October 3, 2013

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Fruit and diabetic testing supplies.

Frugal Tips for DiabeticsThis page contains frugal tips for diabetics. Eating healthy does not have to be expensive and can help you manage your health issues.


bicycle tire

Removing Tire Stains from Clothing?This page is about removing tire stains from clothing. Tire and materials made of them can leave marks on clothes.


Resin Furniture

Repairing Resin Furniture?This page is about repairing resin furniture. When plastic gets cracked it can be a difficult to repair.


Liquid Laundry Detergent

Cleaning a Liquid Laundry Detergent Stain on a Wall?This page is about cleaning a liquid laundry detergent stain on the wall. Depending on the composition of the wall, a spill can be difficult to remove without painting over.


computer disk case

Uses for Floppy Disk CasesThis page contains uses for floppy disk cases. There are ways to reuse these containers for all kinds of things.



Removing Pesticide Odors from House?This page is about mremoving pesticide odors from house. When you have had to use pesticides inside your home, the smell can linger.


Hand shovel and soil.

Testing Soil for Growing FoodThis page is about testing soil for growing food. You want to make sure your garden soil is safe for growing food.


panting dog

Dog is Breathing Heavily and Tongue is Hanging Out?This page is about dog is breathing heavily and tongue is hanging out. It is important to consult your veterinarian about your pet's health concerns.


Girl with a pimple on her nose.

Getting Rid of Pimples QuicklyThis page is about getting rid of pimples quickly. Facial blemishes are so irritating and we want them gone as quickly as possible.


A Butterfinger bar.

Butterfinger DelightA popular candy bar that can enhance a variety of treats and desserts. This page contains Butterfinger delight recipes.


A lost dog standing in a road.

Reintegrating a Previously Lost Pet?This page is about reintegrating a previously lost pet. Sometimes due to being separated from the family, an animal can have trouble being accepted back by all the members of the household.


Pizza Lasagna.

Pizzagna RecipesThis page contains pizzagna recipes. A lasagna with many pizza ingredients makes for a delicious main dish.


House with a nicely painted front porch.

Painting a Porch?This page is about painting a porch. A part of the house that can get a lot of use and may need paint before painting the whole house again.



Italian Lentil and Swiss Chard Soup

Italian Lentil and Swiss Chard SoupThis was a very easy and hearty soup, perfect for a cold and rainy fall evening.


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Grilled Bartlett PearsWith a beautiful Indian summer and a surplus of fruit, this recipe would be a perfect dessert for fruit lovers.



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Kill Slugs by Drowning Them in BeerRemove the complete lid and bury the can upright in the ground with about 1 inch sticking out. That should then give the slugs a wonderful way to die as they will climb in for the irresistible beer but cannot get out.


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Grind your Own Meat at HomeWith lean ground turkey being almost $4 a pound as well as lean ground pork and beef, we have been able to cut down on our costs by using our meat grinder that attaches to our stand mixer.


Old Window Panes as Frames - photos of grandchildren

Old Window Panes as FramesI have been using old window panes to put photos in. I'm attaching some for the bathroom and general grandkid pics. Everyone loves them and they were so easy.


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Using an Iron to Remove White Marks from WoodUsing an iron with old shirt idea worked 100% for a bad one that I had. Thanks for the tip. The key is not to use too much heat as I tried that once before and made the problem worse.


Dancing With The Loon (Wendsley Lake, Ontario)

Dancing With The Loon (Wendsley Lake, Ontario)Dancing With The Loon, Wendsley Lake, Bancroft, ON


October (Bengal)

October (Bengal)Our cat October (Bengal) showing his good side, in our backyard in Laguna Hills, CA.



Cover page.

Value of Modern Concise Encyclopedia Set?I have a full set, in good condition of the 1941 New York Unicorn Press edition. I am interested in knowing their value and possibly selling them depending on their value right now.


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Cleaning the Inside of a Vase of Artificial Flowers?I have a beautiful vase filled with tulips.They are packed in very tightly and then there is glue with rocks at the bottom,so there is no way to take them out.The vase is getting slightly dusty inside. I can't figure out what to do to clean it.


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Living Room Paint Color Advice?What color would look good on my living room walls? I have medium dark brown leather couches, a brown very large entertainment center, vaulted ceilings and orange/yellow terracotta tile. I'm trying to go with a Tuscan/Mediterranean style.


