July 13, 2016

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Pineapple Coconut Tea Cake

Pineapple Coconut Cake RecipesThe rich flavors of coconut and pineapple fruit make a delicious cake. This page contains pineapple coconut cake recipes.


blue crocheted leg warmers

Crocheted Legwarmers for 18 Inch DollsThis is a page about crocheted legwarmers for 18 inch dolls. When the weather begins to get chilly, your child's doll will need to have some fashionable leg warmers.


Bag of flake breakfast cereal spilling out on counter

Uses for Cereal CrumbsThis is a page about uses for cereal crumbs. The crumbs at the bottom of your bag of cereal can be saved and used in baking recipes such as cookies.


Jar of Aloe Very Juice surrounded by chopped aloe plant leaves and a wooden spoon holding the gel from the inside of the plant

Homemade Aloe Vera JuiceThis is a page about homemade aloe vera juice. Typically thought of as a topical treatment, many people drink the juice to treat a wide variety of internal conditions and ailments.


gold glue basket bowl

Making a Hot Glue Basket BowlThis is a page about making a hot glue basket bowl. Using hot glue you an create a one of a kind basket bowl to add to your decor.


Jar of peanut butter with spoonful of peanut butter resting on top.  Peanuts are spread around the jar.

Peanut Butter Roll CandyThis is a page about peanut butter roll candy. This old fashioned candy starts with two household staples, a potato and peanut butter.



One Pot Chicken and Pasta

One Pot Chicken and PastaHere is a recipe for making chicken and pasta. It is so good to serve this for dinner.


Roasted red potatoes

Roasted Red PotatoesFor the first time, we grew red potatoes in our garden, and they have been so good. This is my favorite way to prepare them. We are hooked!


Quick Iced Tea

Quick Iced TeaIf you run out of iced tea, you don't have to make a whole pitcher. Here's how to do it for one glass.


Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruit

Frozen Yogurt Covered FruitThis is a great way to take advantage of sales on fruit, or to use up fruit that would otherwise go bad. Refreshing and a healthy alternative to ice cream or ice pops. I used bananas and strawberry yogurt, and the possibilities are endless.



Use Dryer to Prevent Bedbug Investations

Use Dryer to Prevent Bedbug InfestationBedbugs can be in both new and used items, even linens in their original package. Immediately put the items in the dryer for 20 minutes. Heat is what kills the bedbugs.


Attach Sink Skirt with Clear Tape

Attach Sink Skirt with Clear TapeIf you're like me and live in a rental, you don't want a hard job of cleaning up that sticky tape. I took regular scotch tape and taped this skirt to my sink. I could have done a better job with even lines had I had someone to help me. Scotch tape of even a lightweight duct tape would work.


laundry drying on curtain tension rods

Tension Rods for Drying LaundryMy mom taught me this awesome tip. I bought two tension rods and put them in the shower. I wash my clothes and just hang them in the shower. It's easy and if you're hand washing it's time saving. You could skip pulling out the hanging rack. You don't even need to iron when they dry.


gray and black bird

Bird in TreeI think this is a dove, but I'm not for sure. I thought it was so pretty in the tree.


Rox in bed under the covers.

Rox (Pit Bull)I bought her at a flea market when she was 6 weeks old. She likes to chase a ball and go for walks.


Easy Reusable Dryer Softener Sheets

Easy Reusable Dryer Softener SheetsInstead of adding liquid softener to the wash, make these easy reusable dryer sheets!


Save Leftover Cookies and Chips for Toppings

Save Leftover Cookies and Chips for ToppingsWhen I have left over cookie "pieces parts" I crush them in a zipper bag. Same with chips or specialty crackers. When I need something a little sweet with my yogurt, ice cream or pudding, I use the cookie "dust" to sprinkle over it. With baked spuds, soup or salad, I use the chips or crackers. Each lends just a little flavor to sometimes bland food.


Carry Scissors with You

Carry Scissors with YouAs a grandmother of seven, I carry a small pair of scissors in my purse. I also did this when my kids were growing up. I have used them often for many things but especially to shorten the drinking straws for the small ones making the straws safer and more manageable.


Start Instant Coffee with Cold Water

Start Instant Coffee with Cold WaterI've found this hack very useful in order to make instant coffee taste more like a freshly brewed cup. Just mix your instant coffee granules with a little bit of cold water, stir to dissolve, then add your hot water.


Nautical Miles Summer Beach Wreath

Nautical Miles Summer Beach WreathInvite the beach right into your home with this nautical miles wreath. The twig ring is covered with hessian, which imitates the sandy shores of the beach. Make the wreath more personal by adding sea shells collected during your visit to the beach. Hang it on your front door to celebrate the last days of summer.


License Plate Letter Holder

License Plate Letter HolderHere is how to take an old license plate and turn it into a mail holder. Simply place it on the floor with the silver side up. Place your foot in the middle and fold both sides to the center. Make sure it stands flat. Place your mail in it and enjoy ! :)


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Deter Scent Marking DogsI have a lovely, long row of arborvitae. All are strong and healthy, but still young and tender. Things a mature tree would tolerate, could surely kill these saplings, urine included. Neighborhood dogs have started marking there, so with a few prickly blackberry limbs tucked under them, problem solved.


laundry basket full of socks

Finding Single Socks in the LaundryWhen doing laundry I always have socks that don't come out with their match partner! Instead of just throwing the single sock into the sock drawer I propped a plastic utility basket up between the top part of the dryer and the wall. This is where I put all the single mismatched socks I find while doing laundry.


Credit Card for Loose Tape End

Credit Card for Loose Tape EndTake an old credit card or hotel key, cut it 1/2 inches and use as a tongue to secure the tape from sticking to itself. You will be able to use the plastic tongue to pull the tape out easily.


Make Rice with Chicken Broth

Make Rice with Chicken BrothMake a pot of rice like normal, replacing the water with chicken broth. I used 2 cups of rice in my rice pot. It takes about 20 minutes.



plant with green leaves with pink edges

What Is This House Plant?My sister got this plant a year ago when it was a twig. She needs help identifying it.


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Sibling POA Is Blocking Communication with Mother?While my elder sister has never been a real sister to me since I was very young, she has not stopped short of being really mean spirited to me for years in any capacity that she could. She holds POA for my mom. She is doing everything she can to prevent me from talking to my mom or being advised of her health issues.


Value of Porcelain Doll

Value of Porcelain Doll?How much is my Kaci doll worth? It is a Kimberly Collection porcelain doll still in the box. The number on the back of her head is 9949. I have been looking everywhere and can't seem to find out her value.


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Finch Not Sitting on Egg?I have a pair of finches. They laid four eggs more than one week ago. After laying the fourth egg they broke the egg. Initially they sat on the eggs for some time, but now they are not sitting on the eggs. What should I do?


trailing plant

What Is This Houseplant?The colored plant is actually purple an had a lot more stems and leaves, but is falling apart. The other plant almost looks fake. Also can I bring the purple plant back to life?


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Cleaning a Tile Floor?I own a house in Florida and all the floors are tiled. I have been using a steam cleaner, but they are looking a little dingy. Can anyone recommend what cleaner I can safely use on them? I would try bleach/water, but am uncertain of how much to use with a gallon bucket to do this type of floor.


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