February 25, 2017

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A deer in the backyard.

Use Soap Pieces for Deer ControlSome homeowners and gardeners have had success repelling deer with hanging bags of scented soap. This is a page about use soap pieces for deer control.


Unbleached Flour

Can I Use Unbleached Flour in Place of Regular All Purpose?Unbleached all purpose flour is interchangeable with regular all purpose flour. The only difference is that the unbleached flour hasn't gone through the chemical process to make it white.


pink dogwood flowers

Transplanting Dogwood SeedlingsSmall, apparent seedings under your dogwood are in fact root suckers. With care and the right conditions they can be dug up and transplanted. This is a page about transplanting dogwood seedlings.


A man pushing a car that is stuck in the snow.

Solutions for a Car or Truck Stuck in the Snow?Being stuck in the snow is similar to having your car stuck in sand or mud. You need to use something under your tires to improve traction. This is a page about solutions for a car or truck stuck in the snow.


Set of Americana.

Finding the Value of The Encyclopedia Americana?The value of older reference books is determined by a number of factors. The profusion of encyclopedias and the lack of the currency of their information often render them very low in value. This is a page about finding the value of the Encyclopedia Americana.


person watering seedlings

Using a Plastic Milk Jug for Watering SeedlingsRecycle your milk jugs by adding holes to the screw style caps and the handle and to use for watering seedlings in your garden. This is a page about using a plastic milk jug for watering seedlings.


large slug

Use Coffee Grounds to Deter SlugsIn the continuing battle between gardeners and slugs, some people have tried coffee grounds to ward these voracious eaters away from their tender plants. This is a page about use coffee grounds to deter slugs.


Deep Fried Onion Rings

Best Batter Recipe for Deep FryingFinding the right batter for deep frying is often as important as using the proper heat setting. This is a page about best batter for deep frying.


A bottle of bleach.

Using Bleach in a Humidifier?Humidifiers can grow mold over time; using bleach to periodically clean them is common. However, adding bleach to the unit and allowing it to be dispensed is not recommended. This is a page about using bleach in a humidifier.


An alert deer.

Using Scent Fences for Repelling Deer and RabbitsAlthough traditional fences are probably most effective in keeping wildlife out of your garden, there are other methods that can also work well. Commercial and homemade products utilizing certain odors are also effective. This is a page about using scent fences for repelling deer and rabbits.


The word review in large red letters.

Americraft Cookware ReviewsAmericraft cookware is a high end cookware that is advertised as allowing for healthier cooking. This page contains a review of Americraft cookware.


Seedlings growing in small containers.

8 Signs Your Seedlings Are In TroubleGrowing garden plants and flowers from seed is often a less expensive alternative to buying full grown or starter plants. This method does require a level of patience and attentiveness to your young sprouts. This is a page about 8 signs your seedlings are in trouble.


Beautiful pink roses.

Preventing Deer from Eating Roses?Deer are well adapted to living around us and our tasty flower and vegetable gardens and scrubs. This is a page about preventing deer from eating roses.



Pan Fried Tilapia with green onion and ginger chunks on plate

Pan Fried TilapiaIf you need a quick dinner, tilapia requires no prep at all. It is lightly seasoned & you have dinner in less than 5 minutes literally!



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Substitute for Marshmallows?I was wondering if you had a substitute for marshmallows. It has gelatin and my religion is strictly not allowed to have that. The recipe I was trying to make was called, chocolate chip flutternutter Cheerio bars. So, I was hoping that you had a substitute for marshmallows.


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Identifying Mysterious Smell in House?Beginning in January, in the middle of the night, we'd get an awful, acrid, skunk-like smell throughout the house. We have to light candles, turn on the exhaust fan over the stove, and crack open a door. This would happen every 2 or 3 weeks. Now, we've had 2 consecutive nights of the occurrence.


Brown rings on light colored furniture.

Removing Brown Rings on White Furniture?I have an off white entertainment center that has brown rings, sadly I don't remember sitting anything on it that would have caused them. How do I get rid of them?


Finding Discontinued Simplicity Patterns

Finding Discontinued Simplicity Patterns?I really need to find this pattern for a panto horse. Simplicity discontinued making it. Does any one have one or know where I can purchase one?


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Value Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia Set?I have a set of 1993 Funk & Wagnalls American Eng Assiniboine Encyclopedias. They are in excellent condition. How much would they be worth?


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Removing Mold on the Roof of an Outside Building?How can I remove the mold on the roof of my outside building?


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Cleaning Dull Plexiglas?I have an older shelving unit and the shelves are actually plexiglass versus glass. It's over ten years old. In the past couple years, I've noticed that even after thorough cleaning there is a dullness, unlike the clear glass-look when new. Anyone have any suggestions or remedies?


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Thinning Canned Chocolate Frosting?I would like to thin canned frosting so I can pour it over a bundt cake. Any suggestions and will it harden after setting?


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Brown Turkey Fig Tree Has Soft Branch?I like in the UK and last year I was bought a brown Turkey fig tree around 3ft tall. I am unsure of its age. I have espalier it and it is around 10ft wide now and 5.5ft tall. I immediately repotted it so the roots would have ample room for figaro to stretch his legs. I had around 10 figs the first year.


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Removing Wax from Cat's Fur?How do I get wax out of my cat's fur?


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Filling Microwave Therapy Bags with Recycled Tea Bags?I love DIY! I've used rice in a sock, but have found it eventually, "cooks". Has anyone ever tried saving and drying out tea bags, (without staples), to use a a filler?


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Removing Green Mould from Driveway Pavers?How do I remove green mould from paved driveways? It is like a very thin layer on top of the pavers.


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