July 1, 2011

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Picture of a lawyer at a desk.

Finding a Good Estate AttorneyThis is a page about finding and selecting a good estate attorney. Finding a good lawyer to help settle an estate can save you a lot of stress during what's already a very difficult time.


Photo of lots of loose change.

Organizing ChangeThis is a page about organizing spare change. Organizing your change can help lighten your purse or pockets. It also can help you save money.


Picture of a colored paper cut into flower shapes and strung together.

Homemade Birthday Party DecorationsThis is a page about homemade birthday party decorations. Making your own birthday decorations is fun and can save you money. It also allows you to match the decorations to fit what your child likes.


Keeping Kids Entertained on Road Trips, Photo of a child with earphones on in the back seat of a car.

Keeping Kids Entertained on Road TripsThis is a page about ways to keep kids entertained on road trips. Keeping kids entertained can make a road trip more enjoyable for the whole family.


Picture of a child reading a book on the grass.

Getting Children to Read for FunThis page is about ways to encourage children to read for fun. Being a strong reader helps kids do better in school. Making sure that reading, is a fun activity not something only associated with homework, is very important.


Photo of tools hung a peg board.

Organizing Your ToolsThis is a page about ways to organize your tools so they are easy to find when you need them. Have you ever spent hours looking for a tool? Organizing your tools can make home improvement projects quicker and save you money by avoiding buying duplicate tools.


Photo of a man ironing a shirt.

Ironing a Dress ShirtThis is a page with tips and solutions for ironing a dress shirt. You can wear a nice shirt, but if it has wrinkles, it won't look good.



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Homemade "Instant" OatsSteel cut oats or Groats are the only type of oats that actually reduce cholesterol and lower triglycerides according to a study published last year. That is due to the fact that the bran is still intact.


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Pineapple Dream PieLove it. So easy and good.


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Delightful Pear SaladI think this one is especially good, but I think it's just because I love pears!


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Fried Green TomatoesThis is such an easy dish to prepare. We make it at least two times during the growing season, when we really need to have a way to use up green tomatoes.


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Steak with Cider and MushroomsI like this, especially in the winter. It has kind of a stroganoff feel to it, I think. Also love that it's in done in the crock pot. I love crock pot meals, because I can just throw in all the ingredients and forget about it - almost.


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Apricot Whole Wheat LoafThis is a yummy, sweet, soft bread recipe.


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Asparagus Ham RollsI like this as a sort of brunch recipe, but really it's good any time. Quick and easy, too, because it's done in the microwave.



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Fix-a-Flat for Flat Tires I knew how to change a tire but I am 73 years old and didn't have the strength. I went into the automotive section and saw this can of "FIX A FLAT". I bought a can, just in case I did have a flat again.


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Bring Eye Wash CampingBring lots of eye wash when going camping! If you get something in your eyes, there really isn't anyway to rinse out the debris in the middle of nowhere.


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Storing Green OnionsI love green onions in my omelets and saimin noodles. The trouble is that it goes rather quickly. We found quite by accident how to store green onions.


The mountains in Pennsylvania with Autumn color.

Scenery: Slate Bed (Potter County, PA)One of my favorite ATV destinations is a slate bed in Potter County, PA. You can see forever. The view is breath-taking, especially in autumn.


Pink Zinnia

Pink Zinnia FlowerI was out in my yard and I saw the zinnias had popped out in all their colors! I like to plant these flowers, because they are so easy to admire. They are large and are outspoken in a visual way!


A daylily in bloom.

Spring FlowersThis little red rose if called Freedom Rose. I bought it as a sprig from Walmart 10 years ago. It has one root but is different. It requires a lot of water and regular fertilizing, but the reward is the blooms stay on.


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Disinfect Laundromat Washing MachinesTo avoid getting germs from another family when using the laundromat washers, just wipe down the machine with Listerine mouthwash. Then add 1/2 cup of Listerine to the wash cycle. The Listerine disinfects the machine.


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Treating Canine RashMy dog does not do well at the vet's, but she gets a wicked rash every summer. It is red and scaly and seems uncomfortable. I tried applying athlete's foot cream daily, then put an old T-shirt on her to keep her from ingesting the medicine.


