December 15, 2014

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blue suede shoes

Dyeing Suede ShoesThis is a page about dyeing suede shoes. Renewing or changing the color of this leather can be a challenge to maintain the suede texture.


grandmother and child with pumpkin pie hot from the oven

Thanksgiving Day ActivitiesThis is a page about Thanksgiving day activities. Besides watching football games and parades, there are fun and free things to do for the entire family, before or even after the meal.



Blowing up a Balloon with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Blowing up a Balloon with Baking Soda and...This is a fun science experiment you can do with your kids. Watch this video and learn how.


Crocheted Flower

Crocheted FlowerThis is a beautiful crocheted flower. Add it to any of your crochet projects to add a little flare.


Easy Sashay Scarf

Easy Sashay ScarfThis beautiful scarf is easy to crochet and makes a perfect gift. You will get tons of compliments sporting this scarf.


Square Hillbilly Dishcloth

Square Hillbilly DishclothHere is one way to use up all your yarn scraps! This dishcloth is cute and a great way to recycle.


Crocheted Winter Headband

Crocheted Winter HeadbandThis winter headband is adorable and it would make a lovely gift. Add a crocheted flower to make it extra special.


Cloud Dough

Cloud DoughCloud dough is great for sensory play. Kids like the wet sand like texture.


A crocheted rosebud on a baby bootie.

Crocheted RosebudThis crocheted rosebud is super simple to make and is a great addition to a hat, scarf or even baby booties.


Fabric Teething Necklace

Fabric Teething NecklaceThis teething necklace is not only fashionable but also a great toy and teether for baby. Make them in a variety of fabrics to go with multiple outfits.


Turning Pants Into Capris

Turning Pants Into CaprisYou can easily transform a pair of pants that have frayed bottoms into a new pair of capris! Follow the directions in this video to lean how.



finished decoupage candle holder with ribbon and bells tied around neck

Easy Decoupage Christmas Candle...Make this easy candle holder to decorate your dinner table for Christmas Eve. This candle holder is made from an empty cheese spread glass jar. Stick to the traditional colors of red and white, and use a candy cane, ribbons and bells to add the finishing touches.


empty paper towel rolls

Plastic Trash Bag Storage for CarUse an empty paper towel roll. You can use it plain, paint it, or decorate it. It is a great craft projects for the kids. Stuff it full (will hold about 5) with plastic bags. It will fit inside console or pocket on you vehicle. Great for putting trash in, especially when you have children.


bowl of chowder

Homemade Clam ChowderMake this delicious, hearty clam chowder for yourself or family tonight.


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Add Ranch Dressing to Mashed PotatoesToday I wanted mashed potatoes and noticed that there was no butter in the fridge. I got out my bottle of ranch dressing and smushed the bottle so that a good sized blob came out. I then whipped them in the usual manner and they were delicious!


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Baby Wipes for Flannel Graph BoardI print pictures from my computer. Then I spread a baby wipe out flat. When it is completely dry, I cut it to fit the picture. Use a glue stick to glue it on the back of the picture. Either scented or plain baby wipes can be used. It is a very inexpensive easy way to tell flannel graph (flannel board) stories.


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Easy Egg Salad for SandwichesNext time you are cooking scrambled eggs, cook a double quantity and leave half to cool. These can then be mashed with your preferred mayonnaise and freshly ground black pepper to taste. It saves all the palaver of shelling boiled eggs, and is easier to mix into the bargain.


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Cleaning Paint/Artist's BrushesAs an artist I sometimes forget to rinse my brushes out well. By the time I get back to it it is completely stiff and dried with paint. The way I rescue these brushes is to fill an old plastic cup with enough Murphy's oil soap to cover the bristles and let it sit overnight.



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Crate Training a Puppy?My dog is 15 weeks old. He is a Yorkie and Schnauzer mix. While I was asleep he pooped in his cage which is located in my room. He has just gotten this cage and he thinks he could poop in it. In his old cage he only peed a couple times.


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Using Chalkboard Paint on Plastic?I have a round plastic table that I set up in the children's play room for our grandchildren. I was wondering if I could paint the top of this plastic table with chalkboard paint, and if it would adhere.


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Graphic Design Business Name Ideas?I need a name for a new design business. I am looking to start off with wedding invites and any print media a bride would need. I am looking to also design baby announcements, and other invites as well. beach!


tan and white Beagle mix on polka dot bedding

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed mix is my 13 week old puppy? We know the mom is a Beagle, we're not sure of the other half. She currently weighs 8 pounds.


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Social Security Survivor's Benefits?If my ex husband of 12 years draws more retirement SSI than I do, can he get my full survivor's benefits when I die?


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Getting Rid of Burnt Food Smell?I burned some meat and caused a lot of smoke. How can I get rid of this smell?


pink and beige wall juncture

Master Bedroom Curtain and Furniture Color...My bedroom walls are beige and one is pink. My bed is dark brown. I need help with the colors of the furniture and the curtains. I am a mess.


