September 4, 2011

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Stack of paperback books.

Repairing a Paperback BookThis is a page about repairing a paperback book. Because of their lower cost paperback books are a popular choice for the avid reader. Like any book the pages and even the covers can become worn or tear. This is a page about repairing a paperback book.


Collecting Items For Gift Baskets, Elegant Gift Basket

Collecting Items For Gift BasketsThis is a page about collecting items for gift baskets. Gift baskets are fun to put together and can be a great gift. Finding the perfect items to go into the basket is key to making it a special gift.


Wasp inside a plastic cup.

Homemade Wasp TrapsThis is a page about homemade wasp traps. Buying wasp traps and the attractant at the store can be quite expensive. Making your own traps is easily done with items you may have around the house.


Little girl painting.

Homemade Puffy PaintThis is a page about homemade puffy paint. Kids love creating artwork using puffy paint. You can make this fun dimensional painting medium at home and save money.


Young woman using computer

Finding Free WiFi ConnectionsThis is a page about finding free WiFi connections. There are many places that offer free WiFi. Some locations want you to purchase something, at others you need to be a member, and some are just plain free.


End of a leather sofa with a lapton on seat.

Cleaning a Leather SofaThis is a page about cleaning a leather sofa. Leather furniture can lend an elegant touch to your home decor. It is, however, an expensive investment. Keeping your leather sofa clean can be a challenge. Improperly cleaning leather can result in noticeable damage.


Ricotta cheese on fig leaves on white plate, with cheese knife.

Freezing Ricotta CheeseThis is a page about freezing ricotta cheese. Ricotta cheese is well known as the soft creamy cheese used in dishes such as lasagna, as well as, many desserts. Although ricotta cheese can be frozen there are some factors to keep in mind when doing so.


Purple Yoga Mat

Cleaning a Yoga MatThis is a page about cleaning a yoga mat. Yoga mats get dirty from sweat, to dirt on the gym floor. There are easy ways to wash your yoga mat down after each use.


Cut and blanched Brussel sprouts on a white plate.

Blanching VegetablesThis is a page about blanching vegetables. Certain vegetables benefit from blanching prior to freezing. Blanching can help preserve the flavor, texture, color, and nutrient content of vegetables.


Scone on a plate with tea cup and saucer off to upper right.

Scones RecipesScones are a traditional quick bread originating in Scotland. Whether you are serving them with afternoon tea or for breakfast, scones in all their variations are a delicious, easy to make pastry. This page contains recipes for scones.



Shoes and handbags stored on bookshelf.

Store Shoes And Accessories On...I live in a small space. I don't have a closet. So, how do I store my shoes and accessories? Bookshelves. I use bookshelves, with adjustable shelving, that I already own.


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Corn PuddingCrisp kernels of corn sauteed with peppers and onions and a little bacon, mixed into a creamy custard - what could be better? The flavors combine and make a really delicious dish.


Attractively Landscaped Pool

Landscaping Around Swimming PoolsIn many parts of the country, swimming pools are a prominent feature in the garden. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to spruce up an existing pool, here are some important things to consider.


Woman wearing a handmade Fascinator

Fascinator (English Hat)Ever since the Royal Wedding the big craze for 'Fascinator" has been going on. Dainty, bold, or simple this beautiful headpiece will make you the "life of the party" or the "belle of the ball."


Close up of Floris the Cat

Floris (European Shorthair)Floris is a 12 year old European Shorthair. It was a gift from my mother-in-law. It loves to play in the garden, eat butterflies. It also sits in front of my computer screen, mainly when it's cold.



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Using Resolve on Laundry Stains?Does it matter if the clothing is lights or darks when using the Resolve?


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Making Paper Beads?I want to make my own paper (or whatever you might suggest that doesn't cost a ton and use $75 worth of product) beads to incorporate into crocheted jewelry, but I don't know how to start and what to use. Please help. Thanks.


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Dealing With Loneliness and Self Doubt After Death of Parents?How do I beat loneliness and self doubt? I had been a caregiver to my parents for the past few years. They're both gone now and I'm so lonely. I don't know what to do. Can anyone offer some suggestions? Thank you.


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Freezing Cherry Tomatoes?How do I freeze cherry tomatoes?


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Capri Sun Backpack Pattern?I need a pattern for a Capri Sun backpack.


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Floor Grout Keeps Cracking?I have ceramic tile throughout all my main rooms, and in a few areas the grout keeps cracking and and falls out. We have replaced it several times and are facing doing it again. It seems to always be in the same places, 90% of the floors are fine.


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Name Ideas for an Interior Design Business?I would like someone to help me out with a business name for an interior design company. I would like it to have two words that may Italian or English with a contemporary sound that stands for excellence, flawless, fabulous, standard, unique, or fine.


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Creating Mementos from Funeral Flowers, Ribbons, and Baskets?My 15 year old niece was tragically killed in a car accident on August 3rd. With her age in mind, I am trying to think of creative things to do with dried flowers, pressed flowers, ribbons, and baskets leftover from the funeral.


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Freezing Bell Peppers?How do you freeze bell peppers?


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Making a Hanging Plant Holder?Where could I learn to make an easy hanging holder for my potted plants?


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Keeping Bugs Off Summer Squash Without Pesticides?How can I keep pests from eating my summer squash without chemicals?


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Freezing Sour Cream?Can you freeze sour cream? And if so, how?


Photo of a cactus.

What is This Cactus?I need help identifying this cactus. I purchased it locally and it wasn't identified, unfortunately it has died and I can't seem to find anymore. I am hoping that if I can out find any information about it that I can purchase another online.


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Collecting and Saving Perennial Flower Seeds?I would like to know when and how to save seed from daisies?


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TI-nspire Calculator?How do you graph a piecewise function on the TI-nspire?


Bugs on Indoor Lemon Tree?I have an indoor lemon tree which is being attacked by some sort of small insect, like tiny wood lice. They stick themselves onto the plant and cover it with this glue like substance. I've tried spraying, but they keep coming back. Any ideas please?


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Spanish Rice Recipes?I'm looking for a recipe for Spanish rice.


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Removing Red Nail Polish from Cotton Clothing?How do I remove red nail polish on a cotton dress?


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Using Salt to Kill Fleas in Carpet?I have fleas in my home in the carpets. This makes me crazy, I don't want use chemicals, I have 2 babies and I have asthma. What could I do?


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Parade Float Ideas With Theme Super Heroes?I am needing an idea for a pest control float. The theme is Super Heroes.


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Getting Rid of a Brazilian Pepper Tree? I have a Brazilian pepper tree that I can't kill. I had them all cut down and now the stumps are covered with trailers. How can I kill them?


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Removing Lipstick Stains from Clothing?How do you get lipstick out of a white, gauzy nylon blouse?


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