A woodpecker at a bird feeder

Wildlife: Baby WoodpeckerI put suet out for the woodpeckers. This baby had not found where I hang it yet. It went to the hanging feeder where I have Nyjer seed for the finches.


A frustrated man at a laptop

Warning: Anti-Virus Pop Up AdvertisementsRecently we've received several reports of visitors seeing anti-virus messages pop-up while browsing ThriftyFun. We monitor the site for viruses and other problems and we don't believe that these pop-up advertisements are coming from one of our advertisers or from the site itself.


A furry brown rabbit eating a carrot.

In Memory of Bunson (Rabbit)Bunson was about a 1 year old rabbit. She walked into our garden one day about a year ago. She was a bittersweet "find", because we had just lost our cat a week prior.


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Use Coffee Filter to Hold SnacksCoffee filters are much cheaper than paper cups or bowls, and they're environmentally friendly. They can be used for small snacks like dry cereal, goldfish crackers, and pretzels.


The Dangers of MSG and AspartameFor most of my 56 years, I have been having a myriad of symptoms, most of them neurological in nature. I have known for a while that the food additives we are (often) unknowingly consuming have had an effect on us. It wasn't until today that I knew how much.


Kitchen sink with wooden cutting board cover

Sink Cover to Maximize Counter SpaceMy husband constructed two wooden cutting boards to fit my double sink to increase my counter space. The stove is to the left of the double sink; there is no space to the left of the stove for cooking preparation.


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Basic History from Historical MoviesI grew up watching old classic movies - the sort now on TCM. So many of them had historical or bigraphical themes, that I am sure that I filled in holes in my historical knowledge just by watching them - Painless!


Ft. Vancouver

Fireworks at Fort VancouverMy family and I visited Fort Vancouver for their annual Fourth of July fireworks display. It is a very large park located in Vancouver, Washington, with historic and archeological exhibits and information.


A miniature poodle listening to an ipod.

King Jr. (Miniature Poodle Mix)King Jr. is a 7 year old miniature poodle mix. I saw an ad in the penny saver, and I got him as soon as they took him out of the van. He was so cute at 3.5 lbs. I fell in love on the spot back in 2004.


A fully stocked pantry with canned goods.

Restocking My PantryNo, I didn't run out of groceries and have to restock. What I mean is that when I come home from shopping, I have decided to restock my shelves in somewhat the same manner that the stores do.


A smiling young girl with a very large Dallas Cowboys football helmet on.

Photo: Miss Dallas CowboyThis is my great granddaughter Autumn Nicole. She put on the helmet, and this turned out to be the cutest photo. She looks like a Kew-Pie doll, that I had when I was a kid.


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Sharpen Scissors with Steel WoolI know I have about 3 dozen scissors running around here. To keep them sharp, I buy a box of 00 steel wool from my local hardware store and cut through it with the scissors.


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Save Air Conditioning Water For PlantsWe noticed that there were puddles outside the windows with these air conditioners. We gathered some old five gallon buckets, and placed them under the drips.



prego tomato sauce logo

Choosing a Baby Name?My daughter-in-law and son can't seem to agree on anything.


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Planting Virginia Creeper?I want to grow Virginia creeper (or similar plant) up the walls of my pebbledashed, two-storied home. Our climate is (usually) temperate, but with strong winds from time to time and the occasional severe winter.


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Using Bleach in a Small Wading Pool?Many years ago, I added bleach to our kids' wading pool to keep the water from going "bad". Now my daughter would like to do the same with my 4-year old grandson's small wading pool. I don't remember the measurements? Would anyone know? Thanks.


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Finding a Job After Being a Stay at Home Mom?I am supporting 1 teen and 3 cats. Never be a stay at home mom.


Inexpensive Solution to Hard Water?I am renting a house which has it's own well without a water softener. The water is so nasty, I shower at a friend's when I can. I even give my pets bottled water. What is the cheapest way to soften the water?


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Storing/Freezing Mass Quantities of Carrots?I have received a lot of carrots can they be frozen? If yes, must I cook them first before freezing?


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Removing Set In Oil and Grease Stains?I need a stain remover to take out set in oil and grease stains. Any suggestions?


Water lily

Finding Lost USPS Mail Without a Tracking Number?I'm from India and I had cleared my CCNA exam, but the certificate has to be sent from United States. Cisco is telling that my certificate has already been sent to me, but I had not received it yet.


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