November 16, 2015

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Wellness and Energy Smoothie

Wellness and Energy SmoothieThis smoothie is packed with energizing and amazingly good for you ingredients! You can whip it up in only a few minutes and bring it with you on the go if you need to. I try to have 2 every day....truly nourishing to your body, even tastes good! :)


Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot Chocolate on a StickWhile perusing Pinterest, I kept coming across "Hot Chocolate on a Stick". I had never heard of such a thing. But, I am so glad I found it. It makes a delicious cup of hot chocolate. We are really enjoying these. They would make a nice gift for someone... if they make it out of the house!


Mango "Ice Cream"

Mango "Ice Cream"I saw this recipe on Pinterest and had to try it. I actually had all the ingredients. It's super quick to make. It's a lot easier than homemade ice cream. My kids can't stop eating it! I love that there is no added sugar. It's delicious!



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Stress-free Dental AppointmentsAny time I go to the dentist, I always bring my iPod so I can listen to my favorite music while I'm being worked on. I turn it up loud enough so I don't hear the drill and it helps me relax.


Bag Top as Instant Twist Ties

Bag Top as Instant Twist TiesHow many times have you looked for a twist tie to keep a bag closed. Well look no more. Now all you do is cut the entire top of the product bag off and use that for the twist tie. An istant twist tie right at your fingertips.


Dabsen lying on the lawn

Dabsen (Shepherd Mix)We adopted him from a rescue shelter in September 2015. He likes to run, fetch, play with toys, chase us, jump, and cuddle.


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Coconut Oil for Removing Sharpie from SkinGently rub coconut oil on skin with cloth and Sharpie comes off instantly!


Red Nosed Reindeer Candy Box

Red Nosed Reindeer Candy BoxChristmas is a time of sharing and having fun together as a family. Here is an activity that you and the kids can do together. Make a few of these reindeer candy boxes, and let the kids give them to their friends or their favorite teachers. A cute way of spreading festive joy without leaving the budget in a mess.


Candy Bouquet

Candy BouquetThese are perfect for graduations, birthdays, thank yous, or get well soon!


Family Pumpkins 2015

Family Pumpkins 2015My son and I had so much fun with this. It was a little harder than we thought and both of us messed up our patterns but in the end it was the time spent together that I remember when I see these now.


Candy Candy Bowl

Candy Candy BowlThis is a fun way to take Halloween into the holidays. This makes good use of certain candies you probably won't be eating too much of. Little peppermint swirl candies might not be the first thing you grab from a bowl of sweeties, but they are so cute, they deserve to be part of something bigger.


Repairing Broken Peg Looms

Repairing Broken Peg LoomsI've seen a lot of these broken peg looms for sale cheap. It's easy to repair and use them.


pink polka dot and floral paper fortune cookies

Paper Fortune CookiesThese paper fortune cookies are quick and easy to make and a fun feature of any party or gathering.


Necktie Purse

Necktie PurseCreate little purses out of neckties!


Morning Glory

Morning GloryMy balcony garden is a sanctuary for me to relax in. I had these beautiful purple and red morning glories winding in and around the panels of the balcony to make it more secluded. In Stratford, Ontario, Canada


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Reuse Garden Hose for Hot Water TankCut a length of hose from the end that you screw onto the tap. Make it long enough to reach your laundry tubs from the hot water tank faucet.


child wearing snuggie

Crochet Child's SnuggieI decided to try and make my daughter a snuggie. This is what I came up with. :) It is a very simple and easily repeatable stitch. She loves it and it keeps her cozy when she is sitting on the couch. Now my other kids want one, I better go get started! This should fit around ages 9-12.


containers of lip balm

Lip BalmMy lips have been so dry lately and I couldn't find my usual lip stuff. Instead of going out and buying yet another one, I made some. I had all the ingredients, but that's because I make lots of homemade hand salves and foot balms, etc.


Easy Headpin Earrings

Easy Headpin EarringsYou can make these earrings whether you have jewelry making experience or not. They are quick, easy, and beautiful. Just grab a few supplies from your local craft store and you'll be making gorgeous earrings for a dime a dozen! Wear them, gift them, or sell them.


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Tadpoles in the HoleIf a family member adores pepperoni, why not make them a customised version of Toad in the Hole? Oil a baking dish, line with rows of pepperoni slices, then pour on your usual batter and bake. Turn batter portions upside down to serve.


Ziva among the plants

Ziva (Yorkie)I got her from a friend 9/01/09. She likes to chase a ball in the yard or play fetch; also search for chipmunks.


Covering an Old Stove-pipe Hole

Covering an Old Stove-pipe HoleIn the home I am in, in the back pantry, was an old stove pipe vent hole. It was letting in cold air, so I fixed it with just 10 minutes of work and if this is an issue in your home, you can too.



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Starting a Childcare Business?I'm looking to move to the Murrieta Temecula area in California. I'm trying to find out if there is a need at all for county paid chid care. If so in what areas?


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Sink Clogged Below Garbage Disposal?My garbage disposal unit that's clogged, but the pipes underneath it. I'm reluctant to start dismantling the plumbing, so I'm wondering if the solutions offered here for unclogging disposals (vinegar+baking soda, etc.) will still work if the clog is actually below the disposal in the pipes, themselves.


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Childcare Business Name Ideas?I'm in the process of getting a license through the state of California and am having a difficult time coming up with a name. I don't really have a theme yet, but I don't just want it to be my name. My last name is Funk so I thought it might be cute to incorporate it some how. Any ideas?


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Donating Fabric?Where in Minnesota can I donate fabric?


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Pruning a Rhizome Prayer Plant?Can someone please show a diagram, where should I cut a prayer plant with yellowing leaves?


red orange berries

What Is This Garden Plant?What is this hairy berry like thing on a purple thorn?


reddish brown puppy with white on chest and legs

What Breed Is My Dog?I adopted him from the SPCA a couple of days ago. He is said to be 4 months old and found as a stray on the beaches of Puerto Rico. He's playful and sweet, but also loves to take naps. He has a very deep bark and growl considering his age.


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I have a house plant that was given to me as a gift, with no instructions for how to care for it.


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Making Zucchini Bread with Frozen Zucchini?If my recipe for zucchini bread calls for 3 cups of zucchini how much frozen zucchini should I use?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?Can anyone tell me what plant this is? I got it as a gift and want to know how to care for it.


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Yellow Stains on Duvet?I have a white duvet with grey embroidery. I have washed it twice in a triple load washer with detergent and Oxyclean. It has come out both times with yellow spots/areas. How do I get them out?


cover page

Value of 1910 - The Americana?I have a complete set of 1910 The Americana - A Universal Reference Library. Can anyone tell me if it worth anything, and if it is, the best way to sell it?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?We got this "puppy" around February. The pic is from early October. The guys who gave him to me said the mother was German Shepherd and father unknown. He was really small when I got him, and I didn't think he would be so big already! What is he mixed with? And how big is he going to get?


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Old Annie's Crochet Afghan Patterns?I have two patterns for afghans that you crochet one row at a time and cut your yarn and start another row to form a design. I would like to know if anyone has this type of crochet pattern or an old Annie's design.


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Melting Hot Glue Sticks Without a Gun?Can you use a small crock pot to melt hot glue sticks?


tile floor

Living Room Paint Color Advice?I am purchasing a brown leather couch and want to paint my walls. My tile that surrounds the living room area which is carpeted is in a very light caramel color with a little bit of grey. My walls now are caramel, but I want to update everything. Any suggestions on a color pallet here?


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Cellular Shade Color Advice?My walls are beige. My trims are white. I need help deciding what cellular shade color will work best for several rooms.


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