March 15, 2012

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Cat and Dog Sitting Together

Caring for Your Spayed or Neutered PetThis is a page about caring for your spayed or neutered pet. Spaying or neutering, requiring follow on care when your pet comes home.


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Adding Raw Food To Your DietThis is a page about adding raw food to your diet. Improve your diet by adding more raw fruits and vegetables.


Breakfast Bars

Breakfast Bar RecipesHomemade breakfast bars are a good tasting, healthy, quick breakfast option when you are in a rush. This page contains breakfast bar recipes.


Honey the Dog at the Top of a Large Hill

Chow Chow Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Chow Chow breed information and photos. The Chow, originally bred in China, is an intelligent and loyal dog breed.


Dog Being Photographed

Photographing Your PetThis is a page about photographing your pet. It is fun to capture your pets in photos.


Hamster Eating Brocoli in Cage

Setting Up a Hamster CageThis is a page about setting up a hamster cage. Before you bring home your furry new friend, take the time to set up your hamster's cage for comfort and safety.



A bunch of plastic bags to be made into plarn.

Amazing Uses for Plastic BagsSave money on rubber and plastic! Want to re-purpose and re-use those plastic grocery store bags and get the most bang for your buck? Here are some answers that are sure to make you smile.


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Reuse Return EnvelopesI pay many bills online. Instead of throwing away the window envelopes from bills, I cut out addresses or use labels to cover the window. I don't have to buy envelopes and I am not adding paper to the garbage.


A stained glass window using cut wine bottle bottoms.

Use Wine Bottles In Stained GlassI work with stained glass a lot and often use the bottoms of wine bottles in my windows. The bottles with the pushed in bottoms look really cool with the sun shining through.


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Sawdust To Deter SlugsNothing to buy, just use sawdust from the table saw or a shop of a friend and scatter it around your plants lightly. If you don't have sawdust, I have used corase corn meal.


Ways to Reuse Your T-shirt

Making a Halter Top From a T-shirtThis video shows a simple innovative idea to re-purpose a t-shirts into a cute halter top.



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Getting Rid of Fleas on CatsI have two cats. We spray about ever two days for fleas. Nothing is working. We do have a flea collar on them. Would Epsom salt work as the same as plain salt?


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Reviews of: WebsiteI am going to book my holiday package. Somebody suggested to me this site:, but I don't know if they are reliable or not.The site is showing that they are ATOL and IATA bonded, so may I book my tickets?


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Value of Chambers Encyclopedia SetDoes Chamber's Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge printed in 1885 have any value?


Removing Soap Scum on a Plastic TubI have a plastic tub in my mobile home and it has so much soap scum on the sides of it. I tried to clean it with Tilex, but it caused my tub to get a crack in it. I clean my tub every day and still the soap scum is there.


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Wholesale Distributor of Discount Groceries for ResaleWhere do I go to buy discount groceries to sell in my store?


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Easter Bread with Anise OilHow much oil do you use in one recipe?


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Backdrop for Pictures at School DanceI'm looking for ideas for a backdrop. The dance theme is neon and bright lites. I am trying to incorporate that into an idea for a backdrop for group pictures


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Name Ideas for an Interior Designer Product StoreI am looking for name idea for a interior designer product store. Any suggestions?


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Home Remedy for HeartburnI am trying to get off the drug Protonix, for GERD and heartburn. I have been on it for 6 to 7 years now and it is bothering some of my other systems. My doctor says forget it, but I can't believe that they would give a drug that you would be unable to get off of.


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Uses for Hard Boiled Egg YolksMy DIL eats hard boiled eggs everyday, but only the whites. She used to throw the yolks out until I started collecting them for other uses. I find I can throw extra yolks into deviled eggs, egg salad, and tuna salad, but beyond that, I'm stumped.


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Uses for Spoiled MilkAll too often my milk spoils before I can use the entire gallon. Can anything useful be done with spoiled milk? It is so wasteful to throw it out. Buying less than a gallon at a time is not a suitable solution.


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Free Wine Barrels for Easter PlayDoes anyone know where I can get free or really cheap wine barrels? We're putting on a Easter play and the scene where Jesus turns water into wine is requiring barrels. All the ones I've seen on line are really expensive and I need 3 of them.


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Difference Between Mint Tea and Green TeaMy husband is on coumadin (blood thinner). The instructions tell him to avoid "green tea". Does this include homegrown mint/spearmint tea?


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1914 People's Encyclopedia ValueI have a complete set (5) of the People's Cyclopedia from 1914.


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Getting Rid of Foot FungusI have a toe nail fungus and it is ugly. Please help me get rid of this as soon as possible. I paid for a pedicure and bought this too. Lucky me!


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Breeding Zebra FinchesI have 2 female zebra finches. I want to get a male so they can have babies, but I'm scared the 2 females would fight, they are kinda like sisters.


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Growing Pecan TreesHow do you plant and grow pecan trees?


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Removing Oil Stains from Concrete DrivewayHow can I get oil stains off the concrete outside? My car leaked and I can't remove it.


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Getting Rid of Garden PestsI live in AZ and my hydrangea plants continually get infested by bugs along with some of my geranium plants. I have tried store bought insecticide and squirt of dishwashing soap/water solution in a spray bottle.


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Child Support and DisabilityWill my child support goes down if the mother is receiving a disability check for our son? We have two children together, or will they do a percentage of it? I live in Florida. Will your child support go down when you have shared parenting?


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