September 28, 2011

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Girl wearing a pig costume with a pink straw hat.

Making a Pig CostumeThis is a page about making a pig costume. Making a pig costume is simple. It can also be easily adapted for warm or cold Halloween weather.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making an Owl CostumeThis is a page about making an owl costume. Join the creatures of the night this Halloween in an owl costume. Soar through your neighborhood collecting candy.


Man in Pharaoh Costume

Making a Pharaoh CostumeThis is a page about making a Pharaoh costume. Who wouldn't want to be Pharaoh for a day? This costume is sure to be a hit whether you are just trick-or-treating or headed out to a costume party.


Making a Soap Angel

Making a Soap AngelThis is a page about making soap angels. Soap is a great medium for making carved mini sculptures. A soap angel would make a great holiday decoration or gift.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making an Optimus Prime Costume (The...This is a page about making and Optimus Prime costume (The Transformers). Every young boy in the 80's loved Optimus Prime and the Transformers. Now with the popularity of the movies these giant transforming robots are being enjoyed by a whole new generation.


A stack of CDs or DVDs

Saving Money On Computer SoftwareThis is a page about saving money on computer software. Buying programs and games for your computer can get expensive. Here are some ways to save.


Cake covered in fondant.

Making Homemade FondantThis is a page about making homemade fondant. Fondant covered cakes are very popular right now. If you don't want to buy pre-made fondant, you can make your own.


Sewing a button onto a blue checked shirt.

Repairing ClothingBuying clothes, new or used, can really add up. Repairing your existing jackets, pants, shirts, socks, shoes and accessories can save you big money in the long run. This is a page about repairing clothing.


Plastic bottles of white drinkable yogurt.

Making Drinkable YogurtThis is a page about making drinkable yogurt. Drinkable yogurt is a popular, healthy snack for kids and adults alike. While there are commercial brands available, you can make your own inexpensive version at home.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Peter Pan CostumeThis is a page about making a Peter Pan costume. Dressing up as Peter Pan is a perfect way to stay forever young, for a night. A favorite with children of all ages, Peter Pan is a wonderful Halloween costume idea.


Bowl of mashed potatoes with potatoes in background.

Mashed Potato TipsMashed potatoes can easily be varied with a little creative ingredient adjustment. Whether you use different potato varieties or add other vegetables or flavorings, mashed potatoes can be enhanced to complement many dishes. This page contains mashed potato tips.



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Make-Ahead Chicken Hot DishVery good recipe. So easy!


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Dutch Baby PancakeThis is a popover type pancake. You bake it in the oven, and it puffs up beautifully and then completely deflates! Don't worry, it's supposed to do that.


A dinner plate of green beans and ham.

Green Beans and HamThis is simple, down-home food. It was one of my favorites growing up and still is now. It's simple and a really great way to get kids to eat veggies - the beans taste too good to resist.


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Deviled EggsMy favorite to eat as a snack. Also love to make these for potlucks!


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Ginger Ale SteakIf you like sweet and sour, this recipe is for you! The time from start to serve, is anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. My husband and I love ginger. It's not only good for you, but it can be delicious in just about everything we cook.


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M&M CookiesOne of my favorite cookies!



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Removing Duplicates in iTunesI know how to get rid of duplicates on iPad. If you hold and press the icon until it shakes you will see a tiny x in the corner, them just press that and delete!


Colt the Cat getting Petted While Sitting on Lawn

Colt (Cat)Colt is a wandering neighborhood cat, he's so sweet, but he's very skittish and shy, usually never coming very close to anyone. I wonder if he's been abused? The neighbor calls him Colt.


Bumble Bee in Large Yellow Flower

Garden: Bumble BeeI am terrified of bees and, yet, mesmerized by them at the same time. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of them! Here is a bumble bee pollinating a yellow blossom at Shore Acres State Park; beautiful gardens.


Blue and Pink Sunset at Whiskey Run Beach OR

Scenery: Sunset (Whiskey Run Beach, OR)This is one of many gorgeous sunsets out at Whiskey Run beach near Bandon, Oregon. This is my absolute favorite beach. It is where I used to go to clear my dramatically-stressed head in high school.


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Shop At Church Mega SalesEvery year our local church has this huge sale where if you come on the last day, not only is everything still there, they start at noon with $3.00 a bag whatever will fit; then at 3:00, it's everything half off; then at 5:00 whatever is left is free.


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My Frugal Life: Don't Be Persuaded!Manufacturers are so good at persuading us that we HAVE to have their products that it's difficult not to end up buying all sorts of things that we really don't need.


Wrapped orange and tan caramel drawing

Add Spice to Your CaramelsConsider adding some spice to your caramel candies. Infuse your cream and butter mixture with a bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, allspice, cloves, or anise. I like to add a bit of rum extract during the holidays.


Little girl in a pink pig costume.

Homemade Pig CostumeA few accessories, paired with a pink outfit, can quickly transform your child into an adorable pig this Halloween. The best part is that this is a no-sew costume.


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Protecting your CameraProtect your camera from the rain, sand, and elements (at the beach, etc.) by putting it in a plastic bag such as a Ziploc bag.


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Use Squeegee For Shower EnclosureI keep a squeegee in the shower and using it after showering seems to do the trick without chemicals.


Sugar Ants

Deter Sugar Ants From Coming InsideWe've fought them off and on for the last 4 years. I've posted before about using a solution of Boraxo/boric acid mixed with sugar for them to take back to the nest. Unfortunately, they just keep coming back. I've even heard they'll build nests in your walls.


Infant in an owl costume.

Homemade Infant Owl CostumeThis masked owl costume is adorable. Made of felt, this costume is sure to be a hoot this Halloween.


