July 27, 2012

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Apricot Crisp RecipesThis page contains apricot crisp recipes. A fruit crisp is a delicious way to use up extra fruit.


Keeping Soda Pop Fresh

Keeping Soda Pop FreshThis page is about keeping soda fresh. Once you have opened that can or bottle keeping it carbonated can be a challenge.


Candy Cane Christmas Sleigh

Making a Candy Cane SleighThis page is about making a candy cane sleigh. A simple craft for the holidays can be made with candy canes.


Storing Bread

Storing BreadThis page is about storing bread. There are a number of ways to keep your bread fresh as long as possible.


One serving.

Tamale Pie RecipesThis page contains tamale pie recipes. Traditional tamale pie is a yummy casserole consisting of hamburger, chili, and corn topped with a fluffy cornbread and cheese.


Buying a Used Boat, A boat on a trailer.

Saving Money on BoatingThis page is about saving money on boating. You can enjoy the water and your craft without needing a lot of money.



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Cool Water for Minor BurnsThe best thing to do when you have a minor burn is to soak it for a long time in cool water, because the skin under the burn continues to burn until you cool it down enough to stop the burning.


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Cinnamon Raisin Coffee Flavored BarsThis is an old recipe from my 1957 Betty Crocker Cookbook. It is always a hit when I make it.


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Recycling Round TableclothsI imagine almost everyone has a couple of round tablecloths stashed in a drawer someplace. If you don't have any, they can be found at thrift stores in abundance, and sometimes after a holiday, they can be bought for very little money.


Set of earrings without the added dangles.

Gold Jump Ring EarringsApproximate Time: 30-40 minutes per set


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Keeping Kids Entertained on Summer VacationDuring summer vacation kids need to rest, as well as, keep busy. So many parents are concerned about making their kids have a productive summer that they forget that summer is also a time to sit back and relax.



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How is Hail Formed?My grandson asked me about how hail appears in storms. I wasn't sure and told him I would find out. I would like the right way to explain of how hail is made.


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Natural Flea Remedy?Please help me. My dogs have never had fleas before. I think since the Houston drought and heat last year and heat and rain this year, the fleas are terrible. My whole subdivision is having problems.


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Clothing Dye Transferred to Sweater?I bought a new shirt and wore it before I washed it. I wore a white sweater over it. I noticed the next morning that the dark blue color from the shirt bled on the inside of my white sweater mainly in the armpit area. How can I get the blue dye out of my white sweater?


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Problem Growing Potatoes?Our potatoes are growing very long spindly tops and there are very few. There are only a few very small spuds per hill. Would it help to mow the tops off at some point to get more and bigger spuds? Any other suggestions would be helpful.


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Removing Hair Dye from Cabinets?When I dyed my hair, I found the dark hair dye dripped onto the light oak cabinet door. It was too late when I noticed the stain. How can I remove the dye stain? The cabinets are only 3 months old and I am sick over this.


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Bougainvillea Severely Wilted?One of my bougainvillea plants in the hanging basket has severely wilted due to lack of water and high temps of 100 here while I was sick and didn't water it. It's full of blooms, but completely wilted. I watered it thoroughly and it's not resurrected yet. I have placed it in shade near tree for today. The other plant beside it is fine. Any ideas on how to help this one?


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Fleas in My Starter Pots?As I was looking at my starter pots I noticed a flea jumped out, and now I'm kind of paranoid. I really want to get rid of them, but I have no idea how to do that in an organic way not effecting my plants.


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Selling Trees in Georgia?I have 75 acres of scattered hardwood and small pine trees that will be lost if not removed before mining starts. I would like to sell the trees if at all possible. I am located in east Georgia. Who can do the cutting for me? Thanks.


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