June 20, 2011

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Feta Avocado SpreadI love loading this on oat bread for a roast beef, cheddar, and clover sprout sandwich, and it's awesome on toasted French baguette slices as an appetizer too!


granola in Ziplock bag

GranolaThis is a fruit filled, quick granola. Makes around 12 cups.


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Beef TeriyakiThis is one of those meals that you can literally walk in the door at night, put on the skillet, and start cooking. If you're thought ahead and already cut the meat into strips. While the meat browns, cut up the pepper and onions.


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Fresh Peach CakeA winning recipe for using fresh summer peaches.



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Peroxide to Whiten TeethMy mom told me that you can dip your wet tooth brush into a bottle of peroxide, then brush your teeth with it. Over time, your teeth will become much whiter. Just don't swallow the peroxide.


A golden dog is camping by a lake.

Camping Tie Out for DogsThe doggy chain clamps wear out fast when big dogs are yanking the chains, so my husband bought some plastic coated wire and clamped heavy duty clasps onto each end - the kind with swivels on them.


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Turn Off A/C At Night To Save ElectricityIf you live in the Northern/Midwest states and it's 70-75 degrees F outside at night, you can turn off your air conditioner at night. Your apartment/condo will stay cold until morning.


A dandelion outside in a grassy area.

Beauty by Any Name (Dandelion)I know many will think why send a picture of that? As my mother used to say, weeds are just misplaced flowers, and just as beautiful.


mismatched sets of dishes

Unique Place Settings Instead Of A SetWhy do my dishes have to match? Why can't I find unique place settings that give each guest a set of their own? So, at the local St. Vincent dePaul, I found these plates, saucers, and mugs and gave them a new home.


Bear coffee art

Travel: Fancy Cappuccino Art (Osaka, Japan)Here is a fancy little cappuccino with a bear's face! My brother ordered it at a famous department store in Osaka, Japan. It was expensive but well worth the art and of course, it tasted great!


Plastic Oatmeal Canister Lid

Crafts with Plastic LidsI keep clear lids from things like Pringles, Beef Jerky, etc. They are great for a lot of things.


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Cooking Corn on the CobIf you are boiling your corn on the cob, be sure you add the corn after the water has come to full rolling boil, to which you have NOT added any salt. Instead of adding salt, add a teaspoon of sugar to the water.


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Take Cell Phone Picture of Appointment CardsWhen I'm given a business card from my dentist, hair stylist, etc., with my next appointment time on it, I take a picture of it with my cell phone. This has helped me greatly, because lots of times I misplace the card.


A bee on a purple flower.

Bee StillWe've been having lots of grey days in Washington state lately, but they are great for taking pictures. I was lucky enough to catch this bee working hard at gathering pollen off this beautiful flower. I call this picture "Bee Still".


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Reshape Summer Straw HatsDon't toss a good straw hat that has gotten out of shape over the winter! Almost all straw hats can be put back into shape by wetting them slightly, then gently pulling and pushing them into the proper shapes before letting dry.


A Bigfoot Crossing road sign in Colorado.

Scenery: Big Foot Crossing (Colorado)My son Scott took this picture while visiting his sister Kelly in Colorado. Don't think he saw a Big Foot, but said he was watching out.


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Recycled Cart for RainwaterTake an non-working lawnmower and remove the engine. Make sure the lawnmower still has its wheels and handle. Build a wooden frame around the base large enough to anchor a barrel or large pail.


A dark haired woman smelling red roses.

Photo: Stop to Smell the RosesI took this photograph of myself on the webcam in my office a few days ago. The roses are fake, in fact, from a thrift store in the area for only a couple bucks. This is a reminder to stop and smell the roses, whether they're fake or real!


A yellow dog in a blue wading pool.

Rosco (Dog)Rosco is a 4 month old mutt. My grandson, Austin, got this puppy and wanted to keep him at my house! Austin works 2 jobs in the summer. I guess now Rosco is our dog! He likes to swim. He is so sweet and also very busy.


