May 17, 2012

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Storing Pineapples, Canning Pineapples. Sliced fresh mini pineapple.

Pineapple Salad RecipesThere are many kinds of delicious salads that can be made with the addition of pineapple. This page contains pineapple salad recipes.


Wine cork used as name card holder

Reusing CorksThis page is about reusing corks. Wine bottle corks can be used for craft projects and many other interesting ways.


A paper with fields to write all the meals for a week.

Planning MealsThis page is about planning meals. Deciding what to have for dinner ahead of time can save you time and money.



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Peanut Butter Sheet CookiesI have a number of peanut butter cookie recipes. All of them are in the "cookie" state. ie drop cookies or cut out cookies. Time is short sometimes and I have adapted one of the recipes for a sheet pan.


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Slow Cooker Orange ChickenI'm nuts about Orange Chicken but it's usually soooo high in calories. Making it yourself, you can control the calorie count. See the notes at the end for how to cut down on the sugar and an optional cooking method.



Trash can with pull tie showing.

Signal the Trash Has Been Picked UpWhen I bring my trash container to the curb I pull one of the garbage bag ties (usually red or orange colored) to the outside of the side of the container so I can see it from my window.


Easy Dry Shampoo

Easy Dry ShampooHere is a picture of the ingredients for dry shampoo: baking soda and baby powder.


Economy size bottle of shampoo and smaller pump bottle.

Refill Soap Dispenser With ShampooWhen my local dollar store has a sale on shampoo I like to stock up. The bargains usually come in gigantic bottles. They are much too big to keep in the shower and hard to handle when you're wet and soapy.


Whiskers (Domestic Medium Hair)

Whiskers (Domestic Medium Hair)Whiskers is a 7 week old Domestic Medium Hair. We picked up this little one from a friend of ours who needed to find homes for her kittens. We are getting her used to being away from mommy.


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Bank Conference Room For Special EventsMost banks have a conference room with a seperate entrance that they will let their customers use either free, or for just a few dollars. These rooms are even available on weekends when the bank is not open.


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Reducing Junk MailWhen I receive junk mail with a postage-paid envelope included, I take the time to tear off the part of the page that has my name and address printed on it.


Bugaboo Bunch in the Garden Run

Bugaboo Bunch in the Garden RunI liked this photo. It reminds me of when I used to draw chickens in elementary school, like little S's with beaks. These are the only ones I have ever seen that really look like those drawings.


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Getting Rid of Junk MailWhenever I receive an "invite" in the mail for a credit card that I do not want, I tear it up into several pieces. Then, I take the pieces and put some in each waste basket around the house so just in case a thief wants to paste the information back together, all the pieces are not there.


Sunset in Loretto, TN

End of a Beautiful Day (Loretto, TN)I was enjoying a day in the backyard and the sky just started changing colors. Within an hour the amazing colors filled the sky.


Toilet brush in glass vase.

Glass Vase for Toilet Brush StorageMake your bathroom elegant on a dime! I have no storage in the bathroom under the sink for the toilet brush. I purchased a large glass vase at the thrift store and put my brush in it. It is no longer the "eyesore" in the corner!


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Unclogging ShowerheadsI keep a spray bottle of half vinegar, half water, and a spritz of dish detergent for everyday use. Once a week, I spray the showerhead with this vinegar mixture and it keeps the holes unclogged.



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Making or Buying Natural Nail PolishI was wondering if anyone knows how to make or where to get natural nail polish without all the harmful ingredients in them? Thank you.


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Uses for Expired Credit Cards and ATM CardsWhat can we do with expired credit cards, ATM cards, etc.? I am interested in crafts or other uses.


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Getting Rid of FleasA few ago days my son woke up with a lot of bites. Then I saw little black fleas jumping. What can I do? I got rid of my pet already. Please help.


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Freezing Beets and SpinachHow long can you freeze beetroot? Can you freeze spinach and how?


Stack of Compton's encyclopedias

Value of Vintage Compton's EncyclopediaI have a complete Compton's pictured encyclopedia, 1940 edition. It is in good condition. What is an estimated value for this set?


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Boy's 6th Birthday IdeasAnyone have ideas for a boy's 6th birthday party? I can't do it at home because we are living with the in-laws. We live in Sydney Australia in the eastern suburbs.


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Crafts Using Plastic Soda BottlesI am looking for creative craft ideas for Coke plastic bottles.


Glass Coke Bottle

Crafts Made with Glass Coke BottlesI have many glass soda bottles, 30 or so, and I love to make arts and crafts. When I look online for ideas, I can only seem to find crafts for plastic bottles.


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Icemaker Water Inlet Valve Not WorkingMy icemaker is not getting water. There is no power to the inlet valve and the valve is ohms @ 192.


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Removing Label from a New WindowHow can I remove a label from new window?


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Freezing ApplesauceI have 2 gallon cans of applesauce that I am going to freeze in Ziploc freezer bags in single servings. Do I need to add anything to the applesauce 1st to preserve the taste or color?


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