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How to Complain to a Company and Get Real ResultsI've recently had to log more than one customer complaint, with different companies. Here's the strategy that worked for me.


Close up of Buddy the Minpin Chihuahua Mix

Buddy (Chihuhua/Minpin)Buddy is a 1 year old Chihuhua/minpin. I got him on December the 8th. My mum got me it for Christmas. I cried loads, it was the best gift I've ever received. He is my world. :)


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Hair Gel for EyebrowsDon't buy those clear mascaras to keep your eyebrows in place and looking lovely! Go to your local dollar store and find a clear hair gel that is unscented.


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Substitute Spaghetti For ToothpicksMy caretaker wanted to make a meal that required toothpicks to hold it together while it cooked, but we didn't have any so we used spaghetti broken into the proper lengths and it worked great.


Mother and Fawn Deer in the Woods

Wildlife: Mama And Baby Deer (Shenandoah...While driving along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park a few weeks ago, I was able to capture this Mother Doe and her Fawn posing together ever so nicely in the woods. I couldn't have planned it any better myself.


Little Boy Dressed as a Pharaoh

Making a Homemade Pharaoh CostumeHere is a great homemade costume for your little Pharaoh. The instructions are simple, well written, and the materials won't bankrupt the empire.


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Avoid Antibiotic SoapJust remember: do not use soap that is antibiotic; when it gets into our water it kills anything that grows. Also it apparently doesn't work; it has to be on your hands much longer than the time you spend washing them.


Cash register receipt with incorrect marshmallow price.

Really Saving Money at WalmartWe all know that Walmart honors other store's sales ads for the same item, but did you know that Walmart also will honor other store's coupons that say they are only valid in that other store?


Hummingbird at Red Feeder

Wildlife: Last of the HummingbirdsI had already taken down my hummingbird feeder, BUT on seeing a flash of one come to the window, I put it back up with sugar water in it. Sure enough, up came this fat little fella.


Man Dressed in His Optimus Prime Costume

Making a Homemade Optimus Prime Costume...Here is an excellent site with step-by-step homemade version of the Optimus Prime costume. It's very detailed and looks great!


Books sorted on bookshelves.

Start By Sorting Books AlphabeticallyMy solution has four facets. First, go through and alphabetize your books according to title, laying them on the shelf flat with one pile for one or two alphabet letters. If the pile gets too large, start another one.


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Add Miracle Whip To Mashed PotatoesI love to make mashed potatoes with Miracle Whip (not mayonnaise) instead of the usual butter/milk combo. Just add an amount to give the taste and texture you want, it's really different and delicious.


Pretty double sided paper pinwheel card.

Pinwheel CardA card suitable for most occasions.


Little Boy in Peter Pan Costume

Making a Homemade Peter Pan CostumeHere is a site with excellent instructions for putting together an adorable homemade Peter Pan costume.



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Graham Cracker Dessert?I am looking for a dessert recipe that has a graham cracker crust, filling, and is topped with chocolate frosting. It tastes just like a chocolate eclair.


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Planning a Surprise 21st Birthday Party?It's my boyfriend's 21st birthday soon and I am planning him a surprise party at a billiards hall. I was hoping someone would have a suggestion on how to make it better!


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Training a Young Pit Bull Puppy?My daughter was given a 4 week old Pit Bull puppy. Will he learn from her what to do and not do? I have heard puppies learn a lot from their mothers and siblings. I don't want him to be mean and aggressive.


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Freezing Vegetables?I want to vacuum pack vegetables without cooking them. Can you freeze vegetables without cooking them?


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Removing Cat Urine Odor from Subflooring?We are considering the purchase of an old farmhouse that has an overwhelming smell of cat urine. The carpets will be removed, but what about the sub flooring? Any suggestions? I have heard about sanding and applying a thick epoxy paint/sealant. Will that work?


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Removing Cup Ring from Wood Furniture?Someone visiting sat a BK paper coffee cup on my brand new, unpaid for, wooden entertainment center. It left a round circle. I sprayed Pledge and cleaned, but it is still there. Can someone please help me remove this stain?


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Pie in a Jar?Can you make pies in a jar, seal with lids, and leave on the shelf like cake or bread in a jar? Anyone ever tried it?


Fruit tree in bloom.

Pear Butter Novice?I am making pear butter this year and have a good juicer. I want to try to make it without sugar or sweeteners. I would like to use lemon juice to keep it from browning, but I am afraid it will make it sour. I am going to cook it in a slow cooker. Will this help keep it from discoloring?


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Removing Rust Stains on Concrete?Anyone have a good solution for cleaning rust stains off of concrete? A car has leaked rust onto our concrete driveway. I tried mixing OxiClean with hot water and pouring it on top but no luck.


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Making a Fleece Lap Blanket?I need directions for making a fleece lap blanket for a nursing home patient. I saw a blog about it and was instructed to contact ThriftyFun for directions. Thanks!


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Cherimoya Tree Not Producing Fruit?Would someone please tell me how to grow cherimoya? My tree didn't produce any fruit, even though it had lots of flowers.


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Determining Value of an Antique Philadelphia Lawn Trimmer?I just got a reel type Philadelphia Lawn Trimmer. It has on the handle, 1912 cast in, as well as, Philadelphia. This is not a full width but a narrow trimmer, with one drive wheel and one small wheel on the other side. This is the first one I have seen of this type.


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Making Dutch Baby Pancakes?I would like to know if these pancakes can be made ahead of time. I plan on making them for our fellowship time after church and will be cooking for about 35 people. I would like to make them before church and then warm them up when it is time to serve them.


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