December 26, 2019

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Valentine's Checkers Game - game in process

Making a Valentine's Day Checkers GameMaking a checkers game for Valentine's day can be fun. Play with heart shaped pieces in the spirit of the holiday.


Colorful Retro Inspired Foam Earrings - all three styles

Colorful Retro Inspired Foam EarringsWe needed some accessories for a Christmas presentation. Our theme is 60s and 70s so I was tasked to make large colorful earrings which was one of the most popular fashion accessories in past years.


Honey and Weewee (Pig and Rat) - phone screen shot of a white rat with its nose near a very small white pig's ear

Honey and Weewee (Pig and Rat)The pig was born on my property. My rat is telling the pig a secret and my pig can say mama.



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Husqvarna YTA18542 Won't Crank?My battery is new; it is getting plenty of juice. When I turn the key, it tries to start, then there is a loud knocking sound and whining sound from the battery area. It has new gas and a clean air filter. Several previous times it was as if it was dragging, but it finally started. It caught fire at the fuel cut off and I had to replace the ignition harness. I'm thinking it's the starter.


Identifying a Old Table - table with painted scene of a lion, elephant, etc. on the top and stylized bamboo shaped legs

Identifying a Old Table?I'm trying to identify this table I found it at a yard sale and I thought it was cool. There are no markings of any kind that I can see. It just says made in China. Any help would be great.


Cat Is Scratching a Wound on His Cheek - white cat with a cut or scrap on its cheek

Cat Is Scratching a Wound on His Cheek?My cat had a swollen cheek yesterday and now this morning he scratched that area and it's been bleeding. It's Xmas day so the vet is closed what do you think it is? The week before he came back with a cut on his cheek and his eye was swollen. His eye is healing now, but it's just his cheek.


Feed Dogs Not Moving Fabric - closeup of feed dog area

Feed Dogs Not Moving Fabric?I have a Brother Odyssey 8060 sewing machine. While the feed dogs move back and forth and go up they don't seem to lower or feed the fabric through while sewing. I have cleaned it out and removed the needle plate to make sure no dust or thread and fabric were stuck.


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Cleaning Business Slogan Ideas?I need a slogan for my business, Valnik; it's a cleaning company. Valnik is a strong word. Ideas?


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Tongue Piercing Is Hard and New Ring Won't Go In?I had my tongue pierced just over 2 months ago. I went to change my ring and my new one won't go in and the hole is hard on top and bottom. Any ideas? Honestly I am so depressed this happened. I don't know if it's just a calcium build up or what.


Identifying a Stuffed Raccoon - very fuzzy photo of a young boy holding a stuffed raccoon

Identifying a Stuffed Raccoon?I have been searching online for months, and can't find this raccoon. I don't know the brand, but it was purchased in Connecticut in 1982 for my husband. He lost it as a kid, and his mom searched for a replacement for years, until finally giving up. She started searching again online a few months back, and had viewed thousands and thousands of images, but no luck.


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Replacement Certificate of Authenticity for a Dakin Collectible Koko?We have a Dakin stuffed Koko gorilla made in 1986 I think. The original tag and card that was attached to the neck is missing. Since Dakin Inc. no longer exists, can this collectable be certified in some way? We are not interested in resale, just in having it completely original.


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Value of the New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia Year Book?Is the New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia annual from 2008 worth anything?


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2 1/2 Week Old Puppy Not Pooping?Our puppies are 19 days old today and only 1/6 have pooped today. They have no issues peeing and usually pee a lot. They are eating fine as well. We usually give the mom wet food mixed with her dry food, but she was getting some diarrhea so we held back for a day which is when they stopped pooping. I just gave her some wet food to see if it will help.


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Replacement Controller for a Cuddl Duds Throw?Where can I find a controller type SCTH for my heated Cuddl Duds throw? My dog ate the controller.


Value of This Japanese Vase - black narrow necked vase with floral pattern

Value of This Japanese Vase?I have had this vase for approximately 40 years. I received this as a wedding gift. I am wondering what its value is.


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Removing the Smell of Beef Fat Smoke from Apartment?I made Yorkshire pudding to go with my Christmas roast this evening, and the process calls for heating some beef fat or drippings to the smoking point. Of course, I also had a few stray drips that hit the inside of the oven. I have very poor ventilation in my kitchen and absolutely no vent hood, or any nearby windows that I can open up while I'm cooking.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 16th Birthday?My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months now and I am absoutely stumped on what to get him for his 16th. Any ideas?


Identifying a Bug Shell - tan bug shell

Identifying a Bug Shell (Exoskeleton)?I found this bug shell in a dresser drawer. Any idea what it belongs to?


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Remedy for a Dog Having Diarrhea and Nausea?My dog has been having the runs and throwing up for a day in a a half now. I don't know what to do. I have no money to take her in to see a Dr.


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Using Whole Eggs in a White Cake Mix?Is the point of using egg whites in the Duncan Hines white cake mix just because it may change the color? I'm going to use food coloring so I would rather use whole eggs if it's all the same.


What Breed Is My Husky? - tri color dog lying on the floor

What Breed Is My Husky?I'm not sure what breed she is since her fur has a lot of colors, especially on her back. Her eyes seem to be light brown and she's not fully grown yet, but I would like to know what she'll be like when she's bigger.


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Cooking Ham and Turkey Together?I have a 8lb turkey breast and a 12 lb ham. At what temp and for how long should I cook them together?


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