January 6, 2014

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Casserole Dish in Wicker Carrier

Making a Casserole Carrier?This page is about making a casserole carrier. When traveling to a family gathering or potluck, it is nice to have an insulated transporter to keep your food hot.


Stir Fry Pasta

Stir Fry Pasta RecipesMany Italian recipes start with pan or stir frying indredients. Different kinds of vegetables, meat or tofu can be stir fried then mixed with pasta to create a delicious main dish.


Opossum on Fence

Opossum Information and PhotosThis page contains opossum information photos. Often called possums, these animals have a flexible diet that make them successful colonizers in diverse environments.


Woman Microwaving Pasta

Cooking Pasta in a MicrowaveThis page is about cooking pasta in the microwave. Microwaving pasta is a quick easy way to prepare meals fast.


Leftover Candy Canes

Uses for Leftover Candy CanesThis page is about uses for leftover candy canes. Once you have taken the Christmas decorations down, you can find yourself with extra candy canes.


Perennial Vinca with Purple Flowers

Growing Perennial VincaThis is a page about growing perennial vinca. Perennial vinca, also known as periwinkle, can make for a lovely lush ground cover.


Leftover Christmas Candy

Uses for Leftover Christmas CandyThis is a page about uses for leftover Christmas candy. Wondering what to do with all of those leftover sugary treats lying around after the holidays?


Vegetable Soup

Crockpot Vegetable Soup RecipesPreparing a vegetarian crockpot soup can be a simple way to have a hearty home cooked meal prepared in advance, ready and waiting for you after a busy day. This page contains crockpot vegetable soup recipes.


Teens Playing Volleyball

Weekend Activities for Teens?This page is about weekend activities for teens. Planning fun, active things to do on the weekend is important to keep teenagers healthy and happy.


Pet Hedgehog

Do Hedgehogs Make Good Pets?This is a page about do hedgehogs make good pets? Hedgehogs are cute prickly little insectivorous mammals that just like any possible pet, have their advantages was well as their disadvantages.


Stale Coffee Beans

Uses for Stale Coffee?This is a page about uses for stale coffee. Coffee, like any other food product can go stale. What do you do with it?


Red Crocheted Heart

Crocheted Heart PatternsThis page is about crocheted heart patterns. There are different ways you can crochet a heart shape depending on what you are using it for.


Onion Salad

Onion Salad RecipesThis page contains onion salad recipes. Whether hot or sweet, onions can make a delightful marinated salad.


Cat Scratching Sisal Post

Repairing a Sisal Wrapped Cat...This is a page about repairing a sisal wrapped cat scratching post. Once an active cat has taken to a scratching post, they can tear it to shreds in a few months. Repairing it is an economical way of keeping your cat happily scratching the post instead of your furniture.


Paper Snowflakes

Winter Crafts for KidsThis page is about winter crafts for kids. When the weather is bad and outside play is unappealing, it is fun to get out the craft supplies and be creative indoors.


Making a Bead Bracelet

Bracelet Craft IdeasThis page contains bracelet craft ideas. Fun adornments for your wrists can be fashioned with a variety of beads, buttons, cords, yarns and even recycled items.


Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

Chicken Alfredo RecipesCombining creamy alfredo sauce with chicken and vegetables can make a delightfully delicious, yet simple nutritious meal. This page contains chicken alfredo recipes.


Old Farm Equipment

Photos of Farm EquipmentThis page contains photos of farm equipment. Sturdy old tractors, balers, plows and other equipment were made to last, and can be interesting photography subjects.


Growing Bachelor's Button (cornflowers)

Growing Bachelor's Button (Cornflower)This page is about growing bachelor's button (cornflower). These annuals grow wild in the fields of southern Europe, and can be grown by seed in your garden.



Serve over rice.

Creole ShrimpGrowing up in the Deep South, I enjoyed the many seafood dishes my father made. A dish he made often, because it is quick and easy, was his version of shrimp creole.


Plate of peppermint candies.

Peppermint PattiesThese peppermint patties are thick and are coated with crushed peppermint candy. They were the hit of my cookie/candy swap this past Christmas.



Peach colored rose, mix of pink and pale yellow.

December RosesWith winter being so bad in many parts of the country now I hope everyone will enjoy the roses that we have blooming in the yard. Some of them are as big as my hand.


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Cheap Candle WarmersI love the way candle fragrance makes our home so inviting. I considered purchasing the new electric wax warmers I'd heard friends talking about, until I saw the price. I refused to spend $20 to melt wax!


Alexis and kitty on bed.

