July 7, 2012

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Easy Fire Roasted SalsaTo make this recipe even easier you can use canned diced jalapenos to taste. However freshly roasting them brings out a smoky, almost sweet flavor.


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Easy Strawberry Banana Jello PieEasy, cool, no bake, low calorie, even good for breakfast.



Jewelry hanging from racks, mounted on wall.

Use Cooler Racks to Organize JewelryI was looking for a way of keeping earrings and necklaces un-cluttered when not having an earring stand. I took two metal cooler racks (the kind you use in the kitchen) hung them on the wall with Command Hooks (one in each corner at the top) and hung my earrings on them in staggered rows.


Storing Fresh HerbsMost fresh herbs are just like rooting plants, they need water. And if you want to you can take a 2 liter bottle cut in half and turn the bottle neck down into the bottom of the bottom half to make it look like a funnel in the bottle. Use some tape if you need to to keep the funnel upright.


Canadian flags decorating a home and yard.

Canada Day CelebrationThis was taken at a friend's house. They had a Canada day party. They had about 100 flags all over. It looked good.


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Saving Money on Toiletries for KidsSome kids don't know what a normal amount of shampoo, conditioner, or showergel is. They tend to use way too much.You can just buy a plastic pump bottle for each different product to refill over and over, and tell them that 1 or 2 pushes is enough! This helped me save loads and loads of money.


Cat sitting in a suitcase.

Amber (Persian)Amber is a 15 year old Persian. My sister brought her from Spain Layabout. She likes to sit on my lap and sleep. She is a queen and she knows it. She hates to be left behind. When packing for a trip we must be careful not to let on.


Beautiful pink and purple sunset.

Sunset (Tacoma, Washington)I was bringing the dog in from the back yard and this sunset was in front of our house. There were such gorgeous colors, I had to grab my camera.


Hypertufa Planter

Recycling Plastic Planters as Hypertufa...Save your plastic containers your plants come in and use them as molds to make beautiful hypertufa planters.


Baby and mother barn swallows.

Ready to Fly The Nest! (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)Baby barn swallows look to mama bird for food. The expressions on these little fellows were priceless. There are four babies, two who are very curious and two who buried their heads and hid! I feel very lucky to have discovered this.


Black bunny on a leash.

Cocco (Lop Eared Bunny)Cocco is a lop eared bunny. I got my pet about 4 months ago. I bought him from a show breeder. He likes to get outside and nibble at the grass. He likes to put his food dish on his head.


Closeup of Shepherd.

Tyson (German Shepherd)Tyson is a 9 year old German Shepherd. Casper Cody Rex (Tyson) was rescued by Pet Rescue and came to me 12 months ago. He likes to play with the two senior female German Shepherds, run along the beach, and try and catch the little waves. Like other dogs of his breed, he is the best of the best.


Box of foil.

Cleaning BBQ Grates with Aluminum FoilDirty BBQ grates? Burnt on food in a pan? Rims on you tires? To clean the messiest grills, pans, and cars tire rims easily, use that aluminum foil you were just about to wad up and toss into the garbage. It works great instead of those scouring pads you are always buying. Get all your money's worth, instead of just part, out of your foil. Put it to work one more time before tossing into the trash.


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Yard Sale TipI know with all the yard sales this time of year, many people are buying second hand and giving new life to their finds. When pricing items, many types of pricing elements are hard to remove and leave sticky residue.


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Vinny (Puggle)Vinny is a 6 year old Puggle. I rescued him from Craigslist. He likes to play tug a war, run with his doggy friends, and cuddle.


Large crape myrtle tree in front yard.

Very Tall Crape MyrtleI am 75 and was raised in the South (Knoxville, Tennessee) and this is the tallest crape myrtle I have ever seen. It shades my living room window and my front stoop and door.


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Cushion Pads for Straps That Touch the SkinCpap users that have to strap on breathing masks and anyone else using straps that touch the skin might look at the toe bandages (pkg. of three) at Walmart for $2.68, that slip around straps for needed comfort.


White wall with dark green sponge painting.

