April 25, 2014

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girl on hold

Dealing With Being on HoldThis is a page about dealing with being on hold. Hanging on a telephone call waiting to be helped can be quite frustrating.


Luster's S-Curl Activator

Luster's S-Curl Activator ReviewsThis is a page about Luster's S-Curl activator reviews. A product for maintaining a curly hairstyle.


deck of cards

Tic Card Game Rules?This is a page about rules for tic card game. A multi-player card game and fun for the whole family. It is played with at least 2 deck of cards.


Chicken Gelatin Salad

Chicken Gelatin Salad RecipesThis page contains chicken gelatin salad recipes. A cold, savory salad can have a firm texture with the addition of gelatin.



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Homemade Stain TacklerMake a paste with water, white vinegar, and sugar to pre-treat spots on clothing before washing. Rub on stain leave alone for about 10-20 minutes, rinse, then wash in cold water. Do not put it in the dryer until you check and make sure the stain is gone! If it is still there repeat.



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HE Soap Too Sudsy?I use less than 1 tablespoon HE laundry detergent and I have way too much soap.


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Pear Tree Dropping Fruit?My pears are about the size of a quarter. They are falling to the ground. What to do? Please help; the tree is loaded, but I'm afraid I won't get any fruit.


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Getting Rid of Termites Naturally?How do I get rid of termites naturally?


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Keeping Cats Out of Flower Box?How do you prevent cats from using your flower boxes as litter boxes?


Books on shelf.

Value of an Old Encyclopedia Set?I have a set of 24 Encyclopedia Britannica 1768, with cream hard cover, published 1962. It has atlas and 1962-1972 library research service stamps inside index. What might the value be for this, if any?


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Value of Goldenvale Porcelain Doll?I would like to know approximate value of this doll. I believe she is Victorian, but not positive. The certificate of authenticity is on her wrist. She is from a Goldenvale series of only 2000 made. She is #1300 and named Mack.


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Removing Dark Hair Dye from Walls?l have tried to remove dark hair dye from my bathroom walls with nail polish remover and straight bleach, but it won't come out.


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Receiving Disability and Survivor Benefits?I am currently receiving disability benefits and in addition my children receive them based on my disability. My ex-husband just passed away and I am wondering will my childrens' survivor benefits be lower because I am on disability or will they receive the full amount?


Black puppy.

What Kind of Puppy Do I Have?I have a 7 week old female puppy and I want to know what kind it is.


Puppy in planter.

What Breed is My Dog?I am in Qatar on a deployment and my wife and daughter have been bugging me about getting a dog. Our friend gave them this dog and sprung it on me. Although I am not a yuppie we live in a pretty yuppie town called Coronado in an apartment that doesn't allow Pits or Rotts.


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Kenmore Side By Side Leaking Water on Floor?Water is leaking on the floor out the back on the refrigerator side, but I am not seeing any water or ice inside the fridge or freezer.


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Kenmore Washer Won't Go Into Drain Spin Cycle?We have a Kenmore front loading washer that won't go into the drain and spin cycle. When the washer is done we have to put the dial in drain and spin cycle. Then it works fine; it pumps out the water and then starts spinning. It just won't do it by itself in the run cycle.


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Heatmarks on an Upholstery Sofa?We've just bought a new fabric sofa and I left a plate on it. I cannot remember, but I assume that the plate was hot. It has now left a mark on my sofa cushion, is there anything that I can do to remove it?


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Repairing Resin "Wicker" Furniture?My resin "wicker" outdoor furniture is unraveling. How can I repair it? What adhesive would I use?


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Removing Set In Mud Stains on Clothes?Ok, long story. I made an awesome Halloween costume for my youngest child, that's made of white and black cotton. It rained pretty heavy on Halloween night, but he insisted on going trick or treating, so I took him.


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Potty Training an Abused Adult Dog?9 months ago a stay Lab, mixed with something else he is not a full blood lab, with a tag and collar was found outside our house. The phone number and address had been scratched off leaving only his name available. He has not been allowed inside the house. My father doesn't like dogs inside.


Black and brown puppy on red tile patio.

What Breed is My Dog?What breed is my dog? I was told he is mixed with Mastin. I am also thinking German Shepherd. Thoughts?


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Oak Trees to Sell?I have 10-12 oak trees, 30-40 ft. tall and 5 ft.-8 ft. in diameter that I would like to sell. They are located in southwestern Michigan. Any references?


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Dog Started Peeing in the House?My husband and I rescued Buffy from the pound about 3 yrs ago. She is the most well potty trained, politest, and sweetest dog we've ever owned in our life. When we adopted her we lived in a house, but in February of 2014 we had to move into an apt.


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