Alexis (Cairn Terrier/Dachshund)I am babysitting this little beauty for a friend and her family. Alexis is a sweet, smart little girl who we are happy to have in our home. She gets along with all the animals except for the ferret, Tinker.


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Keeping Track of Medicine Doses When SickAs my husband, my 4 year old and myself all ended up with the flu, keeping track of who I gave the Tylenol to and when I took that cough syrup and all that came up more than one time.


Tips on English Riding

Tips on English RidingWhen you first start to ride make sure you are wearing the correct equipment and make sure the horse is the right size for you. When you learn to mount a horse, make sure you put your left foot in the stirrup first and then 3..2..1 and on you get.


White dog with yellow on ears.

Bubby (St. Bernard/ German Shepherd Mix)Bubby loves to play with anything, especially his skunk, Stinky.


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Cooking Pasta or Rice in the MicrowaveWhen we got our first microwave, we were without a stove so I learned to cook in the microwave.



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Cleaning Hardwood Floors?We have a beautiful hardwood floor in our hallway and kitchen. Does anyone have a good product they use to clean them? Or a natural product will do too. I just moved here and I want to keep the floors beautiful and shiny. Thank you


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Dyeing a Synthetic Wig?Where can I get the platinum spray dye for synthetic hair?


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Removing Soot From Carpet?Our furnace blew soot through my entire house. My carpets look ruined. I was told not to clean my carpets due to the stain guard protectant. I am at a loss please help me out of this mess. Thank you.


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Caramel Sauce for Monkey Bread Grainy and Hard?I'm finding that often times my caramel sauce in my monkey bread ends up granulated. The last time it was granulated and hard. I don't know how to fix that.


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Using Leeks That Have Gone to Seed?The leeks in my garden have gone to seed. Can I still use and or freeze them?


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Keeping Water Pipes from Freezing?Would shutting off water to your house in extremely cold weather prevent pipes from bursting?


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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Advice?I have a very small kitchen, with dark cupboards that I would like to paint. The appliances are almond and the flooring is lino that looks like tile that I guess would be a off white to beige. The countertop is butcher block in appearance.


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Jacket Bled on Itself When Washed?I hand washed a dry-clean only jacket. It is beige trimmed with black and I think the black ran over parts of the jacket. How can I get these out?


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Looking for a Favorite School Cafeteria Cake Recipe?Best way for me to describe that sweet moist mmmmmm so good cake. I remember eating this cake all the way through K-12. They served it at lunch, it looked like cornbread.


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Cleaning Vertical Fabric Blinds?My vertical blinds are made of cloth. We just moved here and they look dusty and dingy. Can anyone give me a idea on how to revive them?


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Dog Pees on the Rug in the Middle of the Night?My 3 year old English Bulldog has been with us since she was 8 weeks old. She wakes up in the middle of the night and "tip toes" out from under our bed and will find any carpet or rug to go urinate on.


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Bobbin Not Working Properly?Why doesn't the bobbin driver move when I try to sew? Also, the top thread isn't picking up the bobbin thread.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My father passed when I was one month old and I never received Social Security. Is it too late to get Social Security if I'm over the age of 18? I am currently 28 years old.


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Paint Won't Stick to Walls Treated for Mold?I had my bedroom wall treated for damp and mould a few months back and it seemed to cure the problem. However I've recently decorated with emultion paint, but noticed the paint won't stay on in the areas that were treated.


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Removing Stains on Stored Linens?I have an antique buffet and store fabric, crocheted table cloths, and napkins in it. I noticed stains on the fold lines of both and realized it must be from the wood itself. The inside of the buffet is the original unstained oak.


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Truck Heater Only Blows Hot on Passenger Side?My 03 Dodge 1500 only blows hot air on the passenger side.


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Adult Dog Going Poop Multiple Times at Night?I have a 4 year old Pit Bull/Mastiff mix who wakes me up at least 4 to 5 times a night. He is a big dog and I let him out regularly throughout the day. So why so much at night? Help! I need sleep. Am I over feeding and over watering him?


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Value of Children's Britannica Encyclopaedia?I have the 1960 Children's Britannica Encyclopedia, all in good condition with the usual/expected discolouration from storage.


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Recipes Using Canned Beets?All the recipes I have seen for beets requires them to be roasted or pickled. What can I do with my many cans of beets?


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?My party is on the first of February, and I want to have a big celebration. The problem with that is I can't have an expensive party. People of both genders will be invited.


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Value of Colliers Encyclopedias?I have a set of Colliers New Encyclopedia Anniversary Edition 1928. There are 10 books, and looking old, but in still reasonable shape, Is there a value to these and what is the value?


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