August 15, 2016

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moussaka serving on a plate

Eggplant MoussakaThis recipe was originally written to make 2 servings and is referred to in the Sunset cookbook as Miniature Moussaka. It is a variation on the more traditional recipes from Greece or Turkey. I have tripled it to share and freeze the leftovers.


Vegetable Stuffed Fish

Vegetable Stuffed FishThis recipe was originally called flounder florentine. However I found it works with any firm white-fleshed fish. I also experimented with some Swiss chard from my garden instead of the spinach, with good results.



plastic drawer unit with plastic coffee cans inside

Declutter with Coffee CansI live in a tiny apt. and I have a small space to create things in. So, supplies and clutter and stuff just pile up.


bird looking as if ready to fly away

Teheura (Tahitian Red Bird)Teheura means the royal red bird of Tahiti. In ancient times only royalty could wear the red feathers of this bird. The king of each village was the only one who could use the red feathers for their costumes. He wore a special headdress made from the Teheura feathers and black and white feathers of the cock.


Birthday Candy Poster

Birthday Candy PosterMy daughter wanted to make something to give her nana on her birthday. After searching Pinterest she decided to make her a candy poster. It was very fun to pick out the candies and find a way to use each one!


Hibiscus Swirl Blossom

Hibiscus Moscheutos Luna Pink SwirlI thought of Judy this afternoon when I discovered my Pink Swirl had opened. Guess this makes us kindred gardener spirits. Just for the heck of it, I'm entering mine in the contest, too. May the best picture win! (I must say, her picture has a much nicer background).


Using Terro Ant Bait

Using Terro Ant BaitWe have a quarterly pest service to try to deal with our ant problem. Outdoor spraying has not kept the odorous ants out. We are opposed to spraying inside, so we have always relied on baiting. Our pest service will no longer allow us to only bait indoors under our contract, so we decided to try Terro bait.


A dog with beautiful long fur.

Cleaning Feces Caught in Dog's Fur?If your dog is very furry on it's backside, feces can easily become caught in it's fur. This is a page about cleaning feces caught in dog's fur.


red impatiens in front of house

Photos of My GardenI inherited the love of flowers and gardening from my dad. After years of planting impatiens I was hit with the impatien wilt. I read about the new Bounce impatiens which were a hybrid created to replace the impatiens destroyed by the wilt. This is the 2nd year and they are fabulous.


Hang Posters with Washi Tape

Hang Posters with Washi TapeTo hang posters use washi tape. Washi tape leaves behind no residue on the wall like regular tape. It easily rips off the roll or you could cut it for a straight line. You might have to replace the tape eventually, but it won't take off the poster's ink.


orange and yellow rose

Closeup of My RoseWhile I was taking pictures of my roses, I decided to get really close. This is what it looks like with the sun shining through it. I love it!


blue flower

Another Wandering Jew (Commelina communis)Taxonomists have the task of naming, describing and classifying organisms and includes all plants, animals, and microorganisms of the world. Plant taxonomists are often in disagreement as to where a particular plant belongs. Many plants have been given the common name 'Wandering Jew'. Commelina communes is one.



gray and white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I found a stray puppy; is it a Pit Bull or a mix?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica Junior?What is the value of a 1954 set of 15 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica Junior in good condition?


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Removing Stuck Sewing Machine Needle?I have a Singer sewing machine and after using the 'denim' Singer sewing machine needle, I found I was unable to take the needle out. It appears to have solidly embedded itself. I tried WD40 and pliers, but no luck. I don't want to break the machine. Any hints?


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Cleaning Urine Off Bathroom Wall?My two boys and my bigger boy obviously don't know how to go in the toilet. I've cleaned the toilet, but now I see that urine is behind the toilet on the wall near the baseboard. I'm going to have to take the baseboard off, but how do I clean the wall/baseboard area before I put a new baseboard on?


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House Trained Dogs Peeing Inside?Why would a nine year old and and a 4 year old Boston Terrier start peeing in the house after they both were accident free? We rescued another puppy 2 years ago and recently had him fixed. I am thinking he was the reason, like a male dominance issue. But after that they all pee all over our house.


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Feed Dogs Not Working Properly?I have a Juki Misin Handy sewing machine. The problem with my sewing machine is that if the textile that I will be sewing is silk and slippery for some reason the fabric won't feed through the machine. It just stays stationary causing a giant knot to form.


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Selling Kewpie Dolls?I have a number of Kewpie Dolls, (Effanbee), in various sizes and colors. Do you have any idea where I can sell them? They are in the boxes with numbered certificates.


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Keeping Flies Out of Pet Food Outside?I need to leave some dry cat food outside. How can I keep the flies away? I've never had this problem in prior years.


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Removing Grass Stains from Socks?My grandson works for a lawn service. I cannot remove the grass stains off his socks. How do I get it off?


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Using Modge Podge on Canning Jars?Can I use Modge podge to glue paper on the outside of a mason jar? The jar is not smooth. It has the Ball name on the side.


white blown wallpaper

Discontinued Wallpaper?I am looking for one roll of A.S. Creation, white blown vinyl (large circles) - pattern number 10016. Is there any chance of someone helping me locate this?


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Cooking with Frozen Cabbage?I have a head of cabbage which I froze. I now would like to make ham and cabbage. Would the cabbage be alright to thaw and use in this recipe? I use cabbage, ham, and sliced potatoes along with caraway seeds.


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Dogs Afraid to Go Outside?I have 4 dogs and all four are all of a sudden afraid to go outside. Usually every morning the first thing I do is get out of bed and let them out to do their business and they would run like heck out to the yard. Now they put on the brakes and stop at the door and refuse to go out. What is wrong with them?


white puppy

Is My Puppy a Full-blooded Pit Bull?I recently bought a Pit Bull puppy for R800. The puppy didn't come with papers, but I did see the mom and dad. They pretty much looked like pure bred Pit Bulls to me, but it was only on a photo at our beach front. Can any one tell me if my puppy is a pedigree pup or not?


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Transplanting a Hibiscus?My hibiscus has outgrown its pot and is overflowing. My question is, do I cut off some of the roots? They go way down in the ground from the drainage hole. I want to put it in another pot because I have rental. I've never done this before. And when should I do this?


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