weeks old. She's a Husky mix. Recently, her breath started to smell really bad. I thought it was the milk or something, but it is pretty bad. Is it normal for a 3 week old to have bad breath?


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Daycare Name and Slogan Ideas?Hi, my name is Noelia. I'm from Massachusetts. I'm planning to open a daycare. Can you guys give me ideas what name I can use and a slogan? The daycare is gonna be at my home.


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Re-dyeing Hair After Stripping Color?Can I dye my hair right after I stripped it if it feels like it's in good condition?


Finding the Value of Porcelain Dolls

Finding the Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have acquired 2 beautiful porcelain dolls. 1 is a J. Misa limited edition 1-5000 and the other is a kneeling angel. I don't know the origin, there are no visible marks. Can you please tell me the value of each.


Identifying an Old Chair with a Rush Seat

Identifying an Old Chair with a Rush Seat?I have searched all over the internet trying to identify this chair and am at a loss. If anyone can provide any information I would greatly appreciate it.


Value of 1911 Handy Volume Issue of Encyclopaedia Britannica - cover

Value of 1911 Handy Volume Issue of Encyclopaedia Britannica?I have a complete 1911 Handy Volume Issue, 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in excellent shape. I would like to sell it, but am unsure of its value.


Value of a 1963 English Language Edition of Planet of the Apes - closeup of copyright information

Value of a 1963 English Language Edition of Planet of the Apes?I have a 1963 Planet of the Apes book by Pierre Boulle which I believe is the first edition in English. It has slight smoke markings, but otherwise in very good condition. I'd like to know how much it is worth.


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School Fundraiser Ideas?I'm in charge of making fundraisers for my school and I need ideas.


Value of a Vintage Mersman Table with Drawers

Value of a Vintage Mersman Table with Drawers?I have a Mersman 8310 table with drawers. It is in decent condition, but could use some refurbishing. There is a stain on the inner drawer.


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Repairing a Toyota Sewing Machine?I have a declutch problem on my Toyota Quiltmaster sewing machine, it is making a growling noise and jerking when in sewing mode.


Value of a 1902 Set of Collier's Encyclopedias - stack of volumes

Value of a 1902 Set of Collier's Encyclopedias?I have a set of 1902 Collier's Encyclopedias. Can you tell me what they might be worth? Also, what is your opinion of the best place to sell them?


Identifying An Antique Server - two door cabinet with three drawers inside

Identifying An Antique Server?I have a piece of furniture that my mother said was made in the factory where my grandfather worked in Grand Rapids Michigan. She called it a 'server', but to me it seems more like a linen storage place. We have looked all over it and only found these numbers on the bottom back - 5661? My family lived in GR for years and I know my grandfather worked in one of the factories.


Are These Cuffs Made from Bakelite?

Are These Cuffs Made from Bakelite?Does anyone know if these are Bakelite cuffs? I don't see any logos or brands on the cuffs.


Value of Drew Bedroom Furniture - double dresser with mirror

Value of Drew Bedroom Furniture?I am trying to get more information (to include value) on this dresser with mirror. The inside identifier mark states "Drew". It measures approx. 54"w x 63"h x 19"d. There also is a tall dresser that matches it. I don't know much else about it and am trying to sell it, but need more information/expertise.


Value of an Ashton Drake Mini Baby Doll - small doll in crochet outfit

Value of an Ashton Drake Mini Baby Doll?I have a long sold out Ashton Drake Heavenly Handfuls Baby Em series Issue Two - Loving Eyes. She is without COA and original outfit. She is in otherwise in good condition with rerooted hair in the original hair colour to cover bald spots and has been very slightly reborn by an artist to give a touch of realism. She has a beautiful little crochet outfit on.


Value of a Brandt Desk

Value of a Brandt Desk?I have an old desk that came with my home when I purchased it. It has a Brandt label and numbers stamped on the underside. It looks as though it may have had glass or wood panels on the top sides that are no longer there. Otherwise it's in great shape. I would like to sell it because I have no real use for it, but have no clue on what it may be worth.


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Name Ideas for a Homecoming Dance with Neon Theme?I am helping with a homecoming dance that has a neon theme. We need name ideas.


Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine Has Noisy Shuttle Hook - bobbin area

Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine Has Noisy Shuttle Hook?I have a vintage Kenmore 1802 with a noisy shuttle hook. There are no mechanical issues. It sews just fine. It has been cleaned and oiled and recently re-greased the gear box. The machine is quieter, but there is a noisy clicking rattle in the shuttle.


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Organizing Business Name Ideas?I am a professional organizer starting up my own business out in NJ. I am looking for ideas for a business name - something catchy, easy to remember, yet original. I will be doing complete houses (I'm not tied down to a specific area/room in the house) so the name can be something general that has to do with decluttering and organizing.


Value of a New 1974 Americana Wurlitzer Jukebox

Value of a New 1974 Americana Wurlitzer Jukebox?I won this jukebox in a raffle, for a worthy cause, a dog sanctuary. It is new; I uncrated it myself. I oiled the belts and tested it; it played. It's been locked down for moving and blanketed for about 5 years.


Identifying a Small Brown Bug - bug on white background

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?What bug is this? It is tiny, brown, and has a black spot on its back/stomach. I found it on my sink; I barely noticed it. It doesn't have legs all around it's body only in the head area. Lol sorry for the poor description. I burnt the thing cause I didn't wanna try to squish it and it not get squished due to it being so tiny.


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Stretching Leather Shoes?How do I know the shoe is wet enough to stretch the shoe? How long does it take to dry? Can I apply heat to loosen the leather as well?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with wings

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I found one tag on this doll identifying it as an old product from Collections, Etc., but I can't find the model, name, or year anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated!


A heart shape costume jewelry necklace.

Identifying a Logo on a Thriftstore Necklace?I found this necklace at a thrift store. I am just wondering if anyone recognizes this logo/necklace.


Value of Dandee Dolls - four dolls

Value of Dandee Dolls?I have 5 Dandee dolls that have never been used. Are they worth any money?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in white christening dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Hey I am trying to find more stuff out about this doll. Do you know anything about it?


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Dashboard Lights Intermittent?Why do some of my dashboard lights come on and my speedometer works


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - bug on mattress

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?I have found these skinny brown/black bugs with wings crawling on my bed the past few days. They crawl pretty fast. I was searching around the floor board where my bed is and I found another bug it might be the baby version? They are super small and are stuck to the white floor board and one was on my bed. It looks white, brown, and yellow striped and is kinda fuzzy.


Identifying Framed Paper Cutout Silhouettes - woman playing a piano and others bowing and dancing

Identifying Framed Paper Cutout Silhouettes?I came across these two paper cutouts, they are pictures that are in the frame. They seem pretty old and the back of one says 1711, but I don't think that's a date, but it could be. What do any of y'all know anything about this? I would really appreciate it. I don't even know where to go.


Value of a 1985 Snapper LT11 Mower - bright red vintage riding mower

Value of a 1985 Snapper LT11 Mower?I have got this 1985 Snapper LT11, in mint shape, and it's too nice to just sell to as a lawnmower. Is there a market for vintage mowers and how do I get to it if there is?


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Repairing Damaged Furniture Finish?Some chemical ran down my drawer front and stripped the color off where it ran down. Now I have a line running down the drawer. Is there any way to fix besides stripping and sanding.


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