June 23, 2016

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Woman with long hair smelling coffee beans in her cupped hands

Darkening Your Hair Color With CoffeeThis page is about darkening your hair color with coffee. Finding a natural alternative to enhance your hair color can save you money.


Man looking intently at reflective wall

How to Detect a Two Way MirrorThis is a page about how to detect a two way mirror. A little test can help you see what kind of mirror you are looking into.


Woman having her eyebrows dyed

Re-Dyeing Your Eyebrows?This page is about re-dyeing your eyebrows. When your eyebrows are not the color you want, there are safe ways to change the color.


Close up image of an old fashioned dresser drawer

Dresser Drawers Stuck ClosedThis page is about dresser drawers stuck closed. When a chest of drawers do not open, there are a few things you can try to get the drawers to move freely.



Store Jewelry Findings in Clear Boxes

Store Jewelry Findings in Clear BoxesI make and repair jewelry and I get little boxes from the Dollar Tree. They are cheap and functional, although I will get them square from now on.


Beaver eating breakfast on the river

Beaver On the RiverWe see lots of geese and ducks on the river, but seeing a beaver is a rare treat. This big guy was out there early this morning eating a branch.


DIY Matte/Shiny Manicure

DIY Matte/Shiny ManicureI love the matte nail polish trend, but acquiring them in all my favourite colours is just too expensive. This is how to make your polish matte using nail polish you already have.


Mini Meat Loaf finished meatloaf

Mini MeatloafExceptionally quick to make and so tasty. Have 1-2 each for a lunchtime snack, or 3 or more for a main meal. Eat with a salad or make it into a roast dinner with potatoes, vegetables, gravy, and Yorkshire pudding.


Homemade Foaming Soap

Homemade Foaming SoapYou only have to buy foaming soap once! What makes the soap foam is the bottle, not the soap itself. Save your bottle and refill it with your choice of soap.



doll wearing a pink dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?The doll doesn't have any information written on it, but it is about 9 inches tall. I am trying to find out who it is by and other information on it. I am trying to sell my dolls and to do that I need this information.


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Invitations to Birthday Party for Deceased Mother?My Mom passed away 2 years ago and this year if she was alive she would have been 50 years old. I want to through a birthday party for her in remembrance of her. I've planned on inviting all of her friends and our family. I just need some help on the wording for the invitations.


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Paint Color Advice?I am in the process of tearing out my carpet and laying down hardwood flooring. I have dark brown furniture and am going to have a mild brown floor. What colors do you think would complement this? My wife wants a grey, but I am thinking a light blue or green would be nicer.


bottles in clear plastic bags

Name Ideas for Bath and Household...I kindly request that you assist with a suggestion on bath and household products name combined, because I want to open a company suppling both cleaning materials and bath products. Names are really tricky in these instance. Your assistance will be appreciated.


closeup of light brown puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?My aunt gave me a dog, but we forgot to ask her about it's information. It will take a long time to contact her again, because we don't have her mobile number and her home is too far from us.


doll in pink dress and bloomers

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?The doll has no information written on it, but it is about 15 inches tall. I am trying to find out who it is by and other information on it. I am trying to sell my dolls and to do that I need this information.


blonde doll in pink flowered and white dress

Identifying a Large Porcelain Doll?Anyone know anything about this doll? It has Barbara on the neck and the number 697. It stands 27 1/2" tall. Thank you.


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Kenmore Sewing Machine 158 Won't Sew?I have my mother's sewing machine. The motor doesn't seem to have power. I checked the connection; how do we test motor?


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?My 16th birthday party is in the winter/fall weather so it's not hot at all. My best friend and I always have a joint birthday party because our birthdays are only 4 days apart. She's not really girly and I'm tom boyish. We would like a party that's not really expensive and that we could do at night.


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Getting Rid of Micro-sized Biting Black Bugs?I live in Tennessee and I have read many posts and I am still so unsure of what I have. There are tiny black bugs that very faintly look like they have or might have a brown head. They bite and it will leave a welt. They are so small, like the size of a pin head, it looks like a strawberry seed or something.


blonde haired doll with aqua dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?It is a 1997 doll with the words A861 on it. The brand name is also written, but it is so faint and badly written cursive that I cannot read it. It is about 14 to 15 inches tall. I am trying to find out who it is by and other information on it. I am trying to sell my dolls and need this information.


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Treating a Puppy with Parvo?I wanted to asked one lady about where she bought the Zofran for her 9 month Pit Bull puppy. My puppy is 2 months and I think he may have parvo, because he's throwing up yellow or white foam. I would like to know if you can get it over the counter.


photo of bathroom

Bathroom Towel Color Advice?I am moving into a older apartment. The bathroom has white walls (which I can not paint), med oak cabinets and a black granite countertop. What color towels would look the best for a modern look? I like the darker colors.


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Main Circuit Breaker Keeps Shutting Down Our Power?We live in a 10 year old home. The main breaker in our box has shut down our power two days in a row. We have been able to re-set it and get power back, but we are concerned. Any advice? We haven't been operating anything new in our home, so our usage should be the same as it's always been.


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Saving Mallard Eggs After Mother Died?We had a mallard put a nest by our back door. She has been nesting. It is now almost time for the eggs to hatch and something killed her last night. How can we save the eggs/chicks? We know they are fertilized as one egg did break a week or so back and we could see the tiny orange feet.


doll in red dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?The doll has no information written on it, but is about 8 inches tall. I am trying to find out who it is by and other information on it. I am trying to sell my dolls and to do that I need this information.


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Village Wallpaper Burgundy Roses?I am looking for Village wallpaper Burgundy Roses pat #5804235. Of course I ran short and need half a roll to finish. It is a few years old so I assume it is discontinued. Any help would be great.


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Singer Sewing Machine Sewing in Reverse?My Singer heavy duty 4423 sewing machine started sewing backwards.


white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?The pound had her labeled as a "Bull Terrier x" and she's definitely got the nose for it. I'd originally thought she was crossed with a Staffy, but I've never seen a Staffy nor a Bull Terrier as tall and lanky as she is.


worn metallic purse straps

Repairing Purse Straps?I got this purse from a lady I babysit for who was getting rid of it because she was dissapointed in the straps. So I figure it's free and I like it. How do I fix the straps? The body is good; it's just the straps look like hell.


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