September 15, 2016

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Recycled plastic bottle labeled as the sharing jar.

Making a Sharing JarMy friend teaches 4th grade and she says the line of students at her desk in the morning that want to tell her something is practically out the door. To avoid this she created a sharing jar.


Domino Clock

Domino ClockRecycle an old set of dominoes into this cute clock. Learn how to make it in this short video.


front view of the finished project

Lil' Shaker AngelIn about 30 or 45 minutes, you can make this Lil' Shaker Angel. See how easy they are to create and how many different things you can make them with. They are great for stocking stuffers or the Christmas Bazaars that will pop up before you know it!


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Setting Up Free Telephone Service at HomeThere are many free phone services out there. Even the government has one, Safelink, although you must meet a few requirements. Another, little known and quite different service is provided by Google. It is different in that it allows you to use your land line (home phone) for free.


Honey-Do Memo Board

Honey-Do Memo BoardI always have lot of things that I could use my husband's help with, but I really needed a centralized location to list them all out. I came up with this idea of a honey-do memo board after I saw the honeycomb scrapbooking paper at the store!


Use Lids to Cover Burners

Use Lids to Cover BurnersSometimes I cover the burners with those Dollar Tree burner covers and then, I sometimes burn them. It happens when the pot is larger than the cover and I forget to check. I found 2 10-inch and 2 8-inch lids that not only cover them to keep them clean, but have handles so I can't set anything on them.


Paper Plates as Microwave Helper

Paper Plates as Microwave HelperI store a stack of paper plates on top of my microwave. When I put something like soup in the microwave, I slip a plate under the dish.


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Using Maxwell House Coffee ContainersI buy these all the time. Well, with the coffee in them, of course! I wash them out and fill them individually with sugar, flour, etc. I then label them on the handles and put them in my cabinets.


Aimee Love (Shih Tzu Mix )

Aimee Love (Shih Tzu Mix )The neighbor's dog was pregnant with 5 puppies; unfortunately the mother and 3 of the pups didn't make it. The neighbors both worked full time and I run a day care from home so I naturally took in the puppies and bottle fed them. Kobe found a new home last week and Aimee stayed with me.


A colorful circular paper photo frame bookmark on page of book.

Paper Clip Photo Frame BookmarksHere's a fun way to use a paper clip. I was thinking of making a bookmark out of it and I came up with the idea of creating a mini photo frame bookmark.


Make Paper Flowers
From Old Books

Making Paper Flowers From Old BooksThis is a page about making paper flowers from old books. An interesting way to recycle discarded books that creates beautiful decorations.


No-Car Day

No-Car DayThis summer, I decided to do an experiment. I decided to see what would happen if I didn't use my car one day a week. I have discovered that this is a really good idea for many reasons.


Harvesting Potatoes from a Potato Tower

Harvesting Potatoes from a Potato TowerWe made a potato tower two years ago. We planted it with seed potatoes, added soil as the plants grew, and then proceeded to forget about harvesting them.



yellow cucumber

Cucumber Turned Yellow After Picking?I picked a nice green cucumber. Over a couple of weeks in the house, it slowly turned yellow. It is firm and looks really good. I read some of the other questions and answers about cukes turning yellow on the vine, and being bitter. Why did the one I have turn yellow off the vine, instead of spoiling?


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Removing Coconut Oil from Carpet?I mixed baking soda powder with ground-up salt and rubbed it into my carpet with a broom. How can I remove it? Since then I sprayed on coconut oil, which is a solid unless it's a hot day.


teacup and saucer

Finding the Value of Fine China?How much is a Gorham 1831 Grand Tapestry tea cup and saucer worth? Where can I sell it and who can I sell it to?


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Harvesting Bittersweet?I am visiting family in Iowa and would love to cut some of the huge amounts of bittersweet at my mom's farm. If I cut it with the berries still green will they eventually turn to the beautiful orange-red as they dry?


round beach towel

Dye Transferred in the Wash?I have this white cotton beach towel with a blue print on it. I accidentally washed my son's red shirt with it and now the white has turned pink. Can you suggest anything else I can do to remove the colour with out ruining the blue print on it, so I don't have to buy a new one to replace it?


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Collard Leaves Turning Beige and Withering?I planted some Georgia collards and the leaves on some of the plants are turning beige and withering up. Do I cut off the leaf or leave it on the plant?


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Remedy for Cat Urine Stains and Odor on Hardwood Floors?We recently bought a house where over 30 cats ran wild around the house for over 15 years, we think. There is the worst cat smell you could ever imagine. We had to rip up some of the hardwood floors in some rooms as well as the baseboards. We were hoping to spare some of the floors.


small try-color puppy with freckles

What Breed Mix Is My Puppy?My puppy's mom was a Shih Tzu and the father is unknown. Any guess on what she is mixed with?


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Uses for Chlorine Tablets?I have a bucket of 1 inch chlorine pucks. Ideas for use (other than pool) would be greatly appreciated!


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Removing Tree Sap from Child's Swing Set?We have a lovely swing set in the backyard for our grandchildren. The swings and the chains that you hold to swing are covered with either tree sap or drippings from the trees above. It's black and sticky. How would you suggest we clean this?


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New Whirlpool Washer Beeping and Won't Start?We bought a front load washer, Whirlpool ghw9150pw1. When we plugged it in all we get is a steady loud beep. Nothing on the panel works?


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Gebhardt Chili Sauce Copy Cat Recipe?Does anyone have a copy cat recipe for the late, great Gebhardt hot dog chili sauce? (No hot dogs in it, it's the sauce for them). I noticed that their chili powder is available again, but no chili sauce!


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