February 24, 2015

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Spiders as Pet

Keeping Spiders as PetsThis is a page about keeping spiders as pets. Creating the perfect habitat for a spider can be as easy as a terrarium. They easy to care for, quiet and fascinating to watch.


Fresh Tomato Pizza Recipes

Margherita Pizza RecipesA thin, crisply, crusted traditional Italian pizza makes a wonderful meal or appetizer. This page contains Margherita pizza recipes.


Well Water

Cleaning A Well Water FilterThis is a page about cleaning a well water filter. You may need to clean the pump filter to increase the water flow, if your well is not pumping properly.


Split Tree

Saving a Split Tree?This is a page about saving a split tree. Storms and heavy branches can cause a tree to split. Sometimes there are ways to repair the damage to keep the tree alive.


Crafter Gift

Gift Ideas for CraftersThis is a page about gift ideas for crafters. Many craft tools and materials can be excellent presents for a special someone, who keeps busy creating with their hands.


Crocheted Bookmark

Crocheted Bookmark IdeasThis is a page about crocheted bookmark ideas. There are a number of simple crochet patterns to create useful unique bookmarks.


Opening a Freezer

Troubleshooting a Freezer?This is a page about troubleshooting a freezer. Determining why your freezer is not working properly can be perplexing. It is important for your frozen food to be maintained the same low temperature.


Yellow Bathroom Floor

Bathroom Floor Color Advice?This is a page about bathroom floor color advice. The existing color of your walls, fixtures, counter and countertop, can help you determine the best color for your flooring.



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Old Mattress UpcycleRemove the mattress covers by carefully cutting away along the sides. You may have to use pliers to remove staples holding the top and bottom onto the springs. Using scissors, cut away all of the side panels; leaving a cleanly cut top and bottom.


Last Drop of Lotion

Last Drop of LotionWhen my lotion becomes difficult to pump, I turn the bottle upside down and let it drain for a day or two. I can then run the pump through my fingers and get enough to do my hands again.


veggie garden and bag

Felt Veggie GardenMy mom and I recently made this fun toy for my son. It turned out cuter than I ever imagined. :)


hand warmer in hand

Simple Heart Hand WarmersThese heart hand warmers make great gifts and are a nice way to use up fabric scraps.


Cherry Chocolate Delight

Cherry Chocolate DelightThis is a quick, easy, tasty dessert. This would be a great make ahead dessert for company when you're short on time. It also looks pretty! Make sure you serve it in a clear glass cup/wine glass so that you can see all the layers.



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Buying Memory Games for Seniors?I'm interested in possibly purchasing some sort of gaming system for improving memory and keeping me alert. I just saw something online called Brain Games that requires Nintendo DS.


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Removing Paste from Wallpaper?I have just papered our sitting room with a black leather affected wall paper. There is wallpaper paste on the paper at the joints. I have tried to remove it with a lukewarm cloth. Can you help?


brown puppy in bed

What Breed is My Dog?We adopted a puppy recently. We were told that he's 3/4 Husky and 1/4 Wolf, but we really aren't sure. He's about 12 weeks old right now. Any thoughts?


closeup of left side of her face

What Breed Is My Dog?She ran in our front door and has yet to leave. I tried to find her home with no luck. When we went to the vet we found out she was 3 months and 25 lbs. We have been playing the guessing game and would love some input.


Washing not Spinning

Washer Will Not Spin?My washer is washing, but will not spin. I got new motor couplers, but it is still not working.


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Fixing a Typewriter Ribbon Cartridge?I have a Smith Corona H series electric typewriter. The typewriter ribbon doesn't advance when I type. It just stays in the same spot. So I end up with skips in the printing. How do you fix it?


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Remedy for Blackheads?I am suffering from skin problems. My nose is surrounded by black marks. Whenever I pinch them, white colored small material comes from it. What kind of treatment should I use or which kind of doctor should I consult?


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Dog Pees in House When I Get Home Later?I recently moved with my dog. He used to have access to outdoors and indoors all day though a doggy door. The new house does not have this. However, he is only ever home 4.5 hours without a potty break. Either I go home at lunch or a dog walker comes and takes him to the dog park. He was doing fine.


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Value of 1965 World Atlas?I have a set of 24 volumes of the 1965 World Atlas. How much money can I get for them?


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Writing a Business Proposal?I'm trying to open a bent and dent store in Alma Center, Wisconsin. I need to write a business proposal:( and I need help. How do I find information on profits and loss, and any other info I may need for this proposal.


Interiors Shop

Name Ideas for On-line Interiors Shop?I'm opening my own vintage look interiors online shop. I need a very classic name that reflects the business as a whole. Please can you help? I have added a picture of the kind of stock I have.



Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd?His name is Bruno and I got him when he was 1.5 months old from someone who told me that he was a purebred GSD. Now he is 10 months old. He runs a lot, is extremely energetic and fun loving, but is very protective. He loves to play fetching and tugging.


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Name Ideas for Daycare Business?I am starting a new daycare and would like to include my last name, "King". I would like to have an audience of 2- 4 or 5 year olds. Any suggestions?


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Ideas for an 11th Birthday Party?My daughter is about to turn 11 in a few weeks. She wants a lot of girls, only girls, over but we live in an apartment. I want to have the birthday party outside of home. Any ideas? They would all help!


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Name for Handmade Crochet Owls?I make crochet owls from home and would like a catchy name for them. Any ideas?


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Keeping Rugs from Slipping?I bought some rubber shelf padding to put under the rug, it works good, but it is such a pain when I have to lift the rug to set my dishwasher in place. Is there a spray to put on the back of none slip rugs?


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Fabric for Quilts for Cancer Patients?Are there any quilting non-profit organizations in the Rochester, NY area who make quilts for cancer patients? My client, a patient herself, has a large stash of fabric she wants to donate to make quilts.


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Buying Ammonia for Cleaning?Where do I buy ammonia?


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Medical Insurance Coverage Outside the US?I am retired and have enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, but have kept my federal BCBS as a secondary insurer. Now I am about to travel on a cruise. Do I have any coverage for health issues while I am away?


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Sudden Armpit Odor?I've never had smelly armpits. I do sweat, but it was always the salty-like smell; never a bad smell. About a month ago, I noticed the change in odor.


closeup of face

What Breed Is My Dog?I am not sure what breed my dog is. Someone gave it to us a couple of years back and I've been trying so hard to figure out what breed he is. A couple of my friends said it's a Schnauzer, but it definitely isn't. My dog looks similar to a Schnauzer, but he has completely different features.


gray and white Pitt

Finding a Vet That Takes Payments?Where can I get a payment plan for Bell, my Pit Bull? She got run over a week ago and her right front foot is messed up badly and I can't pay a bill all at one time. What can I do?


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Remedy for Slippery Floor at Workout Studio?The floor is slippery and I nervous about someone suffering an injury on the slippery wood floor. I am looking for something to put down to stop the slipperiness.


montage of photos

What Breed Is My Dog?He was found wandering around near a hotel. He is such a sweet boy!


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Cleaning a Vintage Wedding Veil?I am getting married in October and am going to be wearing my mom's wedding veil. It has been in a box for 30+ years and has turned yellow. What are some ways I could get it white again without damaging the netting and lace?


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Making Yogurt?Can I make yogurt made with milk on top of 1/4 cup leftover yogurt?


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Removing Green Dye on White Pants?How do I remove green dye from my white pants?


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