Dragonfly resting on daylily

Slaty Skimmer Female DragonflyI love walking in my garden with my camera. Resting on my day lily, was this beautiful dragonfly. Anyone else besides me like dragonflies? She stayed for awhile, and let me take quite a few pictures before she flew away.


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Reclaim Water From Defrosting FreezerWe have a small dorm size refrigerator that we use for extras like sodas, water, and party food. It is not frost free, so in the summer it frosts up easily. When I defrost it, I try to catch all the water that drips off then I remove the big pieces as they become loose.


Hen and Chicks plant zoom

Hen and Chicks SurpriseWe had an early morning spring shower that left the Hen and Chicks with droplets of water. When the sun hit them, they shimmered like diamonds.


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Store Pills in Baby Food ContainersWe do a fair amount of traveling. Rather than carrying whole pill bottles, I use plastic Gerber baby food containers with lids and put enough pills to last the time that we are there


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Cut Scrubbing Pads in HalfScotch-Brite scratch pads and their "clones" are fairly large. I only use about half the surface for actual scrubbing, so I got to thinking. Why not cut the next batch of Scotch-Brite scratch pads in half?


Storm clouds in the mountains.

Spring Storm Passing Over the Mountains (TN)This was a storm that was passing over us. Every time a storm comes our way, I am always out there with my camera!


Squirt the cat

Squirt (Gray Cat)Squirt was my husband's cat when we met, so I'm guessing he's give or take around 16 years old. I'm more of a dog person, but Squirt thinks he's a dog. He started walking with me when we got our Parker, as a puppy, back in 1999.


Purple Morning Glory blossom.

First Morning Glory of the YearI went outside with my camera like I do every morning to see what I can catch. It was a special day! The first morning glory of the season was open and happy. It was shining like the sun!


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Use a Telescopic Window WasherIf you have a problem reaching for cleaning windows or anything high inside or out, purchase a telescopic window washer; the kind they use for cleaning bus windows. It works like a charm!


Vintage mirrors on shelf

Decorate With Vintage MirrorsFor me, old mirrors hold stories from the past and can bring a unique feel to any room. I like mirrors with personality - evidence that they've been a daily part of someone's life.


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Old Knit Gloves as Bath MittThere are a lot of mismatched knitted winter gloves around the house that no one claims. They end up in the lost and found box. I have started laying them on the bathtub after washing them and using them as a bath glove.


Brown Turkey Fig

Garden: Green Figs (Colfax, LA)Here in Louisiana the figs are setting, and are the most beautiful green. This variety is the Brown Turkey Fig. When the figs ripen in about a month, they will be the most gorgeous brown color with hints of pink and purple.


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Divide Potted PlantsSince we live in a condo, our gardening is limited to potted plants. When I get a new plant, I always make at least 2, sometimes 3, pots out of it. I divide them and re-pot them with new soil.


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Homemade Stringed Instrument HangersA creative tip straight from hubby on hanging guitars, etc., is to take 2 very large office clips/clamps and clip them on a bookcase about as far from each other as the width of the top of the instrument above the fretboard.


The su going down behind some trees in front of a farmhouse in Quebec, Canada.

Scenery: Sunset (Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada)This photo was taken at sunset on the Gaspe peninsula. We were hiking the last five miles of the Appalachian trail, and the sun started to set behind the old barn seen in the picture.


Sparklette Raccoon

Ms. Sparklette (Raccoon)My husband hand feeds this sweet raccoon, and has called it Sparky for a long time. I saw 'him' from the side, and noticed the equipment needed for a 'snack bar for babies'.


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Use Boot Dryer For Damp ClothesPull something out of the dryer that's not quite dry? Lay over the top of the boot dryer to finish drying it. Lay wet washcloths, dishcloths, or damp clothes over it to dry before going into the hamper.


Flower Card Finished

Easy Flower Card for Any OccasionStep by step instructions on how to easily make a cute flower-card, using simple household stationery. This is a great craft for kids.


A latch hook rug made from recycled fabrics.

Recycled Fabric Latch Hook RugI made a rug from a less-than-lovely knitted throw and some old t-shirts. Everything is machine washable, and I didn't have to run out and get rug canvas. I cut the t-shirts into small 1 inch wide and 3 inch long strips and created a latch hook rug.



