April 11, 2012

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Bubba's Sloppy Joe ChiliSo simple to make but it is so good.


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Chocolate Covered OrangesA simple and tasty treat! You can use any type of chocolate you want to but dark chocolate makes the orange or tangerine segments taste absolutely divine :-)


Quick Cheesy Egg On Toast on a plate with bacon bits as a garnish.

Quick Cheesy Egg On ToastThis is an easy alternative to the frying pan and requires only a tiny bit of butter, cooking spray, or diet margarine. Older children and teens can make this, or younger kids with adult help.



Angel Ornament

Angel Bell OrnamentThis is an angel I found at a yard sale. It was rather old, but so adorable. It is comprised of a wooden ball for the head and a large bell for the body. It was so cute, I had to share it. It also rings, so sweet!


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Talk to Everyone When Looking for WorkWhen I was looking for work, I talked to anybody and everybody. For instance, I had a company come to my home to clean my furnace. When I called to schedule the appointment, I spoke with the lady on the phone in customer service and asked her if they were hiring.


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Preventing Love Bugs From Damaging PaintI use The Love Bug Solution. It's a new product that is sprayed on the car. It forms a cellophane-like barrier that traps the bugs before they can damage the paint.


Finished Bird Nest

Medicine Cup Bird NestWhenever you buy cold medicine you always get the little plastic cup with it. Over time you end up with a lot of these since each medicine bottle comes with one. These cute little bird nests are just one way to put these little cups to use once your medicine is gone.


A box of Press'N Seal plastic wrap and a tube of super glue.

Use Press'n Seal For Storing Super GlueI have tried many of the ideas to keep Super glue from drying up, but they have not have worked for me. I did find a solution to this problem, by accident.


Spraying Flowers

Foliar Feeding for Garden PlantsPlants take up most of the nutrients they need through their roots, but they also can absorb nutrients through their leaves. When a liquid fertilizer is diluted and applied to the leaves of plants it is called foliar feeding.


Reuse Garlic Bag as Soap Bag being used to wash hands.

Reuse Garlic Bag as Soap BagDon't throw away the little net bag that your garlic came in! Put all your little chips of soap inside, tie the ends and use it as an exfoliator. You won't believe the amount of suds you will get out of your soap when using your new little bag.


Tree Covered in Vines (Tri-Cities, TN)

Tree Covered in Vines (Tri-Cities, TN)This tree is back behind some offices we go to frequently. It reminds me of a really bad hair day!


Wooden Bridge at Hillsborough River State Park (near Tampa, FL)

Wooden Bridge at Hillsborough River State...The stillness of the water, the mossy trees, the quiet of the day; time seems to slow down on the Hillsborough River.


Using a rubber band to close M&M bag

Keeping Bags ClosedIn our house we always seem to have half used bags of candy and other things. Although we own some "chip clips", our needs usually far exceed the number that we have. I am always looking for ways to seal these bags and keep the contents fresh.


Duct Tape Purse

Duct Tape PurseThese are easy and fun to make.



Beef Jerky Chex Mix Recipes?I would like a good recipe for a beef jerky Chex mix. Any suggestions?


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Foggy Headlight Covers?I have an '88 Mercury Cougar and my headlight covers are so bad, as far as being cloudy. I can no longer drive at night! I have looked and tried all the things I've heard and read about with no luck.


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Growing Tortarello Chiaro Cucumbers?I brought back the above seeds from Crete. I now have healthy plants. Can I grow them outdoors along the ground?


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Repairing a Corningware Lid Knob?The knob on the lid of our 2 1/2 qt Corningware casserole separated from the shaft that attaches to the lid. The top of the shaft appears to be merely scored and was secured to the knob by some type of glue.


Name Ideas for a Design and Construction Company?I would like some suggestions for a unique name for a design and construction company.


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Black Biting Bugs?I have had a problem with something biting on my feet and legs in my office off and on for 3 years. We have tried shampooing, pesticides, bug bombs, etc. We now sleep in our living room because they have taken over our room.


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Waterproofing Puzzle Placemats?How do I turn a jigsaw puzzle into a placemat that water rings will not harm?


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Cat Urine Smell in Old Carpets?How do you remove cat urine smell from old carpets? The cat urine happened from a previous renter. The carpets have been professionally cleaned, but this hasn't helped much.


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Avon Dinner Plate Bear?Does anyone know where I can get the original Avon dinner plate ceramic bear that you "hook" on the edge of a dinner plate?


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Storing Lettuce?Anybody have a best way to store lettuce once you "open" the head? I don't like plastic bags, bowls take up too much room, and I've been using the cereal box wax liner with a paper towel to absorb moisture. Any better ideas would be welcome!


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Finding a Reputable Dog Breeder?I am looking for local breeders for a Rhodesian Ridgeback.


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Choosing a Roofing Company?Our house got the hail storm weeks ago. It damaged the roof, punched a hole on the vinyl siding, a window screen was broken, sky light broken, and more. This is first time this has happened to us.


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Puppy Afraid of Family Members?I bought a ten week old Beagle puppy three days ago. Any time anyone in the family tries to pick him up or walk near him he will run away or hide under something. I have never had a puppy or dog do this before.


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Shopping for Bluing?I need to find bluing in Odessa Texas. Wal Mart does not carry it.


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Removing Hairspray from Formica?How do I get hairspray off Formica cupboard doors?


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Day Care Center Name Ideas?I'm opening a day care center, but I need a name. I want to use "polka dots" on my business cards and sign. I would like to have a name to match the look. Any ideas?


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Repairing a Jammed Sewing Machine?My Singer Esteem sewing machine has a jam in it. I can't lower the needle enough to catch the bobbin thread. Before I take it to a repair shop, does anyone know what the problem could be?


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Inexpensive Family Reunion Venue in Sioux Falls?We are planning a two day family reunion to be held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in the summer of 2013. We would like to meet inside on either a Saturday or Sunday. (The other day, we'll meet in a park.)


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