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Value of 1914 The Century Dictionary?I have a corduroy covered "The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language." It is in good condition for its age with some light staining on the corduroy, yellowing of pages, and a few loose pages. It weighs almost 30 lbs!


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New Essential Oils Company Name?I am staring a new essential oils company/group and would like to come up with a catchy name - fun and hip. It can be a connection with 2 words.


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Using Olive Oil as Lamp Oil?I know there's a proper name for the poor quality, high-acid, non-food use olive oil that's preferred as lamp oil. It would not be sold in grocery stores.


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Choosing an Internet Service?I am looking for an inexpensive fiber optic Internet swerve that provides 3 MPs speed so I can Skype.


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Reheating a Frozen Pumpkin Pie?I was wondering if it is a good idea to warm a pumpkin pie in the oven after it has been frozen and thawed in the fridge? Perhaps on low temp?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I have no idea what to do for my daughter's 13th party. None of the things I have read have helped me, cause she wouldn't like them very much.


cabinets, wall, and floor tile

Countertop Color Advice?My walls are celery root green with antiqued sage green cabinets. My floor is ceramic tile called ulah sand. I will be using an old timey cast iron sink that is an almond color. What color tile should I use on the countertops?


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Freezing Cabbage?I bought a head of cabbage, but I'm limited on my intake. Can I just freeze it, or does it need to be cooked and then frozen?


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Removing Dog Urine Stains on Hardwood?I have two Dachshunds that have made it their business to ruin me. I don't have the money to replace these parquet tiles and knowing the maintenance of my building they will charge me three times what it's really worth. How can you clean up and get out dog urine stains and odors from this type of flooring.


view of walls, fireplace, and windows from above

Curtain Color Advice?My living/family room has high ceilings and is painted Monticello rose. I have blinds on three windows that are in a similar shade. I was thinking about adding curtain to the windows to soften the room a bit, but do not know what color curtains might look good.


black dog with white on feet and nose

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed is my puppy Sarge? I got this adorable little boy 1 1/2 months ago and the more he grows the more he looks more different than he did when I first got him. The lady said his mother was a Siberian Husky and dad was a black Labrador. To me he looks Pit/Lab.


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Selling a Porcelain Doll?I have a Seymour Mann special collector's edition animated musical porcelain doll by the name of Merle. It is a 1pc, style no. at-1000. Please let me know the price of my collector doll that was given to me as a gift years ago. I would like to sell it. How do I go about selling her?


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14 Birthday Party Ideas?Okay so my birthday is in like two weeks and I want it to be a boy/girl party (14 girls 6 boys). I don't know what to do since it's winter. I wanted to do a bonfire at a beach, but its like 40 minutes away and then I wanted to do dancing with a dj and photo booth in a banquet hall, but that is very expensive.


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Adult Son is Argumentative?I could use a bit of help. My son is 35. He is spending Christmas with his wife's family which is only right, we take turn. He is demanding that I hand over the Christmas gifts for the children as they are not allowed to open them before.


mixed dog

What Breed is My Dog?I got my puppy from the flea market. When we got her she was 3 months old, and weighed 3-5 lbs. The guy claimed she was half German Shepherd and half Husky. When we took her home we looked at those breeds of puppies and she didn't look close to them.


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17th Birthday Ideas?I don't have a lot of money, and I don't want to spend a lot of money. I want to do something where I can have my family and friends together.


tan dog on halter

What Breed is My Dog?What kind of dog is mine? She is very energetic, a good guard dog, very lovable, and loyal. I think she is a Pit Bull, but not really sure cause of how slender she is.


tri-color dog laying curled up

What Breed Is My Dog?I was wondering if anyone could tell me what breed my dog is!


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Kitchen Wall and Trim Color Advice?We are remodeling our kitchen and plan to install medium to slightly dark (cherry) Shaker cabinets and a medium wood floor and have white appliances. I am trying to figure out what color to paint walls and the trim or crown molding in the room.


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Survivor Benefits for my Younger Brother?My mother past away this month. She left behind me, my 12 year old brother, and her significant other (not married) but together for more than 15 years. There is no common law marriage in WA state. I am filing to be my little brother's SSI payee so I can protect him, and put his money in a trust for when he is an adult.


dog in field

What Breed is My Dog?Is my dog a German Shepherd?


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Senior Dog Going Potty Inside at Night?I have two house trained 17 year old dogs. One has started pooping and peeing in house at night. She refuses to go when she is let out.


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Spatula Bleach Stains?I clean our rubber spatulas in the dishwasher. They now have been bleached in spots. Is there a way to remove those white stains?


Receiving an Award?I will be receiving an award for being the best popular student of an accounting class at the 2015 graduation from Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria. Please help me determine what I can say?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?What is a good idea for a 13th birthday party for a girl?


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Re-dying Hair?It has been about 3 months since I dyed my hair dark brown. Now I really want to get highlights or go blonde. I want to know if this is enough time to wait to re-dye it. Will it be safe if I do it now or should I wait longer?


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Making a Gravesite Floral Spray?How do I make a gravesite floral spray using Styrofoam as the base?


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