Sponge Painting WallsThis page is about sponge painting walls. You can create an interesting look to your walls with the addition of paint applied with a sponge.



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Activities When Babysitting a Five Year Old?I'm babysitting a 5 year old girl from 10:00am to 8:00pm every single day. She has gotten bored with most things we do, so I need something creative and I prefer it to be inside, because it's way too hot.


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Determining Fair Pricing for Cleaning Business?I am a new cleaning business owner. My target market has been seniors and physically handicapped individuals. I am fully aware of the special needs and financial barriers that come along with my clients' living situations. I want to be fair in my billing practices without compromising company and financial growth. Any suggestions?


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Chambers Encyclopaedia Set?I have a set of Chambers Encyclopedias published by J. B. Lippincott Company. I am not sure what year, but they are very old. I have 9 of 10 volumes and they are in decent shape. Are they of any value?


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Dishwasher Rinse Agent Dispenser Not Working?The rinse agent dispenser on my dishwasher has quit working, hence the glasses especially have bunches of spots on them. Is there a way (besides hiring someone) to fix this?


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John Deere LX175 Won't Start?We ran our recently tuned up LX175 John Deere rider out of gas now it won't start up. I changed the fuel filter, still no luck.


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Growing Hostas from Seed?How do I grow hostas from seed?


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Value of Chambers Encyclopedias?I have a set of Chambers 1901 encyclopedias. How much are they worth?


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Shopping for Dog Food for Large Breed Kennel?I am looking for high quality, dry, large breed, non-grain dog food in bulk or large quantities. I want it delivered on a regular basis. I have been looking, but don't want to pay 48.00 a bag for a small 40 lb bag. I am trying to find it closer to $1.00 a lb. I feed chicken at .29 cents a pound, but need kibble also.


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Spin Cycle Not Working?My Whirlpool top load washer spin cycle is not working. What should I check before I call the repairman?


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Riding Mower Won't Start?My Toro Briggs and Stratton riding mower will crank, but will not start. I changed fuel filter, spark plug, and battery. It ran on starter fluid for a few moments, but then just died.


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Spaghetti Sauce Stain on Clothing?How do I get spaghetti sauce out of clothing?


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Uses for Outdated Beer?I hope someone can give me some suggestions. I found a crate of lager beer that is out-dated by 3months, probably left over from a party. I don't know if I can make use of them. I'm not a beer drinker, so there's no point in tasting them since I would have no idea if they are good or bad. All beer tastes awful to me. Can I use it to make beer bread or to cook with, or can the beer be used for other things? Since I don't know if it's bad or not, would it be better, and safer, to just toss it out?Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Leaves of the plant.

What is This Plant?I wonder if somebody can tell me what kind of plant I have? I have two pics of the stems and leaves.


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Painting a Tiled Counter Top?Is there a method of filling in a grouted tile counter and then faux painting it?


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DVD Suggestions?I don't watch much TV and haven't been to the movies in years. I do a huge freezer cooking session in the summer while the kids are at grandma's. During that time, I'd like to rent some DVDs to have on while I am cooking. I like shows like NCIS, CSI and historical documentaries. Any suggestions beside NCIS, CSI, and no Law and Order. I would appreciate suggestions for the documentaries especially. Thanks!


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Tomatoes Turning Brown on Bottom?What can be done for tomatoes that turn brown on the bottom?


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Cleaning Mirrors?I clean bathroom mirrors in public bathrooms and lately several of them have had a cloudy coating over the outside of the glass. The only way to get it off is to use a green scratch pad and scrub gently with glass cleaner till the pad starts to slide smoothly across the glass, then dry with paper towels. There's a reddish orange residue that is coming off which looks like rust. There is no smoking in the building of course so smoke residue was ruled out. Any ideas how the front of the glass seems to have a thin coating of rust on it? I just use plain old glass cleaner. I was thinking it might be because of the high humidity we've had lately, but we've had that many times before and never had this problem. The mirrors are about 30 years old and attached to the wall.


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Freezing Butternut Squash?How do you freeze butternut squash?


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