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Green Slime on Surface of Pond?We have a green (almost a fluorescent green color) algae-like material covering the whole surface of our pond. If you put your hand in it to scoop it up it looks almost like a bunch of tiny seeds and slime that sticks to your hand. Each year it gets worse and this year there are actually plants growing about 6-10 inches high on it. It hardly resembles a pond any more. Does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it?


Controlling Algae in a Pond

Controlling Algae in a PondIt is frustrating when your beautiful garden pond become a murky green from algae. This is a page about controlling algae in a pond.


Garden Pond

Cleaning a Garden PondThis is a page about cleaning a garden pond. Keeping your pond clean and free of algae and debris can be a challenge.


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Keep Raccoons Out of Your Pond?How do I keep raccoons away from my fish pond?


Koi swimming in a pond.

Protecting Pond Fish From Birds?This is a page about protecting pond fish from birds. Birds cannot distinguish between your backyard pond and naturally occurring lakes, streams, etc. when searching for food.


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Designing a Pond Canopy to Keep the Leaves Out?I am looking for canopy designs to put netting on to keep the leaves out of the pond. The floating net is sinking with the weight of the leaves. It seems it could be left up all year since it is under the trees.


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Fish Pond Is Green?My fish pond is green. I treated it with algaecide, but it didn't help. I have plants in it and just added tadpoles and snails. Is there anything else I should do? Or do I just wait and let them work?


backyard pond

Keeping Roots From Damaging a Pond's LiningThis is a page about keeping roots from damaging a pond's lining. Tree roots can be very aggressive and invasive.


Pond Fish

Caring for Pond Fish?This is a page about caring for pond fish. Watching the fish swim lazily in your backyard pond is a very relaxing, enjoyable pastime. Proper care and feeding of your pond fish is easy to do.


A chaffinch sitting on a rock by a garden pond.

Keeping Ponds Safe for Fish and WildlifeThis is a page about keeping ponds safe for fish and wildlife. With thoughtful planning you can create a pond that is safe for your fish and visiting wildlife.


Pond Fish

Protecting Pond Fish From WildlifeThis is a page about protecting pond fish from wildlife. The lovely fish you have in your pond may be at risk for becoming dinner for the local wildlife.


Backyard Pond

Controlling Grass in a Backyard Pond?This is a page about controlling grass in a backyard pond. In addition to algae, pond grass can detract from the beauty and health of you pond.



murky pond water

Keeping Pond Water ClearIf your pond it beginning to look like a vat of split pea soup it is time to clean it and begin using some maintenance techniques to keep it that way. This is a page about keeping pond water clear.


pale pink waterlily blossoms

Finding Plants for a Water Garden?When establishing a water feature in your yard, you need to procure the appropriate plants. This page is about finding plants for a water garden.


Preparing Your Pond For Winter, A koi pond with plants around the edge.

Preparing Your Pond For WinterThis is a page about preparing your pond for winter. It is important to properly prepare your pond for winter. If the water freezes without the proper precautions it can damage the pump, plants, and fish.


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Uv Pond Filter Does Not Seem To Be Working?I bought a Oase living water filter 4 weeks ago and the water is still green. How do I know if the UV bulb is working?


Garden: Rock WaterfallMy husband built this waterfall two years ago and it was just featured in our local newspaper today! We live on a hillside in an area called Mountainview so the waterfall looks very natural. Cars stop often to look at it.


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Using BBQ Lava Rock in Pond Filter?Can I use BBQ lava rock in a pond filter?


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Treating Fish Pond For Fungi?Looking for information on treating a fish pond for fungi.


Growing Water LiliesIf you are planning on growing water lilies in your back yard pond make sure the pond is situated in place where it receives at least five or six hours of sunlight a day.


Attracting Frogs and Toads to Your PondIf you want to attract frogs and toads to your pond then make sure it has a sizeable shallow area that is not any deeper than six inches deep. Fill this area with lots of rocks for them to hide under so they feel camouflaged and safe.


Preventing Animals from Drowning In Your PondIf you live in a rural area that is populated by a lot of small wild animals then avoid using the kind of pond liner that is like a plastic sheet. This type of liner is placed over a hole in the ground that you have dug yourself. The result is often a slippery slope into the pond and animals drown.


Make Sure Your Pond is Large Enough for KoiBefore planning to host Koi in your pond make sure it is big enough and large enough to support the ecosystem of these delicate fish. Koi need lots of room to thrive in so it is recommended that the pond be at least five feet deep and be able to contain at least 1000 gallons or water.


The Best Type of Liner for Your PondThe best type of pond liner for supporting the life of aquatic plants and ornamental fish are the plastic ones that have flat bottoms and also sport a shelf all away around the edge.


Keep Koi In Partial ShadeDid you know the hotter your pond is the more Koi fish will have to eat? If you have placed the pond where there is no shade then prepare to invest in a lot of food as heat from the sun causes the fish's metabolism to accelerate.


Keeping Algae from Growing in a Pond?I have a pond that measures about 30' across and is about 5' deep in the very center, and I want to keep algae from forming without having to treat the water with chemicals, or clutter the pond with plants to block out the sunlight.


garden pond

Installing A Preformed PondPreformed ponds are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get started in water gardening. Most box-garden centers offer several sizes and depths to choose from, including complete kits that contain everything you need to get started


A squirrel drinking out of a pond.

Keeping Ponds Safe for Fish and WildlifeOne of the greatest joys to having a backyard pond is the variety of wildlife it attracts. Here are some ways to keep your pond a safe haven for wildlife visitors.


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Protecting Pond Fish From WildlifeTips for setting up a pond to prevent pests from eating the fish.



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Using an Oase 6000 Pump in a Pond?Does an Oase 6000 pump work OK on the bottom of a pond 27 inches deep?


pool with fountain

Clearing the Water in Pool with Fountain?It is not a pond with fish and vegetation, just a water pool with pump and water fountain feature. It gets cloudy. It is in full sun. What can I use naturally, i.e. vinegar, baking soda, or peroxide that will clear the water?


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Getting Rid of Blanket Weed?What is blanket weed and how do I get rid of it?



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Copper Sulfate Killed Fish in Pond?I used copper sulfate for algae control in my pond. I ended up killing all my koi. Is there any way to get the copper to dissipate or do I need to drain my pond to reintroduce koi?


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Killing Algae in Backyard Fishpond?My pond holds approx. 2000 lt. It has algae growing on the plants and fish in the pond. How can I safely get rid of the algae?


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Cleaning a Foul Smelling Pond?How can I clean a pond, we have inherited, of a very bad smell. We cannot empty it as it's in an inaccessible place and doesn't have running water. We believe the previous owner emptied their grass cuttings in it and they have sunk to the bottom and presumably are now rotted.


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