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▲︎ Rainbow Tea


Rainbow Tea

Food Ideas for a Yellow Rainbow Tea

My color is yellow and I would like some ideas on what to serve?

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Orange Rainbow Tea Food and Decoration Ideas

My color is orange and I have 3 days to figure out decorations and food. Can you please give me some ideas?

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Decorating a White Rainbow Tea Table

My color is white and I have 3 days to figure out decorations and food. Can you please give me some ideas?

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Decorating a Rainbow Tea Table
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Rainbow Tea Skit Ideas
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Ideas for Yellow Rainbow Tea Decorations and Food

I don't know anything about a rainbow party. I was chosen to take the color yellow to decorate my table. Can anyone give me some ideas and some ideas on food that got to be yellow?

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Purple Rainbow Tea Ideas
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Food Ideas for Purple Rainbow Tea

We are having a rainbow tea at our church. I need some ideas on food; our color is purple.

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Red Rainbow Tea Ideas

How do I decorate my table for a rainbow tea; my color is red? And can anyone please give me a scripture for red and also a theme?

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Ideas for Green Rainbow Tea

My color for my church rainbow tea this year is green, any suggestions?

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Planning a Ladies Tea at Church

Our church is planning a ladies tea in June or July. I am looking for inexpensive party favors for about one hundred ladies. Any ideas? Thank you.

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Green Rainbow Tea Ideas

What are some topics for a rainbow tea at my Church? My color is green. Thanks.

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Rainbow Tea Skit Ideas

My church is having a rainbow tea for ladies day. I need ideas for skits for my table. My color is green.

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Orange Rainbow Tea Ideas

I am captain of my church's rainbow tea and the color is orange. Could you give me some decorating ideas for my table?

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What is a Rainbow Tea Party?

What is a church rainbow tea party?

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Meanings of Colors

Where do I find the meaning of the colors of a rainbow?

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Planning a Rainbow Tea

I'm having a Rainbow Tea in church. What kinds of food should we serve?

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Yellow Rainbow Tea Ideas

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for yellow snacks and crafts for a Rainbow Tea?

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Red Rainbow Tea Ideas

We're having Rainbow Tea on May 1, 2010. And I'm the captain of the my table. My color is red. I need some ideas. Also, what does the color red mean in the bible? Please help me out.

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Blue Rainbow Tea Ideas

We are having a rainbow tea at the church. My color is blue and I need food ideas, to decorate something differently, but simple. I need help fast.

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Rainbow Tea Party Ideas

We are having a Rainbow Tea at my church. I need ideals on a theme and a Bible verse to go along with it. Ideas for decorations would also be helpful.

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Gold Rainbow Tea Ideas

Our church sponsored its Rainbow Tea and we chose Gold to symbolize the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. We created a centerpiece using a medium size gold brass pot. We purchased gold ribbons about 3/4 inch in width.

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Pink Rainbow Tea Ideas

I am having a rainbow tea for church. Does anyone have any ideas for decorations and food for pink? That is the color I have been given. Thanks.

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Purple Rainbow Tea Ideas

I am the captain of a rainbow tea for church we are having in August. My color is purple. I would like some ideas on food and decorations. Thanks in advance.

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Green Food Ideas

I need ideas for foods that are green for a green rainbow tea table. Also how to color certain foods with food color.

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White Rainbow Tea Ideas

I need ideas for a Rainbow Tea. My color is white.

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Making Money at a Rainbow Tea Party

How do you make money doing Rainbow Tea Parties. I heard that you can. I need details.

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Rainbow Tea Decorations

I want to know about how to decorate for a rainbow tea our church is having on October 13, 2007. My color is indigo.

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What does blue mean in a rainbow tea?

What does blue mean in a rainbow tea?

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Blue Rainbow Tea

What is the meaning of a Rainbow Tea? My color is blue.

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Decorating a Rainbow Tea Table

My church has choose me to be a leader for a rainbow tea party. I have never been to a rainbow tea party. My color is gold and I need all the help I can get. This party is in a couple weeks so please respond soon.

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More Rainbow Tea

Those were some excellent suggestions for decorations, now, I would like someone to suggest some games and activities that could be done at a church rainbow tea.

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