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Feed Cats Soft Food to Increase Hydration
Canned does provide more water and less carbohydrates, which can contribute to being overweight. It all depends on the cat. I have 5 with 3 being overweight. To get them down to an acceptable weight, they were switched to canned. I have another who has trouble...


Why Does My Dog Try to Bite When Petting His Head?
First and foremost, take your dog to the vet for an evaluation. Anytime there are behavioral issues, you should have your vet make sure there arent any physical underlying causes. If the vet deems that the behavior isnt due to a medical problem, then ask for...


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Preventing a Cat from Spraying?
Talk to your vet first to rule out any underlying medical issues. If all checks out fine, then you need to ask yourself some questions. Do you have any other cats? If so, cats can be territorial. Rule of thumb: Always have one more cat pan than you have number...


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Cleaning Hardwood Floors Without Leaving Streaks?
If you have solid hardwood floors vs laminate, then use strong brewed tea. I had the same problem. Anything commercial left my floors with a film and sometimes tacky. I looked all over the internet and discovered this method. Seems that this is an idea from...


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Using a Flea Collar on a Kitten?
Definitely no! I agree with the rest. Talk to your vet before using any flea product on a kitten of any age. Besides, most flea collars are also a safety hazard. They do not release like a break-away collar. Break-away collars are designed to break under pressure...


What Breed is My Dog?
I would agree that he could be a Chi/Min Pin mix, but without seeing your dog in person and not knowing his weight, its hard to say for sure. I have both breeds. The Chihuahua part, I believe, is dead on. I see the apple shaped head and the Chihuahua expression...


Snow along the side of the road.

Scenery: Snow in Georgia
I lived in Hinesville, GA for 4 years and it only snowed twice. It definitely beats the ice storms that were a bit more prevalant. I now live back in my native Cleveland, OH(Yes, Im one of those GD Yankees!) Our snowfall total for this winter so far is 54.6...


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Concerns About Pet Rubber Nail Caps
Unfortunatly these were recommended to me by a previous vet. I was trying to avoid a declaw. All my cats(5) nails get trimmed now, but it doesnt completely avoid all damage especially to my carpets. Ah, the joys of owning pets. As for your dog, have you tried...


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Ideal Weight for a Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua?
Definitely ask your vet first. Both breeds weights can very some. What is right for one is incorrect for another. I have both. My Min Pin is big for the breed and I try to keep him below 14 lbs. My Chihuahua is good at 6 lbs. Both are feed once a day in the...


11 Year Old Cat Losing Weight?
BINGO! Go to the vet. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. As you can see by what has been posted so far, this could be any numerous problems, (with my clutter of cats, Ive dealt with hyperthyroidism, renal and liver failure throughout the years) all of which...



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