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Cleaning a Stain on a Coach Leather Purse?I bought a Coach small hobo purse in light blue and aqua from a friend. The really pretty white leather looks horrible. It's like she had the sunless tanning lotion on and it rubbed off on the white leather.


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Needle Won't Pick Up Bobbin Thread?I have a cosplay convention in three days and my machine stopped working tonight all of a sudden. I have a really old Singer Stylist Zig Zag Model 413. It was my grandmother's and I've had it for about three months or so, but I've tried multiple things to fix this and it doesn't seem to work.


Young woman holding black kitten.

Raising Two Male Kittens?I have a 12 week old boy kitten named Oliver that I've raised since he was 4 weeks. Now I've rescued another boy named Atari and since he is smaller, he gets picked on, tackled, slapped, and bitten. It's not so aggressive that it's scary; I'm just concerned. Will they grow to like each other?


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Halloween Costume Ideas?I work at a local boys and girls club. We are having a haunted house and party for our members. There is a staff of about 10. We need a theme for the members to enjoy as well as our staff.


Color for 35th Birthday?What are the colors for a 35th birthday?


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Using Barbasol for Squeaky Hinges?Seems I read where shaving cream (Barbasol) can be used for squeaky hinges. Has anyone heard of this or something similar?


Encyclopedias on bookshelf.

Encyclopedia Britannica 1971 200th Anniversary...I have the complete set (Index to Volume 23) of the 1971 200th anniversary edition of Encyclopedia Britannica in excellent condition. Any idea what the value of that would be?


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Mums Seem to Fade Quickly?When I plant mums, it seems like they just won't keep their color long. What can I do to keep the color longer?


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Selling Chamber's Encyclopaedia 1860-80?I have 10 volumes of Chamber's Encyclopaedia 1860-80, in quite good condition. I like them because they look really nice in the bookshelves. Unfortunately, I no longer have enough space for them. Are they possible to sell?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica-1933?I bought 3 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica printed in 1933. I don`t know the possible value, can anybody help me?


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Removing Sweat Smell from Clothing?I have read all of your suggestions and also some of your questions. But none of you said if the clothes you have the odor problem with were white or colored.


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Removing Red Kool-Aid Stains from Carpet?My grandbaby spilled her red Kool-Aid like drink on my light colored carpet. I have tried carpet shampoo, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and Greased Lightning on it. Nothing has worked. I am looking for suggestions on household remedies to get it up.


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Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas?I need help picking what to do for my sweet 16. It's in February and it's on a weekday so I planned on doing something on the weekend. I want to do something very memorable and special, but I can only invite around 3-4 friends.


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50th Party Ideas?What ideas can anyone suggest? I am having a 50th birthday party in a couple weeks, but unfortunately my parents could not afford to have photos taken when I was younger, and I seem to always be behind the camera, so there are very few photos to show.


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Sewing Machine Needle Won't Move?I have a Singer sewing machine; the needle has frozen, and I can't get it to move.


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Adult Dog Has Started to Pee Inside at Night?My 8 Year old Bichon Frise has suddenly started to wee in the house at night.This only happens randomly and not every night. He is walked every night and every morning and has a dog flap that he is able to go out of when he wants to night and day.


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is having her birthday in a couple of weeks. She wants it to be grown up. It needs to be inexpensive and can't be in our house cause we live in a flat. She is into cooking, sports, makeup, anything really except art and obviously fashion. She wants 12 people to come. Please help.


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Bissell Carpet Cleaner Stopped Working?This morning my Bissell carpet cleaner started and worked for about a minute then it just shut off. It just stopped working. The heater light is not on. Is there a reset button? I borrowed this machine and feel responsible for it.


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Painting Over Bathroom Waterproof Paper?Can I paint over thick bathroom paper, like tiling on a roll paper? I am looking to use proper bathroom paint. The walls are so bad in my old cottage, I would have to take all the paper off and have the walls replastered otherwise


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Homecoming Themes for Basketball 2014?We're the Frontier Mustangs. We are playing the Morrison Wildcats for homecoming this year in basketball. I need help finding an overall theme and then individual themes for each day during the week. Any input will help. Please! Thank you.


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Cat Peed on Bed After Getting a New Kitten?I'm totally new to cats, until this year. So I really don't know much about them. Where I work there is a wild cat that keeps having litters (no one can catch her to try and get her spayed), but 5 months ago I took home a little boy kitten at about 5 weeks old....


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