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Fusing Glass Beads to a Wine Bottle Without a Kiln?How do I fuse glass "gems" (the glass pieces bought at craft centers that look like squished marbles) onto a glass wine bottle without using a kiln?Sorry, no photo, I have not figured it out, nor found a resource.


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Chinch Bugs Killing Lawn?My beautiful St. Augustine lawn is being attacked by grubs and chinch bugs. Some of the dead grass comes up without any trouble, like in clumps, but other areas are dead are are hard to pull up. I sprayed and spread Spectracide, now what do I do?


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Need Help Organizing Personal Belongings?I have 37 years of my life packed into 2 rooms. I cannot seem to catch up because my organizational skills are lacking. I wish I could have assistance of a professional organizer, but I am afraid of emotional attachment to some of my belongings.


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Paint Color Advice for Kitchen with Red Orange Counters?We just started painting the ceiling which is white and our counter top color is bright red orange. So, what is the color paint for my wall? Please help me. Thank you.


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1980s Weight Watchers Plan?Does anyone have a copy of the Weight Watchers Plan from 1985?


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Protecting a Cast Iron Stove from Rust?I have an old iron stove. It comes from a church and is very ornate and stands about 4 feet high, has four legs and takes up loads of room. I am wondering if I could put it outside without too much damage. What would I have to do to protect it from rusting.


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Freezing Squash?How do I freeze squash?


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Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food?My dog, Honeybear, is a 13 year old Chow Lab mix. The vet wants her to lose 5 kilos; she is 22 kilos. Can anyone please help with home made food recipe for her?


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Growing Hen and Chicks in Arizona?Would hen and chicks thrive in Tucson Arizona? My sister has many different varieties of cacti spread around her acre of land.


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Adding Gumamela Extract to Liquid Body Soap?How can I make gumamela extract be an ingredient, in making liquid body soap?


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Removing Milk and Blood Stains from a Tan Carpet?How can I remove really dark stains from tan carpet? Some are from milk and some were from when my Dad was ill and got blood on it.


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Front Loading Kenmore Not Spinning?My front loading Kenmore washer model #417 sounds like it is spinning, but does not even though the belt is fine.


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Cleaning a Black Stove Top?How can you keep a black surface clean from grease on a stove top?


Helping Hair Grow Longer?I am an African teen and my hair has always been shorter than ear length. What can I do to make my hair grow? I stopped relaxing it. All I do is use cod fish oil and flat iron my hair. I am not happy with the results.


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What is Citric Essential Oil?What is citric essential oil and where can I purchase this? Will it hurt my plants?


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Blue Spruce Needles Turning Brown?We have blue spruce trees that have brown branches from the bottom up. The top of the tree is very healthy. We have noticed that the brown branches have new green growth on the tips now. What can we do for the trees?


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Making Cheesecake in a Pie Pan?I am making a cheesecake and I don't have a springform pan. Can I use a pie pan?


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Cats Have Stopped Eating Dry Food?I have two cats, ages 12 and 7, and they stopped eating the dry cat food that I've fed them for years. I've been trying different brands (all top quality). I've even tried mixing canned food with the dry; they didn't like that either.


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Dog Food Suggestions for a Picky Eater?I have a Dachshund/Pomeranian mix; he is a very picky eater. I haven't found any dog food he likes. Are there any suggestions from anyone that owns this type of breed? He is 18 months old.


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Chipmunks Eating Flowers?How can I stop the chipmunks from eating my impatiens in my flower boxes?


Hello Kitty clothing with lipstick stains.

Removing Lipstick Stain from Dried Clothing?How do I remove a lipstick stain from my clothes? It was in my kid's pocket and transferred in the dryer to everything! Please advise.


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Crochet Purse that Transforms into a Doll Bed?When I was a young girl someone taught me how to crochet a doll's purse that could transform into a doll bed. I would love it if someone remembers this pattern and would share it with me. I'd love to make one for my grand-daughter. Thanks!


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