September 3, 2011

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Dried orange slices, bundle of cinnamon sticks, and cloves.

Drying OrangesThis is a page about drying oranges. Drying oranges allows you to store them for future use. Whether it is to add flavor to recipes, making potpourri, or for use in craft projects, dried oranges are great to have on hand.


View of pottery kiln with tongs adjusting a piece.

Making a KilnThis is a page about making a kiln. You have taken some pottery classes and are now hooked. You have either bought your own wheel, are hand building, or perhaps you prefer sculpture. Now that your art piece is finished it is time to fire it.


Small chest freezer with top closed.

Cleaning a FreezerThis is a page about cleaning your freezer. Your freezer is an amazing appliance, allowing you to store food for long periods of time. To maintain its efficiency and sometime to find the lost steaks, etc. you should clean the freezer periodically.


Red canister vacuum on white background.

Cleaning a VacuumThis is a page about cleaning a vacuum. The vacuum cleaner is an awesome cleaning tool. To keep your machine in good working order, prolong its life, and get rid of the dust, dirt, and pet hair, you need to periodically clean the cleaner.


Ostrich feather duster against a blue sky.

Cleaning a Feather DusterThis is a page about cleaning a feather duster. A feather duster is a great reusable cleaning tool. Of course, the duster also needs to be cleaned routinely so that it continues to do a good job.



Luke and Nikki Sitting Quietly in Car

Luke (Redbone Hound Dog) and Nikki (Black...Luke is a 5 year old Redbone Hound Dog and Nikki is a 9 year old Black Mouth Cur. Both of our puppies were rescues, from people who couldn't them what they needed.


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Old Fashioned Peach CakeQuickly mixed and ready for baking in about 20 minutes. Served warm with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream, it's the perfect dessert for a family Sunday dinner. Easiest way I know to put a smile on everyone's face.


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Be Spontaneous When CookingWhen you cook, you need to be spontaneous. It may sound strange, but cooking is a little like trial-and-error. I was once making a banana milkshake when my sister suggested I put Coco Puffs in it. This came out delicious.


bath salt bottle wrapped in floral paper sealed with a cork top edge wrapped in tied raffia with a tag

Recycled Bath Salts BottleLast year, I received a bottle of bath salts for my birthday. After I had luxuriated in the last of the bath salts, I decided to recycle the bottle. I wanted to fill it up with bath salts again, and by using decoupage techniques, turn it into a special gift for a colleague's birthday.



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Washing Machine Not Spinning Clothes as Dry as Usual?I have an Amana top loading heavy duty washing machine, probably 5-8 years old. It does not seem to spin clothes as dry as usual. Is there anything I can check or do before calling a repair person?


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Cleaning a Cloudy Glass Bud Vase?What is the best way to clean a cloudy glass bud vase?


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Removing Ink on Dried Clothes?My wife had a pen from work in her pants and put them in the dryer. I was able to remove the ink from the dryer, thanks to the nail polish remover and Magic Eraser trick. Now what is the best way to remove ink from the clothes? I am assuming they are just done.


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Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock Works Intermittently?My grandmother used to have this grandfather clock in our house. It was still working after moving the clock from one city to another. It suddenly stopped on a fine day. I tried everything, but no avail, it was dead.


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Mower Will Not Start?My mower has 12 volts at the starter, but it will not engage the starter.


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Pressure Canning Salmon?Do you add any liquid when pressure canning salmon?


Crockette Dessert Recipes?Does anyone have dessert recipes for the small crockettes?


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Training a Dog Not to Bark?How can I stop my dog from barking at everybody?


White morning glory like flowers growing on the ground.

Growing Morning Glories in Hanging Planters?I recently moved to an older home with a large but not well-cared-for back yard. Aside from cutting back some wild plants and digging weeds, I have not done much to it, yet. It appears that I have some (well-more than some) morning glories growing along the ground.


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Shopping for Inexpensive Beads and Clasps?Does anyone know of any places I can go to for really cheap beads and clasps? I've looked up the prices for clasps and they are so expensive!


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Canning Beets?How do I can beets?


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Removing Moth Ball Odor from Clothing?How do I remove moth ball smell from a blouse purchased at a thrift store? I washed the blouse once, in the washer and dried it on a hanger.


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Keeping Soap Film Off Shower doors?Can you tell me how to keep the soap film off shower doors?


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Dog is Twitching?My dog is a Shih Tzu female. I had her to the vet last week for shots. Now she is twitching. She is only 6 years old. What could cause this?


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Finding a Reliable Dentist?Does anyone know of a reliable dentist, at reasonable fees, in the Dupage county area?


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Non Poly Fiber for Filling a Pregnancy Pillow?Where can I find a material for filling a pregnancy pillow besides poly fiber fill?


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John Deere L130 Won't Start?Why won't my tractor start? What is the spark plug gap for a John Deere L130?


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Getting Rid of House Flies?How can you get rid of house flies?


Typewriter desk.

Finding the Company That Made Typewriter Desk?I found this beautiful typewriter desk at a thrift shop and was so thrilled to see it. I am not refinishing it. Someone may have been in the process of doing so because the insides of four of the drawers look either sanded or new. The other two look very old inside.


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Keeping Cats Off of the Counters?Can I use peppermint oil in a spray bottle with water to spray on my daughter's cat to deter him from getting on my counters?


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Using Fruit to Lighten Skin?How can I lighten my skin using fruit? I also would like to know some remedies for pimples on my face. How can I protect my skin so as not to have them?


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Seasoning a Teflon Grill?I just bought a new Teflon grill. How do I season it? Do I heat the grill? How hot?


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Does Rainy Weather Affect Homemade Jelly?Can I make jelly in rainy weather?


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